Back when our Creative Director Jess Collett was milliner to the Epsom Derby.  This incredible floral head piece was created for the event.  Fancy something like it?  Order bespoke creations by emailing us at


I know it’s now August, but this is my letter to July for this year. I’m in a very in-between space right now, and there are no clear directions or ways to go from here. I have to just let life happen and take the opportunities that come my way. I need to grow up, take a bit more responsibility, and make some real strides toward becoming an actual adult. And July helped me to realize that.

I hate being called an adult, ugh, hahahahaha

if you ever want to know about me as a person just remember that today my grandmother brought me some wildflowers to put in a vase but they still had roots because she just kind of??? ripped them from the ground??? and i felt so bad for the flowers that long story short I now have a can full of potting soil and rescued wildflowers and i swear in that moment i was jehan prouvaire