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It’s only been two days so it’s kind of ridiculous that Jessica is so excited to have Sam come home. But there you have it: she’s used to his sprawling limbs and his body heat beside her in bed, used to the quick kisses he drops on her cheek before he heads off to the library or to his coffeeshop job, used to his big hand in the small of her back as they walk down the street. And it’s just… the whole thing with his brother just worries her, Sam disappearing off before this interview which she knows means absolutely everything and it’s all for the sake of this father who kicked him out? Jess isn’t a horrible person but she’s not a pushover either and if it were up to her then there’s no way, no way that Sam would be gambling all the months of hard work he’s put into the law school applications just for this bum who can’t recognise what his son is worth.

Still. It’s OK. He’s coming home – texted her from the road to say he’d be late, to go to bed and he’d be in some time before morning – and she’s jittery with excitement, too wired to sleep so she’s baking to keep herself busy. Flour, butter, sugar, chocolate chips. Cookies for Sam to remind him she loves him. Something to keep her occupied while the minutes crawl by. 

She’s just slid the second tray into the oven when somebody knocks on the door, and so she’s conscious of the seconds ticking at the back of her mind as she opens up to Brady’s wild-eyed grin. 

“Oh great,” she thinks immediately, “another crisis,” something that’s going to take up time and effort and most likely money as well (‘you’re throwing it away, Sam,’ she’s said too often already this year). But then his hand shoots out fast and grips iron around her wrist and she doesn’t have time to scream before he’s pushing her back into the apartment, hard and vicious and oh poor Sam, she thinks, somewhere calm and detached outside of herself as she struggles and yells, he’s believed in Brady so long and this is going to mess him up so bad.

Top 5 Sam Winchester Headcanons

This is for the bittersamgirlclub‘s #17 top five prompt. I thought about doing a gifset for this but I couldn’t work out how to make it work in a way I was excited about, and I have SO MUCH FIC to write lately, and so, here you go! They’re a highly random assortment but they’re just the ones that came to mind before anything else.

1. Sam is afraid of the dark. He used to be afraid when he was little and he only got more afraid when John gave him a gun and told him that he could defend himself. But it only got really unmanageable after the Cage. Sam spent a long time in there undergoing total sensory deprivation (for months? years? decades? it’s hard to say) and so now he’s never quite comfortable in the absolute dark of the bunker’s underground rooms. That’s why we see him with a night light in his bedroom in season 10. Waking up in the pitch black without Dean’s familiar breathing beside him can send Sam spiralling into a full blown panic attack.

2. Sam has a thing about doctors. Amelia was a veterinarian. Brady was pre-med. Dr Cara (LIGHT OF MY LIFE) was a hospital doctor as well. It makes sense, right? Doctors are (generally) calm and intelligent and motivated by a concern for others’ well-being. It’s not surprising that Sam would find that attractive. (But it does provoke some suggestive ideas about the many, many times he must have found himself in hospital over the course of his life, AM I RIGHT?)

3. Sam’s repeated experiences of possession and violation have resulted in him feeling, in general, highly dissociated from his body. Yes, he works out and he tries to eat right because it’s a tool that helps him to do his job. But he often feels like his body is more or less a shell, something that could be as easily interchangeable as the beat-up cars he steals and drives for a couple of days before he abandons them and moves on to something else. He’s just the current inhabitant. (Related: Sam wonders a lot, maybe every day, whether Dean ever smoked out while he was a demon. Did Dean possess anybody? He’s too scared to ask.)

4. After Lucifer appeared to Sam and told him that he was destined to be his vessel, and after Sam called Dean and was rejected when he asked for help, Sam tried to kill himself at least once. Lucifer said he’d bring Sam back if Sam tried it but Sam is highly logical, must have felt extraordinarily desperate, and is certainly in every respect the kind of person to pull over in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere and put a bullet unsuccessfully through his skull. Of course, it didn’t work.

5. Sam met Jess on that art history course he took at Stanford (the one that helped him chat up Sarah Blake). We know that Jess was interested in art; we know that Sarah made Sam feel particularly bashful and sensitive and awkward about Jess. We also know, of course, that Brady introduced Sam and Jess, but I don’t think there’s necessarily a conflict here: for example, Brady could have introduced them at a party, they could have got talking and that could have nudged Sam onto the course.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wondering if you had any Stanford!Sam and/or Sam/Brady (as friends or a couple idc) headcanons? Just in a Stanford!Sam mood and was wondering :) :) :)

Goodness yes! Ask and you shall receive, beautiful anon.

  • I have so many heart-breaking, angsty-as-hell headcanons about the first time Sam gets sick away from home. Fevered Sam asking for Dean and confusing his roommate. I have oodles of feelings about this.
  • Brady is the first person Sam really talks to, a day or two into orientation. They meet, and Brady first thinks Sam is shy and stuck-up, but he says or does something that hits one of Sam’s buttons and earns a tirade + bitchface combo. That’s when he knows they’ll be great friends.
  • (And they are.)
  • Brady is not immune to the puppy eyes. No one is immune. Sam doesn’t actually know when he’s using them, though.
  • Brady was the son of a single working mother who was adopted by rich AF relatives when his mother passed and you can’t convince me otherwise. 
  • I love the idea of both Brady and Sam occupying a space they don’t really feel comfortable or confident in, of Brady longing for the simplicity and closeness he had as a poor kid with his Mom and Sam longing for the sort of middle-class one-home-for-life-with-a-two-car-garage-and-a-dog-and-freaking-holiday-dinners life he’s only read about. Both of them see it in the other but also understand that sense of displacement and get along like wildfire after a questionable first meeting. Ugh, I’ve pretty much headcanoned out their entire friendship right up to that fateful Thanksgiving Break when Brady came back demon-possessed.
  • Brady finds himself weirdly protective of Sam, who is sometimes reckless to the point of self-endangerment.
  • Sam feels guilty that he has no pocket change to spend on outings and tries to earn money where he can.
  • Yep. Did anyone ever wonder how Sam got so freaking good at poker that he won against a centuries-old witch in season 5?
  • But when Sam can’t pay, Brady brushes it off with a joke about making Sam carry his books or something and covers Sam.
  • Brady and Sam definitely tried to have at least one gen-ed class together per semester and were dangerously competitive when they did. It was great for their GPAs.
  • Brady went into pre-med with big dreams. He saw how working so hard and having no medical care to speak of wore his mother down, and he wants to be a doctor in underserved communities. He wants to give his services instead of taking, and it’s all tied up with a little guilt. Probably why he got along so well with Sam. 
  • They talk about their respective pasts while they’re drunk one night after midterms in their sophomore year; we know how Sam is when he’s drunk. Brady thinks Sam means ‘demons’ and ‘ghosts’ in some really deep symbolic way. If only he knew.
  • Sam definitely went on at least one hunt while at Stanford. Probably something simple like a vengeful spirit. Something he thought he could do with his eyes closed. I’m thinking pre-Jess. Probably Freshman year, when he’s still sort of lost and having trouble meeting people, questioning himself and his decisions. So maybe, just the once, he reverts to old behaviors and gets thrown headfirst into a claw-legged old-fashioned bathtub and has a nasty concussion, misses two days of classes (and knows no one well enough to ask for notes and also feels shaky and inferior at the idea of talking to his professors), but manages to get rid of the ghost. Job well done, but he’s never doing it again. 
  • Sam tried hard to be normal and be worth the attention and care of the people around him. After Brady went off the rails, he wondered if it was his fault, or if someone else would have been able to help Brady get better.
  • After that, Sam sort of went through the motions with friends like Zach and Rebecca Warren, and he enjoyed their company and they enjoyed his, but he never really tried to open up again.
  • (Not until Jess.)
  • Brady took Sam home for Christmas in their Freshman year because he absolutely refused to accept that Sam planned to find part-time work through Winter break and spent the holidays in his dorm room alone. Jess took Sam on a road trip for Spring Break of his senior year.
  • *quiet sobbing* Someone stop me or this will never end.

Inside the Met.

“Charles James: Beyond Fashion” Costute Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum, New York City, May 6, 2014.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta

Emma Stone in Thakoon with Andrew Garfield

Karen Elson in Zac Posen

Dita von Teese in Zac Posen with the designer

Gisele Bündchen in Balenciaga by Alexander Wang with husband Tom Brady