Photos I took of Brand New when they were in Cincinnati at Bogart’s last Friday.  I pretty much played their first two cds on continual repeat throughout most of my high school years and so getting to see– and especially photograph– them was pretty exciting.  You can view the rest on CityBeat’s website by clicking HERE


In case you missed this and wonder about some of what I do - this is a behind the scenes vid of the Hunters photo shoot for Huf Magazine with Eric Nally and Jesse Fox. Enjoy!

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This weekend Jesse Fox’s show ‘Vanished’ opens downtown at Obscura. A lot of hard work was put in by her, the models, and the assistants to make this an absolutely outstanding show. Stop by for a cocktail or two: 8/8 @ 8pm in the Jim Thompson room! #cincinnati #art #photography #jessefox #obscura (at Obscura Cincinnati)


Houseshow aftermath.

One of the things I miss most about being in school was when we had to do assignments to document our life. I can document someone else’s life like nobody’s business, but not my own. Lately I feel like the closest thing I do to document what I’m doing is sending a snapchat video to my friends who live far away. I want to get back to creating a photo diary of my life everyday with purpose… so here’s a start: A ruined shirt and cuts that will likely become scars to help me never forget the night I can’t remember.

Images shot with a Nikon D810. If reposting give credit to Jesse Fox,  /  @jessefoxart (IG/Twitter)