I actually think 13 Reasons Why Season 2 was better than the first season. And here are some reasons:

- By taking the perspective away from solely Clay and Hannah we can see a fuller picture of what Hannah felt. She became a fully formed character beyond either the idealisation of her from Clay or the dark side of her she chose to leave behind. 

- Justin’s story arc as a whole is a work of art. And it’s not even over. There is so much potential to carry it on for a 3rd season and fully finish Justin’s storyline which he deserves. 

- Clay’s monopoly on grief is old but in the final episode the eulogy he gives is beautiful. You can finally see him lower his guard and let the pain out.

- Kate Walsh is outstanding as Olivia the whole season. The dress scene, her eulogy and so much more. Her grief was powerful and I hurt for her. 

- Mr Porter gets a redemption storyline that I actually thought worked. Not only did he go above and beyond the call of duty he did it knowing he was going to lose his job. He does care about the kids and he really is trying to make it better.

- Tyler’s storyline whilst bumpy and a bit heavy handed felt like a better progression from what we saw in season 1. You could see his descent into anger and recklessness that leads to the events of the last episodes. 

- Jessica’s storyline was dealt with such respect I thought. Alisha Boe really had an enormous weight to carry that storyline and she was incredible. Absolutely stunning, she is an actress to watch out for. 

- Zach and Alex deserve time to announce they are in love. 

I just think everyone hating on it is going in expecting something else. I don’t know what you wanted it to be but I wanted to actually get to spend some time with these characters again and see them grow. I would take a 3rd season without question. 

List of things to appreciate in Glitchtale


-Torial and Asgore’s relationship didn’t magically fix all because their son came back.

-Asgore being a good dad.

-Torial being a good mom.


-None of that disbelief crap because no offence if you like it, but that’s not Papyrus at all, he would NEVER stop believing in someone, he would never stop believing in you.

-Papyrus not being naive, because being very very nice, and being naive are two completely different things, and Glitchtale really shows that Papyrus is not naive, but is very very very kind and loving and willing to help.

-The attention is on all characters, and not just Sans like most things

-Undyne staying strong despite the fact that she basically killed the love of her life. 

-The mistakes of Torial were not overseen. (Often times people say Asgore was wrong, and Torial was right, but things are never black and white, she was wrong for leaving the throne when her kingdom needed her most)

-Jessica in Torial’s cloths.

-Gaster character development. 

-Have I said how much I freakin love Papyrus in all this? Cause he’s just freakin wonderful.