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A - age: 18

B - biggest fear: sudden ends of good, long relationships

C - current time: 13:34 (that’s so creepy, a min before the time u wrote jai omg)

D - drink you last had: tea !!

E - every day starts with: checking my phone

F - favorite song: one i’ve been loving a lot lately is Shoffy - Takes My Body Higher (feat. Lincoln Jesser)

G - ghosts, are they real: deffo

H - hometown: sheffield, england

I - in love with: music

J - jealous of: people who can get over things quickly

K - killed someone: no

L - last time you cried: like two weeks ago when i got stressed w everything

M - middle name: -

N - number of siblings: two older bros

O - one wish: complete happiness

P - person you last called/texted: a group chat with cousins

Q - question you’re always asked: “why are you doing french?” lmao

R - reasons to smile: good music, DJs, fun times w good people

S - song last sang: martin garrix & dua lipa - scared to be lonely

T - time you woke up: rly early, like 7am. i couldn’t sleep all night

U - underwear color: greyish blue & pink

V - vacation destination: so many places. amsterdam is the ultimate tho

W - worst habit: picking my eyelashes

X - x-rays you’ve had: teeth and some others i think

Y - your favorite food: pizza or chicken & chips

Z - zodiac sign: scorpio

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