Tutorial: Lois Lane Inspired Look
By Jessiawesome

To celebrate the opening weekend of Man of Steel out in theaters, what’s more fitting than doing a tutorial on the leading lady, Lois Lane? After doing a little investigating myself and studying movie stills, Lois’ makeup is super simple. After all, this is the Daily Planet’s star reporter - I can’t imagine the first thing she thinks of in the morning is how to paint her face. She uses a soft neutral palette that compliments her eyes, but is so easy that it takes minutes to apply.

  1. Apply an eye primer. Take a neutral cream and pat it in the inner corners, sweeping it towards the middle of the lid.
  2. Use a medium matte grey-purple to blend into the cream color from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Apply on crease & lower lash line as well.
  3. With a darker purple, apply on outer V and crease. You may also use this color to line the upper lash line for more dimension and definition.
  4. Add cream shade as brow highlight.
  5. Apply your favorite mascara, a peachy pink blush and a pale pink gloss & you’re set! Now go out there and break a scandal!

Cosmetics used in this look:
Primer: Painterly (MAC)
Eyes: Les 4 Ombres in Kaska Beige (Chanel)
Face: Mineralize Skin Finish in Pink Power (MAC x Wonder Woman)
Lips: Sundress lipgloss (Chanel)


I’ll be living dangerously with you, instead.

My friend’s roommate was telling me about what an eye opening experience his two week hiking trip was. The way he was describing it was a little silly, it was as if this trip was a mind-changing-opened-his-eyes-up-from-death experience so I replied, “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt?” my friend laughed, he didn’t get it. This guy maybe in school for neuroscience but man, what a wasted life if you don’t know Vonnegut.

Sometimes I get into the mood to create a makeup tutorial, but I can never think of what kind to do! This time around, I asked Twitter, to which @martianbethany asked about an eyeliner tutorial!

Now eyeliner is one of those tricky things that does take awhile to really do nicely. Practice makes perfect! The way I figured out how to do mine is through various hours of watching Youtube videos and a book called, The Ten Minute Face.

External image

For this tutorial, I will be using Urban Decay’s Ink For Eyes. It’s a combo cream/gel liner and since I got it from HauteLook, it really has been the only thing I’ve been using for my liner!

As far as my tools, I use a Sonia Kashuk tiny eyeshadow brush I’ve had for years, which I think is this one, but I might be mistaken.  

If you’re not comfortable using a brush, by all means, use a pencil! It’ll achieve the same look. 

External image

Top, left

1. I put a little product on the brush, then I place the tip of the brush as close to my eyelashes as possible, then I WITHOUT moving the brush too much, wiggle the brush against my eye lashes. 

Top, Right:

2. As you can see, the only thing I did there was darken up the area, and give a more natural eyeliner appearance.

Bottom Left:

3. This is personal preference, but when I get to the middle of my eye, I turn the brush to it’s side and use it that way. It gives me better control of the product.

Bottom Right:

4. Now wiggle all around the eye, and you get a lined eye!

From here, you can thicken up the lash line to your liking. The above can be used as a general guide on where your eyeliner should go.

Now since I fancy a cat eye, I’ll show you guys how to do a quick and easy one!

External image

Top, Left:

1. Use your bottom lashline as a guide for your line. Place your brush at the bottom outer corner and slide it upwards.

Top, Right:

2. Place your brush at the inner top of the line and draw down to your lashline (sorry that the picture is so blurry!). You can make this line as dramatic as you want; I chose for a smaller line for a natural cat-eye.

Bottom, Left:

3. Fill the line in!

Bottom, Right

4. See how it tapers?

External image

All I did is put a peachy blush on and Revlon Colorbust lipstick in Candy Apple Red and taaa-daaa! Done and done. 


Saturday Night Makeup

I was flipping through this an issue of this month’s magazine and I stumbled across an ad that had such a fun look to it!

Gucci Westman did a fall collection for the drug store brand Revlon and I needed to test my make-up chops to see if I could recreate it with items I had in my collection.

Make up 

I used a variety of things in my collection, most of which you can’t get anymore. I’m going to suggest that if you like this look, go out and buy Gucci’s collection. I’ve read nothing but awesome reviews for it!

(MAC unless noted otherwise)

Everything listed is in the order I used it:

Bare Study Paint Pot

Kitchmas (pigment from MAC’s Mischief Makers: Christmas 2009) 

Deep Blue Green (pigment from MAC’s Mischief Makers: Christmas 2009) 

Reflects Blackened Red (pigment from MAC’s Little Darlings: Christmas 2008)

Chanel: Sparkling Satins; black color

Reflects Transparent Teal (pigment from MAC’s Mischief Makers: Christmas 2009) 

Frost (pigment from MAC’s Little Darlings: Christmas 2008)

Girl Groove Glitter Eyeliner (Hello Kitty x MAC)

NYC Jumbo Eye Pencil : Milk

Lancome Definicils Aubergine

Bronzing Powder

Dainty Blush

Lancome Lip Pencil in Berry

Lancome Lipgloss in Phia Black


1: Use your eye primer 

2. Take a pale pink color and place it on the inner lid

3. Take your navy color and place it on the middle lid, blending with your pale pink and up into your crease. 

4. Take your plum color and blend it with your navy color in the inner lid crease.

5. Take your black, and place it on your outer lid, blending it to your outer crease

5. Blend the navy color into the where the black is on the outer crease

6. Take your navy color, and smudge it into your lower lash line

6.5. Here, I took my Reflects Teal and added it where I added my navy color, to give it the sparkle that the Revlon Ad had. This is optional of course. 

7. Take your plum color and add it to your lower lash line

8. Take your white highlighter and blend that from your outer crease to your brow bone

9. Add your glitter eyeliner to the middle lid and your lower lash line (for added sparkle; optional) 

10. Use your mascara

11. Bronzing time! I used my bronzer to define my cheek bones, and my temples. Gotta look like a high fashion model, afterall.

12. Use your blush on your cheek bones, blending a little into your apples.

13. Take your berry lip liner and  use this on your entire lip.

14. Take a darker lip gloss (in my case, a BLACK one, haha) and place it on top of your berry lip liner. Of course, you can go out and buy a smokey plum to apply on your lips and skip the last two steps, but since I was using things only found in my collection, I wrote these down. :)

And you’re done! Don’t you look saucy.  


Comics Alliance wanted tutorials and testimonials of MAC’s Wonder Woman make-up collection, and after being inspired by lady Ming Doyle, I decided to try my hand at showing you how to apply make-up!

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