Discography Discussion

This a fun social, interactive experiment for you guys. I’m going start posting some offerings from certain band’s discographys and have you rank them along with me from best to worst and if you can, explain why. I figured Brand New would be a good band to start with due to the blatant differences in sound each release embodies. I’ll start:

1) “The Devil & God are Raging Inside of Me” (2006)- Lacey and the boys reached their peak in terms of writing with this one. Flawless release front to back with topknotch, dark lyricism and excellent song structure. This is surely the most dark, emotional, well-structured, and musically interesting album of the four.

2) “Deja Entendu (2003)- This was the record where the group undoubtedly found their sound. The vibrant, upbeat nature of "Your Favorite Weapon” was present but stripped of the cheesiness and immaturity and luckily the beginning of the group’s descen into darkness. Deja was a much better use of Lacey’s self-loathing style serving as the perfect album bridging the first and third’s sound.

3) “Daisy” (2009)-I’m expecting this to be number 4 for all you guys but I love this record. It may have took a complete 180 from the direction “Devil and God” lead us to believe they’d go in, but it turned out to be a very fun, raw, dark, and abrasive experience.

4) “Your Favorite Weapon” (2001)- This has always been my least favorite primarily because I’ve never been much of a pop punk guy. It’s fun, youthful, and jovial but Lacey’s writing was too immature for my taste especially compared to later releases. Kids will be kids and you gotta start somewhere.

 reasons to be ✿ songs about stars, the moon, any pretty sunset, and your favorite person. for heather || listen

→ And I sang oh, what do I do? What do I do without you?

01. young lion - vampire weekend 02. dearest - buddy holly 03. hands - moving mountains 04. loro - pinback 05. riches and wonders - the mountain goats 06. love and some verses - iron & wine 07. two headed boy, pt. 2 - neutral milk hotel 08. the suburbs (continued) - aracde fire 09. parachutes - coldplay 10. soco amaretto lime - brand new 11. woke up new - the mountain goats 12. car - built to spill 13. walls (tom petty cover) - kevin devine 14. reasons - built to spill 15. don’t panic - coldplay 16. farewell and goodnight - smashing pumpkins

♡ I’VE TRIED, GOD KNOWS THAT I’VE TRIED ♡ some of my current favorite songs for heather

sleep - citizen // echo - balance and composure // head in the ceiling fan - title fight // covet - basement // plane vs tank vs submarine - tigers jaw // drainage - joyce manor // buzzcut season - lorde // at the bottom - brand new // spirit desire - tigers jaw // my heart goes bum bum bum - flatsound // lover i don’t have to love - bright eyes // noro - brand new

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FOR WHEN YOUR SOUL IS DRENCHED // a rainy day mix for when its raining outside or inside your body [[LISTEN]]

001. 2 P.M. (how to end something good) // Mixtapes

002. Misguided Ghosts // Paramore

003. Cemetery (Acoustic) // Say Anything

004. Drown // Front Porch Step

005. Therapy // All Time Low

006. Golden // Fall Out Boy

007. No. 1 Party Anthem // Arctic Monkeys

008. Red Tide // Foxboro Hot Tubs

009. Life On Mars (cover) // Patrick Stump

010. Heartless (cover) // Sherri Dupree-Bemis

011. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want // The Smiths

012. Hannah Hunt // Vampire Weekend

013. Cough Syrup // Young The Giant

014. Sowing Season (Yeah) // Brand New

015. my heart goes bum bum bum // flatsound

016. Give Me Novacaine // Green Day

017. Ambulance // Eisley

018. Be My Escape (acoustic) // Relient K

019. Torch Song // Perma

020. Dear You // Man Overboard

✰ WOE // [listen]

→ No monumental moment ever came from saying “Come on dude, just take one more shot”

communist daughter - neutral milk hotel // trailer trash - modest mouse // the fall of the high school running back - the mountain goats // damned ole dad - kevin devine // woe - say anything // flathead - the fratellis // private first class - kevin devine & the goddamn band // re-do - modern baseball // finding something to do - hellogoodbye //finger back - vampire weekend // vince, the lovable stoner - the fratellis // tears over beers - modern baseball // 210b - man overboard // hairpool - defiance, ohio // vampires are poseurs (song for the living) - ramshackle glory

✿ dancing with the stars ✿ cute songs for heather [LISTEN]

I’ve met someone that makes me feel seasick

step - vampire weekend // soco amaretto - brand new // she’s got you high - mumm-ra // peach - the front bottoms // 210b - man overboard // living in the sky with diamonds - cobra starship // time to pretend - mgmt // twelve feet deep - the front bottoms // she’s electric - oasis // apartment - modern baseball // crooked teeth - death cab for cutie // first day of my life - bright eyes // you always make me smile - kyle andrews // what you do to me - we the kings // kill the director - the wombats // you knock me out - kevin devine // arms across america - tigers jaw