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Do you ever just read so much fanfiction for a couple that isn’t canon and then you rewatch the original material and you’re like????? I could’ve sworn you were dating in this???? Who is this random dude you’re calling your boyfriend excuse me the love of your life is right there??????


Which Defenders would win in a dance off?

you know, you don’t need to diminish the value of one character in order to justify liking another one. it’s okay to like morally wrong or less ~pure~ characters (and believe they can change) without having to knock down other characters, who lets face it, haven’t done anything wrong comparatively


Jessie Mueller performs Vanilla Ice Cream in the 2010 Writers’ Theatre production of She Loves Me. It’s not the whole song, but does include some of the dialogue leading up to it! (x)


Character Challenge by Hanakumamii

Day 23 A character you would like to have as your rival

Team Rocket [Jessie & James] ( ムサシ & コジロウ )  →   Pokémon

     ‘’ Jessie: There was something that prevented me from having friends when I was a little girl ‘’

    ‘’ James: It must have been your personality ‘’

Name: Jessie (shes a fox)
Age: 20
Job: she’s a robber
Likes: running, graffiti, stealing, spying
Dislike: happy families, being a loner
*shes lives alone in abandoned building that no one knows, her family died in a car crash and was left a lone, she had no friends and families, so the only thing that she had to do was live in abandoned building and rob every place that haves money, and jewels. But when she See’s a happy family she gets mad/sad and be mean to them.* (her crush is cuphead)


But I’m going to be here until I’m nothing
But bones in the ground -


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