“On and On” by Jesse Saunders (1984)

metro zu / miami / weirdo rap

i’ve been creepin on these miami kids, check them out. 

download sell ma ho song for free here. and for the newest stuff they have put out check this link: Intimacy 3.

they have endless videos and songs on youtube, and a mix on soundcloud and a tumblr too. i’m already tired.

Good luck manuevering through all their shit, this quote from Vice about sums it up, “Uncle Luke would be proud, but also a little confused.”

i need a break, cue in the house music!

80’s Aussie Hit ‘Space Invaders’ Inspired The Very First House Track
By: Milan van Ooijen - Deep House Amsterdam

“For me, just that whole groove of it was incredible. So that’s what became my signature record whenever I played anywhere”
Jesse Saunders
The question on what was the very first house track ever made is disputed to this day, but there is some agreement that one of the sure c…

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Jesse Saunders - On And On

Jes Say Records, 1984


This was shot in the Fo Species back yard last Labor Day. Who’s coming by this year?


Pump Up The Volume - The History Of House Music (by sublogicrecordings)

Part 1 of a fascinating three part documentary from 2001 on the history of house music, from its early days as NY disco to the massive European and International scene it has become, via the major people and clubs who pushed it forward.


Farley Jackmaster Funk, featuring Darryl Pandy -Love Can’t Turn Around -  ORIGINAL VIDEO!