bryan-cranston asked:

pretty little liars :)

  • favorite male character: caleb i guess :)
  • favorite female character: spencer and hanna!
  • least favorite character: that’s so hard, but i think i’m gonna go with emily. it’s just that she’s really boring and all her girlfriends just seem to disappear and i just don’t really care about her. (which doesn’t mean i don’t like her!)
  • prettiest character: hanna 
  • funniest character: hanna again :3 
  • favorite season: definitely season 2!
  • favorite episode: woah too hard to choose!
  • favorite romantic ship: hanna x caleb ♥
  • favorite family ship: hanna x her mum
  • favorite friend ship: hanna x spencer :)
  • worst ship: jenna x toby. just ew D: