I named the #JJFU Cisco 1911 after my Beloved PitBull “Cisco”. He was always by my side, Easy on the Eyes, dependable, alert and Fierce when he needed to be. I think those are the perfect qualities that a gun should have #jessejames (at 888-269-0666)

CIA idiot: I just got a call from my boss telling me to give Sabrina whatever she wants because she’s proved to be logical and somewhat dangerous

Me: if your boss actually said that then he’s on the same emotional path as you and I’ve talked to him before and so I would compound that to be truth

Brian: well I don’t believe him

CIA IDIOT: well I want her to write that

Me: then I would expect it to immediate and not 6 months from now or 6 years from now or 60 years from now or any combination of time that exceeds two weeks of when this “giving Sabrina whatever she asks for” begins. Because it’s been over a month since I asked for an MCOT heart monitor so we could monitor my health and that was refused. I never see Brian nor Jeremyuh nor Baby Face and if I do then it’s under restrictions which stress me out so I can’t properly grasp the fundamentals of the situation.

CIA IDIOT: but now you could

Me: but it’s not fair to me to be all “here’s Brian for 4 seconds” he used to come over when I was married and I was very emotionally ill

CIA Idiot: yeah to talk to Michael

Me: and so why haven’t I seen him since 2007 except for a few minutes in 2009?

CIA idiot: idk

Me: I ask to see him all the time. At least once a week if not monthly for the past 5 years

Cia idiot: this is true

Me: and you think you won’t eat your gun?

Carl thinks he's clever... he's gonna get a cleaver... stupid jerk

So the same guy that I’ve been calling the CIA or the FBI boss is none other than Carl Redenham… a child rapist who has raped/molested hundreds if not thousands of children while working as a social worker

So I asked him why would he drag down the names of the breauru that pays his bills and his protection
He said he didn’t care

I told Robby it’s time that Carl gets handed to the CIA because there’s no reason at all why the FBI is overseeing my case as its a case about INFORMATION and information that could have prevented such things as 9-11 but because Carl was in a foul mood because my mother didn’t go over to fuck him but just to borrow money he raped me and he was put in a wheel chair by the people that didn’t have to be paid to protect me.

And so Robby said he would take care of things.

And Carl told me that what I’m trying to do has been done already. He called the CIA and told them I was giving birth to Jesus and they killed my kids.
Seeing as my kids are dead and one had spinal bifida it’s quite obvious that I didn’t give birth to any sort of Jesus at all. And thus it would be obvious to the CIA that Carl is a fraud. Thus I have nothing to lose by informing the CIA that a child molester and rapist is parading around claiming that he has seniority in their agency.

There’s witnesses to me having a knife shoved into my vagina… the guy I call the lawyer came in my room and tried to stop it from happening and it was a fight I was stuck in the middle of and my body was in jeopardy of being further hurt and so he left hut watched through the crack in the door and he reported it. He was in a different field than everyone else. He was in the legal section as a oveeseer of my rights because there was constant conflict as to what they were. And because of the constant head trauma I was a victim of amneisa and thus he really had a difficulty to ascertain what was best for me.. so he chose the safer alternative which did not involve Carl in my life. Because the FBI had no jurisdiction as long as I was with my parents and my father had retired from the Coast Guard thus no one really had anything to hold over his head aside from retirement. But then I had large sum of money that Brian cared over in my then legal name which I had no idea what it was and had no identification stating that I had a different last name and that money was transferred into the lawyer’s care.

And Carl the infinite wisdom speaker said he didn’t know that. But how could he not? He has had enough infinite wisdom to try to control my entire life how could he had not known that?

The point is that this case is way fucked up and no one is listening to anyone and so someone else needs to take over because it surely looks like no one is in control except for Carl and he’s a fraud and a rapist and scam artist.

The CIA claims to be an intelligent agency so thus why aren’t they handling it?
I obviously should be included in decisions about my life. And I am not. And I’ve done just about every under the sun including appearing to be insane to everyone that came across me and still no one has done anything they didn’t even intervene on my behalf to ensure that I got quality mental health care. So obviously no one is doing their job adequately

Carl needs to be in jail… preferably dead because Hell is all that he deserves.
I will kill him myself. I have no issues at all with that. He slit Brian’s wrists and thought that that was okay.

Jesse & Brian asked me how I feel about involving the CIA and I told him I wanted that to happen when I was 13 before the 9-11 attacks
And Jeremyuh and Baby Face and even Jesse James thought it was a good idea 21 years ago.

It needs to be done apparently because the Feds just aren’t smart enough to see who Carl really is..
Straight out of amneisa I knew exactly who he was. I’ve been on this less than 2 months and I know. The CIA would surly see that and then all this shit can be over

Jesse “what are you going to lose if you involved the CIA?”

“Nothing because anything that they can do to me that is trauma related will cause further amneisa and if they want this case then I won’t lose anything”

“What will you gain?” Brian & Jesse ask

“Control. I have the ability to do what is right. They can throughly see exactly how Dejoria got a federal indictment and how I was involved and if they want to have someone like me on their team then I will have complete control over my own case files. Does anybody argue?”

“None” says Carl whom was trying to prevent my control from occurring

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Colin O’Donoghue The Dust Storm Trailer 

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Starring: Colin O'Donoghue, Kristen Gutoskie, Chris Carmack, Jim O'Heir, JT Hodges, Valerie Jane Parker, Jessejames Locorriere, Allee Sutton Hethcoat
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That one time jesse carried me out from the house… I was standing on the bed yelling for someone to notice what hell was happening in the bed room
So jesse threw his arm around my back and cradled my head in his hand

I thought he was gonna put me on the car but he started yelling “you guys! Help me with Sabrina! She’s not a toddler she’s pregnant!”

And I was trying to get my foot on the back of the car on the trunk so I could pull myself over but he instead hoisted me higher on his hip

Everyone thought it was a joke but it wasn’t…. it was for real white smoke like substance coming from under the bed and out of the central air vent

Brian saw it on our nanny cam…
Jesse thought I lit the bed on fire or something but there was no flames

And when everyone went back in the air was clear…
We went to a hotel…

The next time it happened only Baby Face was awake and he and Jeremyuh got us downstairs to cleaner air.

Jesse about never lived him carrying me down like a little toddler but I tell you I didn’t like to be carried it made me nervous more than not but I felt very safe in the way he carried Me

When Trouble Calls usually it's Jesse James...

Cia guy whispers: I don’t thunk she knew she didn’t have a warrant

Me: uh huh…

Jesse laughs: you dumb asses! I said it! Right in front of you like I always do!

Me: haha

Jesse: you’re stupid…

Me: no I’m not

Jesse: you were afraid of Jeremyuh

Me: no I wasn’t.

Jeremyuh: you were too! When….

He falls silent unable to find a time i was for real scared

Jesse: you were as scared of him as I was

Me: no I wasn’t.. sometimes on my eye brow would be raised when you were afraid of him and I would say Jeremyuh to you so you would realize it was okay. But I wasn’t ever scared of Jeremyuh

Jesse: you might be right…. all those guys with guns in the doctors office and you walked right up to one and grabbed one right in front of a whole row of them who could have then shot you

Me: I did and then I asked him nicely for one and he shook his head no kinda like Baby Face and I started to laugh but then I really felt like I was in a fucked up situation and decided to leave when I rememebered Annie was there. Now I was afraid of everyone when I moved to Oklahoma. And MOST ESPECIALLY baby face. But Jeremyuh talked to me really carefully and I wasn’t scared

Jeremyuh: the one person whom is the least scariest person on the planet is baby face

Me: oh I was terrified of him just like I was of Sunny. I was afraid to hurt their feelings… and I knew no matter what I could do they would end up hurt


Me: you’re welcome

Jeremyuh: i, Jeremyuh, am more logical

Me: of baby face but sunny may have you beat…

Jeremyuh: okay now im not going to argue

Jesse: she has her dad’s intellect

Sunny: ahem?

Jesse: jesse is shutting up now


Jesse: she’s just like you tho momma.

Me: I can see it and momma bear too

Baby face: you mean Candy…

Me: did you just say something about a stripper name?

Baby Face: I thunk that was Jeremyuh. I’m sure in fact

Jeremyuh: you just wait I’m going to get you little fat boy. Remember? That’s why I chased him down in the store cause he untied your bathing suit and Jesse slapped me in the back of the head

Brian: cause she went with Jesse and he told her to go in the frozen food asile in nothing but her bikini

Jesse: and your shoes so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I know how Brian is

Baby face: and I do too that’s why I made her nekkid.

Me: you both got whipped and Jeremyuh got

Brian: $200

Jeremyuh: off of my rent for the rest of the year and it was only July

Me: Jeremyuh is a good boy.

Brian: baby face I’m gonna kick your ass again too for saying that about Candy


Me: Baby Face got himself all messed up cause we all got him back in the store and then he had to face Brian’s music when we got home

Brian: at midnight!

Baby Face: well we were scared!

Jesse: I built a bonfire I wanted to show Sabrina my skills …. until the police man showed up and told us that the FBI named BRIAN was looking for us. And we made it home in 20 minutes. We hurried so fast we forgot Sabrina’s bathing suit and she went home naked

Me: shut up Jesse

Brian: she came home in your jeans and sweatshirt and I asked her “why are you wearing that?” And you said “those two bafoons thought it to be a good idea. Hurry take this off me of me and I’ll show you how I looked in the store”

Jesse: you fucker! I ran fast as lightening and hid in baby face’s room!

Me: 3 at a time. And you stupid I had forgotten what happened in the store and I had 3 layers of dam clothes on me

Jeremyuh: 2

Me: mmmm I had my bathing suit on because I lied and told them I took it off. Well I took it off and put it back on

Jesse: I tried all the way home to get her to get that off so I could throw it out the window and lie when Jeremyuh told on us.

Me: your mistake was making an alliance with baby face who opened the closet door and ran and left you to loserville alone

Jesse: I’ll admit I made a mistake there. I hated to get in trouble Brian was so mean tho…

Me: you wouldn’t got in trouble… he would told you “next time put her in your shirt” and made you wait your turn for sex

Jesse: for an hour and I didn’t want to wait

Brian: that’s why you didn’t get any

Me: not like he didn’t get idiot at the beach.

Jesse: what ever you guys were always mean to me

Me: baby face was mean to you and you were Mean to everyone except Brian

Jesse: oh I was mean to brian too

Me: oh yeah… but Brian always whipped your ass… Me and Jeremyuh was the nicest

Jesse: I know

Jeremyuh: that one time we were both pissed off and we just sat back at the kitchen table and as soon as Brian walked in the door

Brian: they were atattling!

Jeremyuh laughs: I know we were talking over each other and we finished and said “what are you going to do?!” And he hadn’t heard a word we said you got all frustrated and whining and whined “beat them up!” All nasely

Me: and then he fucked with us that’s why I was all whiny.

Jesse: you two were the nicest I’ll admit that

Jeremyuh: Sabrina was the meaner one out of us

Brian: now Jeremyuh!

Me: I was going to agree and then you got in trouble haha!

Baby Face: yall see how that shit works!

Jesse: that one day she came down with all our guns and made us clean the house at gun point and she denied it.

Me: you all got in trouble too for lying on me

Jesse & Jeremyuh: cause you did it!

Brian: nu uh!

Me: brian didn’t believe none of yall and i wished I knew how to erase the tape when Brian watched it but who gave me the gun Jesse? And who was whispering in Jeremyuh’s ear? And who didn’t clean?

Jesse: shut up Sabrina

Brian: cause Sabrina called me and told me what you were doing to her

Jeremyuh: I had to go to the doctor before and after…. he stuck that wooden spoon up my ass

Jesse: cause I said you always had a stick up your ass and I thought I would remove it that day

Brian: and I told you to after I shoved that stick up Jeremyuh’s ass

Me: he apologized and I said he needed lube and sometimes the second time felt better

Jesse: and then I got a dick shoved up my ass after dinner time and had to stand on a towel until Brian finished his shower and then you told on me and said I moved and he hit me with a shoe

Me: I told him how you moved and he kissed that bruising on your ass.

Jesse: you NEVER got in trouble with Brian

Me: so? Maybe you should try to be a good boy Jesse

Jesse: I didn’t want to be and you let me get away with everything Brian wouldn’t

Brian: no uh uh

Jeremyuh: yes she would and me too!

Me: and baby face

Baby Face: you always told on me!

Me: and did you or did you not get a lesser punishment?

Baby Face: no!

Brian: yes you did too!

Baby Face: oh I know i did. Brian was mean as hell! I was one scared little boy

Me: that’s why he was nicer to you and implemented the reward system for Jeremyuh