To Become A Hunter [3]

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Characters: John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sister!reader

Words: 3800+

Warnings:  John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: I think I’ve said this before, but I just want to emphasize, that this is just a version of John. It’s not necessarily how I see him - this fic resembles that better - but I’ve twisted and molded his character for the sake of the story. There really are many ways to interpret the guy, and this is one of them :) Also, this is the first part of the “finale” (they’re named 3 & 4). It was too long, so I split it into two. I’ll drop the other part tomorrow :)

May I recommend a song? Trainwreck - Banks - This isn’t a song fic, and I haven’t even looked up the lyrics, but I listened to it while writing this and now I associate it with the fic :) 

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Originally posted by yaelstiel

Your name: submit What is this?

”Who is it?” He asks again when he’s only greeted by silence, as he rubs his eyes with his free hand, trying to blink away the tiredness.

And after a couple of seconds, a voice that makes his blood run cold, fiery ice spreading through his body, answers.


At Stanford, Sam sits up in his bed in an instant. So fast that the blonde in bed next to him stirs in her sleep. His breath catches in his throat.

From being barely awake when he answered the call that brought him back from slumber, he’s now as alert as he possibly can be. He’s been scared for this. No, he’s been waiting for this. A call in the middle of the night. The person on the other line telling him someone is dead. Or that they themselves are dying. He’s had this nightmare many times before.

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Lena wasn’t jealous. No, nope, not at all. Luthors didn’t stoop so low as being jealous. People were jealous of Luthors, not the other way around.

…Okay so maybe Lena was a little jealous.

It’s just that Kara and Jess were suddenly such close friends. Not that Lena was opposed to that! Kara was allowed to have friends, Lena didn’t own her. It’s just… Lena was pretty sure that they were more than just friends.

They went out to lunch and dinner together, movies and other things. They had a regularly scheduled thing every Saturday and, well, Lena had more than just a little crush on Kara. And maybe it hurt a little that she lost Kara to her secretary (not that Kara was something to be won and Jess was a great woman).

But Lena was a good sport, she wasn’t going to sabotage Kara’s love life. Maybe she had Jess work over time more than normal, but Lena always made sure that if she knew Jess and Kara had plans, she’d let Jess go. She’d keep her jealousy and envy under wraps for Kara and Jess. Besides, Jess definitely had more free time than a CEO and Kara deserved someone who could actually spend time with her.

“Do you want to watch that movie you’ve been talking about tomorrow night? Power Rangers?” Lena asked when Kara had stopped by for lunch and Jess had been conveniently away.

(No, really. It was for a very important matter. Lena needed her dry cleaning picked up for that night’s gala. Jess had actually volunteered.)

“Oh, I already watched it with Jess last weekend, but I’ll watch it again if you want!” Kara answered cheerily before shoving another potsticker in her mouth.


“Oh, never mind then, it makes sense that you watched it already with your girlfriend,” Lena said none too nicely.

So maybe she really wasn’t keeping her feelings about Kara’s new relationship under wraps very well after all.

Kara sputtered and nearly choked. “G- girlfriend?”

“Jess? My secretary?” Lena plastered a sweet-looking (she hoped) smile on her face. “You two look very happy together.”

“You think Jess and I are dating?”

“…Are you not?” Lena asked hesitantly. Had she been wrong?

“Of course not! We’re just both part of this club for secretaries of high-powered CEOs!”

Oh. Lena felt really dumb.

“Besides, I like someone else and Jess was helping me with it,” Kara continued.

If not Jess, then someone else. Of course Kara liked someone else. Kara was wonderful and happy and bright and -

“Would you maybe like to go on a date with me?” Kara asked, pulling Lena out of her internal downward spiral. She was holding out a book opened to the cover page, one of Lena’s favorites, with a pressed plumeria as a bookmark and the author’s signature right under the title.

Lena just nodded dumbly.

On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la cruz (part 1/?)

This is my first imagine, I’m sorry if this is bad and if I make too much mistakes send me some feedback please, and please have mercy on me.

Pairing: Montgomery x reader

word count: 1051

It was a typical Friday night for you. Listening to your favourite music while putting on some comfy shorts, an oversized shirt and some soft socks. On your neck still the necklace that your ex-boyfriend gave to you for your 1 year anniversary, it has been 2 weeks since the two of you broke up but in your head the story was far from over. Montgomery was not a typical jock. Of course in school Monty found it important to keep his reputation high, being sometimes a little too aggressive pushing kids against the lockers. But when he was with you he was the sweetest, most caring person you’ve ever met. Monty would never hurt you, you thought.

You were completely zoned out when suddenly your phone lit up. It was a text from your best friend Justin.

“ Hey (Y/N), I’m at Jessica’s party where are you?”

Shit! You completely forgot. You weren’t a party animal but since Jess was Justin’s girlfriend and he was your best friend you promised to go. Just to do him a favour, and maybe for one night, forget about Monty and all the pain you’ve felt for the last couple weeks.

“ I was still showering, I’ll be there in 15 minutes!”

“ (Y/N)..”

“ What? A girl needs her shower ;) ?”

“ Nononooo not about that. He’s here, just so you know..”

So Monty was at the party.., he probably looked mind blowing with a nice button down, he’s perfect brown hair and his cute freckles. He hated them but I thought they made him look perfect. It was his finishing touch. But since he was there you had to look good, no not good you had to look great. You searched the dress he loved the most. It was a red one, thightly hugging your body. Monty always went crazy when you wore it, he said it made your body look even more perfect than it already was. You put on some make up and let your hair dry in some loose beach waves.

Justin offered to pick you up so you could drink a little, he imagined you could use some alcohol tonight. You were waiting in the living room when you heard a car on your driveway. Finally Justin arrived, despite the fact you had to face Monty you began to get excited for this party, just because you could be with your friends and could do somethinf different than cry or study.

You stepped into Justins car, when you looked had his mouth fell on the floor.

“Damn (Y/N) you look hot!”

You gave him a sweet smile, Justin was always the first one to make you smile with all his compliments
“Thanks Justin, I hope I have the ame influence on someone else tonight.” You winked at him and obviously referring to Montgomery

“ I’m sure you will, look at yourself, mindblowing. I’m pretty proud to call you my best friend right now.”

“ Alright Foley enough bluffing now let’s go, I don’t want Jessica to hate me.”

10 mintues later you arrived at the party. Suddenly you felt the chills go down your spine. You were going to face Monty after avoiding him for 2 weeks, after all the crying, going over everything the two of you did together and looking for a mistake you made. Looking at alle the pictures you had together for hours and missing him, missing his touch and his genlte kisses and the way he shouted your name when you scored a goal on the soccerfield.

Justin looked at you “(Y/N) you look stunning, don’t worry it will be fine, and if you want to go home just give me a sign.”

You smiled at Justin, he understood you with just one smile. The two of you went in, he went to Jessica, kissing her. You walked straight to the kitchen fixing yourself a drink. You went for some tequila, or in your case te-kill-a. When you looked up you saw a tall Zach Dempsey looking at you with a grin on his face. “You lost something?” you asked, with a little sass.

“Well I think I lost my heart to you, (Y/N)”

“Too cheesy Zach, now come give me a hug, it’s been 2 weeks”

Zach almost sprinted to you picking you up and spinning you around. You were talking with Zach about his basketball, about how stupid Bryce is, and so one.

You knew Zach since you were 5, he made you a sports fan and he was the one pushing you to train harder everyday so you became the best female soccer player on the team.

Just then you saw him, Monty. He looked you straight in the eyes. You froze, why was he looking so sad, was it because of you, was it because of Zach picking you up? How long has he been standing there?

He didn’t know how the behave so he ran off, you following his path.

You found a lonely Monty 3 houses away, sitting alone on a bench with clenched fists

You walk down to him, “Is this seat taken?” he looks up, his eyes were filled with tears.

“Why would you even want to be here, I’ve been so mean to you?”

“ Maybe because I still care?”

“ Just go”

And right on that moment the most impulsive and probably dumb idea comes into your mind and before you know it

“ Do you want to get drunk? We’ll probably regret this tomorrow but I think we can both use this. since you’re sitting here with you fists clenched and I’m still wearing your necklace.”

He looked at you with his sad eyes nodding affirmatively.

Back at the party Monty fixed drinks for the both of you.

You were waiting outside watching a few boys playing beerpong. You were curious, how was a drunk night with monty going to end?

Monty sat next to you giving you your drink, you could smell it had lots of tequila in it, but you didn’t mind at all

“on a night we won’t remember” he said while drinking the whole thing at once.

“on a night we won’t remember” you said and you did the same

Let me know what you guys think and what you think is going to happen! 

+ a little feedback would be nice!

Imagine saving Steve Rogers from an awkward situation

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The Memory Remains

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jess, Mary, John, Bobby

Summary: Dean has a perfect life. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 2943

Warnings:  FLANGST.  You will be happy, you will be sad. I figure it must even out, right?

A/N:  This is for Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge.  My prompt was “Would you guys hurry up? I’m breaking like thirty major laws here,” from Sixteen Candles.  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I love you and I hope there is enough fluff here to counteract the angst.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags at the bottom.

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If only there could be an invention, that bottled a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again. - Daphne Du Maurier

The Memory Remains

The shrill chirping of the alarm wakes Dean, the dream world hovering on the edges of his conscious, its tendrils still reaching out to the part of his mind that meets the waking world. His arm flails about wildly for a moment before he locates the snooze button. Just eight more minutes.

Rolling over, he searches for you, seeking the heat of your body. He always searches for you in his sleep. The scent of lilacs fills his nose, the comforting scent that is so very (Y/N). You are all twisted up in the covers but he works his way past the offending barriers to pull you close, his body curving to mold to yours. You sigh with contentment, nestling into him, soaking up his body heat. Dean enjoys the blissful haze of the early morning, drifting between being not fully awake but not quite asleep.

The dreaded alarm sounds again far too quickly and Dean carefully extracts himself from the tangle of your limbs.Rolling over, you push your hair out of your eyes and rub your eyes blearily.

“Want me to make you some coffee before you go?” you ask.

“No, baby, you get as much rest as you can while you still have the opportunity.” He leans over and kisses you gently on the forehead.  

“Love you,” you murmur contentedly before burrowing deep into the covers.

“You too.”

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Everybody Needs Good Neighbors. – Chapter One.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader.

Warnings: Language, Light Violence (reader gets punched), Mild Smut.

Word Count: 2.4k.

AN: This is an AU, also it’s my first time writing Dean or anything for spn so bare with me. I’m hoping this series will have about 5 chapters, if you would like to be tagged in future chapters just let me know.


You moved to Kansas about 2 years ago.
Which is when you met your ridiculously attractive next door neighbor, of course he asked if you needed help, you said yes when you couldn’t see his gorgeous face because your vision was blocked by a stack of boxes, he saw you struggling and flew in to help the damsel in distress.

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Lena and Emily double date with Jesse and Genji but it always ends with Emily and Jesse getting really drunk and talking about how much they love their partners.

“It’s just- I love my fast girlfriend Jesse. She’s so sweet and cheerful I’m so lucky to have her.”

“I know what you mean. Genji’s got these pretty eyes that just crinkle up perfectly when he smiles at me.”

Lena and Genji are doing something stupid together but grin the entire time because their partners are so sweet.


Summary: Jessica is relieved that you and Sam got back safe, and the brothers’ reunion with their father doesn’t go as you expected
Words: 4.5k 
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess 
Warnings: episode-related injury

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

Jess was so relieved to see you when you eventually got back to the motel that she started to cry the second you opened the door.

She rushed over to you, pulling you into a rough hug and burying her face in your neck. You were certain you smelled terrible after your time trapped in a cage, but she didn’t mention it or seem to care when her tears were falling onto your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay,” you soothed, hugging her back and stepping the two of you to the side to let the brothers into the room. “Jessy, I’m here, we’re here, we’re okay.”

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “Could you write an Alex x Reader where the reader is chubby and super insecure about it?”

Word count: 1.459

Posted: 30th of April 2017

A/N: Hello there, guys! I’ve written exactly six imagines today and I am posting one everyday, so you can read something also during the weekdays.
Anyways, I loved writing this imagine and I hope that you like it too. Sorry for some typo errors, if there are some. It’s almost 04.30 am here and I am kind of sleepy too. Sorry and enjoy!

P.S.: If you struggle with your insecurities, please don’t hesitate to send me some messages. My ask box is always open for you, no matter what problem you have. I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

- G. x

“Babe, are you okay?” It was your school’s Winter Formal and your boyfriend Alex noticed that you were in a deep thought as you silently fidgeted with your fingers. “Babe?”

“Uh,” You suddenly shook your head as the loud music and Alex’s voice sank in your mind. The room was dark and it was lighted by some strobe lights as the music was fast and noisy. You wandered your eyes around and you saw the people dancing messily and wildly. “I am fine.”

“You don’t seem fine.” He sat beside you as he handed you a plastic cup filled with a red coloured punch.

“I am.” You shortly answered as you felt another knot in your stomach. You’ve been observing the beautiful, skinny and perfect girls from your school and you quickly felt guilty and insecure. You took a sip from your cup as you hid your perplexity from Alex.

“Can we talk?” You looked at Alex and he seemed serious. He wouldn’t leave the question open until he assured himself that you were fine.

“About what?” You shrugged your shoulders as if you didn’t know why he wanted to talk to you. He might have hinted what you were into, because this wasn’t the first time that it would happen, so he insisted on the topic.

“About everything.” He was bothered for your actions and, even though you haven’t agreed yet, he already stood up from the bleachers and he waited for your hand as he put his out.

“Lex, it’s not necessary.” You assured him, but still put your plastic cup beside you and you grabbed his hand before standing up.

“I think that it is.” He emotionlessly answered and you bit your lip as he intertwined his hands with yours, dragging you out of the school gym, where the dance was being held. “So? What’s the matter, love?”

“Nothing matters.” You let his hand go as you sighed loudly and heavily. “Nothing matters, neither do I.”

“You absolutely matter, (Y/N).” Alex’s shoulder fell down as he knew what was happening to you that night. “Tell me what’s in your mind?”

“I think you know what’s in this stupid mind.” You avoided Alex’s gaze, because you felt uncomfortable, flustered. He already talked to you about this topic and he would never be tired of repeating it.

“Maybe yes, maybe not.” Alex answered and he perfectly knew how nervous and pressured you were at that moment. You have a certain intimacy with Alex, but you were always shy to talk about these things with him.

“Fine, Alex! I am telling you what’s running on my mind, right now.” You raised your voice as you gathered your courage to let everything out. “I am jealous of these pretty girls around me. I mean, have you ever seen them? They’re perfect and I am a potato. They have perfect skin, flat stomachs and their dresses fit very well in them. I am just so full of flaws and I hate it, I hate myself because of it.” You huffed as you finished ranting about it. Alex listened to you, even though he already knew what you would’ve said.

“Is that what perfect is for you?” He raised an eyebrow as he asked you with a smirk. “Because I am seeing the perfection in front of me.”

“Perfection!” You shot him a death glare as you sarcastically repeated what he has said. Alex was disappointed of himself, because he couldn’t make you feel better and he couldn’t give you more confidence for yourself. He couldn’t convince you that you should love your so-called- flaws and that stressed him, because all he wanted was for you to love yourself. “I sometimes wonder why you even chose me.”

“I think you are, (Y/N).” He seriously said as he grabbed your right hand and caressed the back of it with his thumb. “You know that I will always love you and I will always take you as you are, right? I will always choose you, no matter what.”

“I know, Alex.” You fiddled with your lovely long dress, playing with the smooth fabric of it.

“Look at me, love.” Alex sweetly cupped your cheeks and you looked at him, showing him your disheartened gaze. “You know that all these things, that you call flaws, are the reason why I loved you and why I am loving you, right?”

“You’ve already told me that, but I don’t believe you.” You contradicted him as he just smiled and shook his head.

“These imperfections that you call are the ones that make you perfect, love.” He caressed your cheek. You still had your own opinion and he couldn’t wreck the wall between the two of you.

“I don’t think so.” You crossed your arms, being a hard headed.

“Shush you.” He walked closer to you and kissed your nose. “You don’t have to be insecure because I love you so much and I think that you are flawless. You should love yourself and you shouldn’t shame yourself because of them. You are flawless and please remember that, okay?”

“Do you really think that?” Your shoulders relaxed after those sweet words that slipped out Alex’s mouth. You finally let your walls down as you let him assure you. You absorbed his words and you felt loved in some ways.

“Of course, Babe.” He slowly nodded with a smile and he knew that you gained some confidence for yourself again. “So, please, don’t ever compare yourself to others because you are perfect and always will be. Okay?”

“I’m sorry.” You sighed for the hundredth time and Alex just smiled even wider, letting go of your face, that he was still cupping.

“You don’t have to because it’s clearly not your fault.” He sincerely answered. “I just want for you to think that you are unblemished and to teach you how to love yourself, because I do.”

“Thank you, babe. You always know how to cheer me up.” You blushed as you thanked him, so for him not to notice it, you suddenly wrapped your arms around his neck and you hugged him.

“I am just stating the truth, baby.” He wrapped his arms around your waist as he exchanged the hug you’ve been giving to him. “I shouldn’t be thanked, when all I did was being honest.”

“Aw, Babe.” You bit your lower lip while smiling and you let Alex go.

“I love you.” He looked at you straight into your eyes and you perfectly knew how sincere he was during that exact moment.

“I love you too.” You honestly replied and his lips formed a big smile before closing the gap between the two of you.

You shared a passionate kiss, full of love as Alex demonstrated that he really cared for you, but it was broken by your best friend, Jessica.

“Cuties, you’re missing a great party in there.” She winked at you as she grabbed your hand and Alex followed the two of you, still wanting to kiss your soft lips.

“Jess, stop stealing my girlfriend because she’s mine.” Alex playfully said, but he was partly serious about it.

“Damn, Standall!” Jessica complained as you entered the gym once again. Tony was playing a slow love song and Jessica surrendered as she wanted for you to have a moment together. “Here’s your beautiful girlfriend, but I will steal her if you don’t take care of her.”

“Shut up, Jess. You should give up now, because I will never let her go and I will always take care of her.” You blushed as you felt your boyfriend hugging you from behind.

“Whatever, Alex.” Jessica rolled her eyes and she let go of your hand, heading to Justin. “Enjoy guys.”

“We will.” You and Alex said in unison as you headed in the middle of the gym to dance.

“May I have this dance, beautiful?” Alex asked you as he put his hand out again.

“Of course,” you grabbed his hand and he pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “handsome.”

You both laughed as you slowly danced together, swaying together with the rhythm of the music.

You thanked Alex, because you really felt better with his kind and honest words. You knew that he wouldn’t lie to you, because you knew Alex very well.

He helped you to start loving your so-called-flaws, because he was right! Your flaws are those little things that made you perfect, unique and beautiful. You should start appreciating them, because you wouldn’t be you without them.

He was the best that you’ve ever had and you couldn’t thank him enough for being the perfect and loving boyfriend that he was.

I'm honestly getting sick of people hating on Ashley and Emily for some of their actions, so I'd like to present all the bad things the other characters can do, some of which are much worse than anything Ash and Em ever did.

- Is very nosy and can snoop on Chris’ phone or intrude on Jess’ relationship with Mike.
- Can mock and even prank Josh, despite him being very sensitive and mourning his dead sisters.
- If Ashley dies after opening the trapdoor, Sam literally does not even check on her and just continues to find Mike on her own.
- Can let the Wendigo kill Mike without trying to help.
- Can blow up the lodge with three of her friends still in there.

- Was the main part of the prank on Hannah, and betrayed her despite being her big crush.
- Scares Emily and Matt in the woods where Hannah and Beth literally went missing.
- Literally cheats on Jessica with his ex girlfriend.
- Can leave Jess and make her find her own way out of a mine she fell into rather than directly helping her.
- Can scare Jess and make her fall into a stream, then laughs about it when she’s clearly upset.
- Can leave Jess on the floor when she trips when there is clearly some threat chasing them.
- Can dismiss Jess after she talks about her insecurities.
- Is incredibly insistent that Josh killed Jess despite a lot of evidence saying otherwise.
- Lied about Jess’ blood being on his jacket or shirt as proof that he saw Josh kill her.
- Shot defenseless Emily in the face because he thought she was gonna turn into a Wendigo, despite persistence from Emily and reasoning from Sam.
- Abandoned Josh when the Wendigo attacked them.

- Can shoot a squirrel in front of a canon vegan and animate lover.
- Intruded in Jess’ relationship much more than Sam, stealing a dirty love letter from Mike and making fun of her for it.
- Can join in on Josh’s sexual comments about Ashley.
- Mocked and laughed at Josh and Ash during the seance when it was clearly one of Josh’s sister.
- Can claim he meant to save Ash when she thanked him for doing so, even if he wanted to save Josh.
- Can shoot Ashley despite saying he’ll protect her and get her out alive even just a minute before (it was a blank but he wasn’t aware).
- Can punch Josh, speak aggressively to him, and even hit him in the face with a plank, which he even admitted could’ve killed him.
- Agreed that Emily should be thrown out because of her bite.
- Immediately abandons his friends in the lodge when the Wendigos invade (Even when Ashley is clearly very close to the Wendigos).

- Took part in the prank on Hannah, even though it was a small part.
- Can reveal that Emily is cheating or hide it from Matt (honestly, either option is bad in different ways).
- Can be dismissive or show no regrets for the prank on Hannah despite what happened.
- Stabbed Josh with scissors, even though she thought he was a killer and was in self defence.
- Can encourage Chris to think and shoot her instead, but then leave him outside to die if he does shoot her.
- Wanted to throw out Emily because of the bite.
- Can hide the fact that Emily’s bite wouldn’t make her turn.
- Can abandon who she thought was Jess despite calls for help.

- Was one of the people who came up with the prank on Hannah.
- Cheats on Matt with her ex boyfriend.
- Is generally grumpy because of the breakup with Mike, especially towards Jess, his new girlfriend.
- Is rather controlling and persuasive with Matt, acting more so when she finds out about the killer and starts bring serious.
- Can slap Ashley in the face for accusing the bite of being infectious and nearly getting her killed.
- Pushes Ashley out of the way when they are running from Wendigos.
- Can make passive aggressive comments about Matt if he left her to die on the collapsing tower.

- Filmed the prank on Hannah.
- Can be aggressive towards Mike, starting fights with him.
- Can attack the deer, despite them not clearly attacking him or Emily.
- Can insult and yell at Emily for either being mean to him or for cheating on him at a very bad time.
- Can leave Emily to die on a collapsing tower to save himself.
- Can abandon the wounded Jessica and leave her to get killed by the Wendigo.

- Was one of the people who came up with the prank.
- Didn’t really seem to care about the fact that the trip was in remembrance of Hannah and Beth and just wanted to have sex with Mike.
- Boasts about Mike being her boyfriend in front of Emily, his ex.
- Makes insulting comments about Emily.
- Can be persistent or passive aggressive towards Mike.

- Tricked all of his friends into coming to his family lodge so he can pull a horrible prank on all of them.
- Made sexual comments about Ashley in front of Chris.
- Mocked Chris for not being forward with Ashley.
- Punched Chris hard in the face, knocking him out.
- Made Chris choose to let either Josh or Ashley live in a Saw-like trial.
- Chased Sam in a towel, who thought he was a killer.
- Put Chris and Ashley through a terrifying guilt trip and house of horrors.
- Can punch Ashley in the face.
- Made Chris choose to shoot either himself or Ashley.
- Laughed about the whole prank, despite his friends being clearly upset/angry.
- Taunted Chris about how he has no chances with Ash.
- Made sexual comments about Jessica in front of Mike, despite her supposedly being dead.

So as you can see, while some of these actions may be justified (such as Josh’s mental illness or Ashley’s scary night or even Emily’s breakup), not everyone in that game is perfect, so stop being babies about some of the better characters.

Love and... love

You can really tell how much spare time I’ve has this week considering I went through all the episodes transcripts to find every instant someone has said “I love/loved you” and wow. It was certainly interesting. So here’s the list I put together up to 12x13 as the latest episode which I will keep updated.

Note, this is every instant someone has said “I love/loved you” to the actual person, not to a third person.

I also decided to break this down into seasons and to see what kind of love we’re talking about. All under the cut:

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I Hate You! Or Do I?

Anonymous asked: Hi Meg! I was hoping you could write a Dean College AU based on the movie 10 Things I Hate About You?? (fem!reader please)

Here you go, lovely! I do not own ANY Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show. 

Warnings: Slight Angst, Fluff. It’s super long too! College AU

Pairings: Dean Winchester x fem!reader, Sam Winchester x Jess, Castiel, Meg

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“What’s in it for me?” Dean asked his brother and best friend, not looking up from the book. Sam and Castiel had been trying for days to convince Dean to ask you out. “The joy of knowing you helped your best friend?” Dean looked up at Sam with an arched brow. “Come on, Dean. One date so that Cas can ask out her sister. He really likes Meg but she won’t date anyone as long as her sister’s single.”

               "What’s wrong with her? The sister I mean.“ Dean had no interest in dating you. He’d seen you around, but you’d always seemed so aloof. So…cold. “She’s, well, she’s got a bit of a temper and she hates guys that sleep around.” Dean let out a laugh, “So you come to the school’s playboy?” Dean knew his reputation very well, although it was only about half true. He had gotten around when he was a freshman, but his party days were pretty much over.

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  • Jesse: This is my girlfriend Beca, this is Beca’s girlfriend Chloe.
  • Benji: Hey. Oh. Wait, sorry, what’s the situation?
  • Jesse: What do you mean?
  • Benji: How does this work?
  • Jesse: Beca is gay but she’s straight for me but she’s gay for Chloe and Chloe’s really gay for Beca. And I hate Chloe.
  • Beca: It's really not that complicated.
  • Chloe: No.
I just watched Socalyalcon and....

OH GOD, WE’RE FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE!!!!!!! Here are my thoughts (totally out of order I guess)

• Cece worried about Jess again and giving her advices (WHY DID IT TOOK SO LONG THOUGH?)
• Schmidt being a friend too (WHY ONLY NOW?)
• I already smile and my heart melts just by seeing Winston and Aly sharing the screen. I don’t even care what they’re doing.
• I think this is the first time we saw Reagan all smiley and nice, and it finally felt like she actually cares about someone (Jess) and isn’t just like “someone please get me out of here”
• All those brand new flashbacks were cute
• All those flashbacks to old episodes got me screaming. Most of this season makes sense now!!!!! The execution is still terrible though, because a lot of things still don’t make sense and I can list them if you want to, first of them being the “I’m in love”) and It took them 20 episodes to address their point here, that’s not good story telling. This definitely helped me to tolerate this season a lot more but it’s still a bad season.
• Jess constantly breaking into Cece and Schmidt’s house got me laughing all the time lol
• I love how comfortable Nick is around Jess, it’s very natural to them. I guess this counts as something coming from Nick, right? Also the fact that he did notice at the end that he kept going to Jess as a girlfriend when he should be going to Reagan.
• FINALLY we saw Jess actually having an attitude about this whole situation she got herself into. First she tried to put an end on being Nick’s “girlfriend”, then when she noticed she was the architect of her own misery, in her own words, she quickly decided to fly away to Portland to give her, Nick and Reagan a break. I can’t believe they’ll still last two more episodes without her though, just like I can’t believe they’ll last 6 episodes after “Glue” and so many episodes in total!!
• Cece saying that it’s not like Jess introduced them and Schmidt reminding hem that Reagan and Nick met because Jess went on jury duty LOL.
• Cece mispronouncing the episode title, hahah, I feel ya, Cece.
• I still think NICK (and Reagan) need to notice they don’t survive without Jess. I would love if they explicitly noticed it like Jess did, but I doubt this will happen.
• I’m still not really excited for the next episodes because I don’t like when Jess is completely separated from the rest of them but if that ignites something on Nick and if it’s implied somehow that Jess not being there for them anymore is the reason they’ll break up I’ll be okay.
• Very excited for the finale!!

Baby Winchester. Part one

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Sam and Dean found her in an alleyway, her mother was severely injured. Due to her crying the two teenage boys found her, and her mother. She was no more then a few minutes old.

“Please… take her. She’s not old enough nor strong enough to be alone.” Her mother said to the boys. Her mother then carefully places her daughter into Sam’s fifteen year old arms.

“Can’t we help you?” The nineteen year old Dean asks. Her mother shakes her head. As Dean blinks in surprise, the woman had vanished into thin air.

“Hold her still please Sammy.” Dean says pulling out his knife once he regains his senses.

“Dean what are you going to do?” Sam asks slightly horrified.

“I’m not going to kill her Sammy, just need to remove the umbilical cord.” Dean replies. Dean then carefully removes the small child’s umbilical cord.

“Dean, I don’t think that we can take her with us… Dad might kill us if we bring her back to the hotel.”

“Well apparently she likes you Sammy, because she has fallen asleep in your arms.” Dean points out. Sam glances down at the sleeping girl in his arms and he smiles. She was so peaceful when she was asleep.

“What are we going to call her?”

“How about we wait and see if Dad will allow us to keep her.” Dean replies. The small child in Sam’s arms snuggles into his chest.


Surprisingly the boys father was more then willing to accept the small girl into the family. Dean got to pick her first name, while Sam chose her middle name.

“Y/N (middle name) Winchester, has a nice ring to it, good pick boys.” The boy’s dad says. The two boys smile in reply. From that day forward both Sam and Dean Winchester made a promise that they’d always protect their baby sister no matter what.

> > > > >

Three years have come and gone. Sam had gotten into an argument with his Dad. He told Dean that he was leaving the hunting lifestyle and that it would be safer for Y/N to stay with him. Dean reluctantly agrees.

Sam told his roommates that Dad was gone all the time and Dean was irresponsible so he had to keep an eye on Y/N. Sam’s roommates tell him that as long as she didn’t get into any trouble that they’re fine about her staying with them.

About two and a half years later Dean shows up at Sam’s doorstep.

-Dean PoV-

When Sam allows me into his dorm room, I meet his girlfriend; Jess. Then I hear shuffling footsteps, Sam apparently hears the footsteps too.

He turns around and right behind him is our baby sister. She’s in one of Sam’s flannel shirts that is way too big on her, and she looked super tired, but so fudging adorable.

“Baby Bug, what you doing up sweetheart?” Sam asks, as he picks her up and places her on his hip.

“Thammy… thomething is under my bed.” Y/N says, tears welling up in her eyes. Sam places a kiss on her forehead.

“It’s okay Munchkin. Nothing is going to happen to you.” Sam tells her. I smile and nod. Y/N yawns and nearly falls asleep on Sam. I figure that Y/N is exhausted so that’s why she has yet to notice me.

“Sam, I was just wondering if I could spend a few days with Y/N I haven’t seen her in awhile.” I say all of the sudden. Sam smirks and nods. He then asks if I wanted to take her tonight. I nod. Sam then hands me the sleeping Y/N.

Maggie Sawyer; Yoga Master.

This is only my second Sanvers fan fiction and I don’t know how I feel about it. Basically this is a fic about Maggie and her (unexpected) love for yoga. It’s fluff and also some smut m (which I’m new to so go easy on me). Sorry if there’s mistakes, I wrote it pretty fast and wanted to post it.


To Alex’s surprises, her tough as nails, badass girlfriend, loved it. Maggie never struck Alex as the “yoga type” or “yogi” as she’d later learn. And she wouldn’t have even known Maggie liked yoga if she hadn’t spotted the mat in her apartment one morning.

Alex had just woken up in Maggie’s bed. She turned her head to the left to find her girlfriend still asleep, her hair draped across her pillow and her face. It was a mess from Alex’s hands ruffling through it the night before. She still couldn’t believe that this was her life; that SHE got to wake up to HER every morning. The night before they had stumbled into Maggie’s place, and hadn’t even bothered to turn on the light. They were much to preoccupied by the passion surging through their bodies. But in the morning light Maggie’s face looked…angelic, to say the least. Alex sat up to brush the hair out of her lovers face, and that’s when she saw it.

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