stoar-punk-deactivated20150101  asked:

I have a cosplay type question, how did you make your GT Gamzee hood? like any special patterns or tutorials did you use? me and my friend are trying to figure out how to make one but we're are a bit stumped. Please and thank you ^-^ ((Ps, your actually my favorite cosplayer ever, we both share makara loves, and your cosplays make me droll, sorry if that sounded creepy))

The only thing I had a little trouble with was the horn holes/button flaps.  I really wanted to make them functional, but in the end I just said “fuck it” and made holes wide enough to fit the base of the horns, and embroidered the shape of the flap on the front so it wouldn’t look entirely 2D.  OTL  I used this tutorial at first, but then changed my mind and made my holes entirely circular.

To draft the pattern of the hood, I used the widely-renowned and extremely professional technique of making a mockup hood out of drafting paper and cutting it and adding pieces until I got the shape I wanted on my head.  Then I used that final, taped-together draft as a pattern to cut the fabric pieces out.  The whole thing is two parts sewn together, but it’s lined to make it a little thicker.

I was being sarcastic, btw.  That is probably not a very professional method of making a pattern, but I’m not the most professional person in the land.  ;o)

Thank you so much for the kind words, though!  I hope this has helped you out somewhat.  ;A;