5.06: In a nice variation of 5.05 where a god warped people’s beliefs to its will, now the beliefs of one person are able to alter reality itself, entirely unintentionally…

(waves hello at Dabb again)

Poor Jesse had no idea he was affecting people this way, that he was anything special at all. Sort of like Sam and Dean had no idea they were starting the apocalypse, or that they had been anything special… 

Some marvelous sight gags we all love:

  • Dean cooks a ham with a joy buzzer
  • Dean needs to shave his palm…
  • Dean buys a whoopie cushion and Cas sits on it >.>
  • Cas gets this treatment:

Poor Cas.

But Dean figures it out, that all the things that are happening are the sorts of things that kids believe:

Dean: Maybe that’s the connection. The Tooth Fairy, the Pop Rocks and Coke, the joy buzzer that shocks you—they’re all lies that kids believe.
Sam: And now they’re coming true. Okay, so whatever’s doing this is—is reshaping reality. It has the powers of a god. Or of a trickster.
Dean: Yeah, with the sense of humor of a nine-year-old.
Sam: Or you.


So this kid repeatedly bests Sam in conversation because Sam tries to sympathize, yet Dean gets along with him by empathizing with him. Sam shares memories of his old childhood, but Dean talks to Jesse about JESSE– his artwork, his beliefs. And then figures out the problem, that it’s Jesse’s beliefs that are making the strange happen. So he experiments, telling Jesse the truth that a joy buzzer can’t kill you. When Jesse believes him, and has thus reshaped reality again, Dean proves it by smacking Sam with the buzzer.

After they discover his birth mother and learn that Jesse is half demon, Cas shows up and tells them that Jesse is actually “the Antichrist,” who will destroy the angels if Lucifer is allowed to twist him to evil…

And again we have Sam standing up for the side of Good when Cas suggests they must kill Jesse in order to stop him from turning evil:

SAM: We’re the good guys. We—we don’t just—kill children.
CASTIEL: A year ago, you would have done whatever it took to win this war.
SAM: Things change.

Because this isn’t about demon blood anymore like it seemed to be back in 4.04 (even if it never really WAS about the blood)– it’s about the actual choice.

But Dean lies to Jesse– about Cas being his friend, about the source of Jesse’s powers that are confusing and even a little upsetting to him– yet Sam tells the truth, because Sam’s actually the one who can empathize a little with him on this one particular point.

Dean had been trying to treat Jesse like a dangerous and unpredictable weapon, much the way he’d treated Sam over the “special powers” he’d had since s1. But Sam really does know what it’s like to be lied to and manipulated and have the Big Scary Truth kept from him in some misguided attempt to “protect” him from it. He gets how understanding the FULL truth is the only way to fully understand the situation so that he can make the right choice. Major lessons in informed consent here.

Jesse doubts Dean, so he also initially doubts Dean’s assertion that the Demon is ALSO lying to him… until Sam lays out the entire truth:

Sam: You can go with her if you want. I can’t stop you. No one can. But if you do… millions of people will die.
Jesse: She said I was half-demon. Is that true?
Sam: Yes. But you’re half-human, too. You can do the right thing. You’ve got choices, Jesse. But if you make the wrong ones, it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.
Jesse: Why are you telling me this?!
Sam: Because I have to believe someone can make the right choice, even if I couldn’t.

They give him a choice, telling him completely honestly what the consequences of his choice will be. He can choose the side of humanity to help stop the apocalypse, or the side of the demons where millions of people could die.  and Jesse? He chooses another way. He chooses to take himself out of the fight altogether.

He chose a better way. It had some painful consequences (leaving his family for everyone’s safety), but he didn’t allow himself to be used by EITHER side in the fight. With great power comes great blah blah blah… and in his case, NOT using the power was entirely his choice.

And doesn’t that sound a lot like Dean in 11.23?

Red Equinox. Pt3.

Idols: Red velvet.

Prompt: All was well for the red velvet coven. The spring equinox was approaching and the girls were preparing. However an unexpected visitor returns and shakes their world upside down. Will they be able to protect themselves and each other? Will they make it out alive?

Writer: Admin Kitty.

Warnings: Swear words, violence, mentions of death, hell and Satan.

A/N: I had way too much fun with this. Like this is pretty wild for me lmao.


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Superheroes can’t date!

Jessica Rylie is a werido nobody. Who hangs out with her little sister, Ashley, and has no friends, and never gets invited to any parties. Power Girl on the other hand, she’s about as super as they come. She can fly and is super strong. Mike Munroe, becoming inspired by the Super Girls, decided to become the vigilante  Danger Knight, despite the fact he has no powers. Danger Knight and Power Girl’s flirtationship quickly turns into something more. meanwhile Mike Munroe unwittingly tries to win over the heart of her alterego. Jess, of course, knows who he really is, but Mike is blissfully unaware of who Jess really is. But, the way both of them see it, its not really cheating since Mike is with Jess and Danger Knight is with Power Girl!

Im SINGLE & i wi$h it wa$ U&I but im AFRAID you wont feel the $ame about me, my friend$ $ay i $hould LET IT GO. You’re ju$t $o FLAWLESS & i find my$elf STAYING UP at night, i want TO be HONEST but our relation$hip might be DANGEROUS & it might $TING, but idk i think it$ ju$t been 1 OF THOSE WEEKS but i ju$t wi$h at the end of the day i could $ay my BABY CAME HOME for VALENTINES

Darkened Shadows (Part 2)

Gabe finds himself an unsuspecting father, in the most awkward of situations.

Part 1    Part 3

Based on the work by freedomconvicted

Gabriel was shocked awake by the brushing of fur against his nose and stomach. Groggily, he opened his eyes to bright sunlight, streaming in through the small gap in the curtains. Blinking, the sorcerer peered down at his chest and scowled at the sight of the small wolf child curled up on top of him. The brush like tail slapped him across the cheek, and Jesse’s small backside was pointed directly at his face. Gabriel huffed and placed a hand on top of Jesse’s ear, tugging at the top of it to get the werewolf to wake up. Jesse yawned and opened his eyes, his tail smacking Gabriel’s nose repeatedly as he stretched out his small arms and looked around the room, tiredly confused. Gabriel growled and reached out a hand, tugging on the tail sharply as he dragged it out of his face, swivelling Jesse around to face him on his chest.

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Poly mchanzo flirting? ;3c

Sicks my leggy out real far “LETS DROP THE BEAT”

Okay so, Mcree is just suave while Hanzo is Traditional maybe a sneeky little cheeky flirt in, but maybe you’d be the subject of a flirting war?? oooo YES YES I like this Milk you got something here~~

The two men looked at each other, Silently a challenge was made. Completly unknown to little old you who was just cooking these two rowdy mean a good hardy meal, how dare they do this to you ehehe.

“Hey there Darlin’ You know i was thinking” mcree’s malt whiskey smooth voice almost purred too you wrapping an arm around your waist

“Always a dangerous thing Jesse” 

Ohhh snap! You already knew where he was going with this “Aww hey now, I was only gonna say” he leaned in closer breath fanning on your ear as you turned the gas off on the meal as to not burn it “Save a horse, Ride a cowboy~” at the end of his sentence he nibbled on the lobe of your ear making a shiver travel up your spine, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, butt you were not having any of this cowboy tonight 

You put on a seemingly enchanted demeanor as your hands traveled up his sides before running though his hair lifting his hat up and moving forward as to give a kiss Jesse already prepared a victory dance, but was completely fooled as you pulled back shoving his hat in his face “How About you save your ass and get out of my kitchen Jesse Mcree” hands on your hips and a proud angry pout on your face he huffed and walked out, Hanzo grinned at this thinking he’s have better luck

“Hello There, My dearest” two hands around your waist made you internal groan was this some kinda game or–

“You made a bet with Mcree again didn’t you?” your monotone voice caught him completely off guard 

“Uh I…Um…I yes. Yes I did I am sorry” he saw no point in lying too you so he let the truth spill out 

“If I pretend to let you win will you both let me finish dinner?” your question was followed by a nod which made you once again turn off the food 

“Grab my ass Hanzo” 


“Just do it.”

After a little bickering he did as he was told, you wanted to make a scene for Little Jesse Mcree.

“H-Hanzo, N-Not in the kitchen!” you tried your best not to giggle as you fake moaned rather loudly, making the Japanese man flush bright red

Jesse Sat there in disbelief as he heard you shout at His and Your’s lover to not ‘do it’ in the kitchen “Well I’ll be Darned….”

lets just say, Mcree found out you were faking and you got the proper punishment, :333333

I honestly think Flirting in a McHanzo Poly, would either super serious and intimate or All three of you being complete nerds    

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"Once a week, I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all my sense of oneness and self-worth.” Please, if it's not too much trouble, could you write some f!Jesse x Petra?

The thing about going from world to world, exploring new areas and answering calls for help and expecting them to be traps and going anyway, is that there’s really not a normal anymore. Not when it comes to what to expect from other worlds. There are always new items, new potions, new monsters, new people. Trying to think of everything like it’s their world isn’t only pointless, it’s dangerous.

Still, Jesse doesn’t think any of them were expecting the world of spider people.

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  • Jesse: Genji!
  • Genji: What?
  • Jesse: Where's my peacekeeper?
  • Genji: What?
  • Jesse: Where. Is. My. Peacekeeper?!
  • Genji: I uh, put it away.
  • Jesse: Where?!
  • Genji: Why do you need to know?
  • Jesse: I need it!
  • Genji: Oh no! Don't you think about doing some dare'n do! We've been planning this dinner for two months!


He’d rather be summoned, he thought. At least then, the annoyance was temporary and less nagging than this. Jess was in danger again. And Dylan just knew it.

He wished he didn’t.

But conditions were conditions and with a roll of his eyes, he grabbed for the nearest shadow, stretched it, and stepped through it. 

Minutes later, he emerged where she was. “Bloody hell, woman. What is it this time?” 

Third time in as many days. Was she doing this on purpose, or was she really aiming to get herself killed? 

Canon Divergence 003. 

JESSE’S HERO NAME IS NOT ‘JESSE QUICK’, ITS JUST ‘QUICK.’ Jesse knows how dangerous being a speedster is, and being she is an extremely well known individual on her earth, she would not use her first name in her hero persona. It would be far to easy for the public to connect the dots, that “the famous daughter of Harrison Wells, Jesse Wells, disappears for months on end, and when she finally reappears a new speedster named ‘Jesse Quick’ comes into the public.” She knows the public is smarter than that, so she only opts to be called ‘Quick’



Hannibal Room

I’d like to acknowledge and thank some of Hannibal’s amazing producer/writers and writers.

Angelina Burnett @angelinaburnett        Angie LaManna @TheLosAngie

Helen Shang @helenshang        Don Mancini @RealDonMancini

Jeff Vlaming @jvlamingwriter        Jesse Alexander @scribblejerk

Jim Gray @JimDangerGray        Melissa Goldstein @mutzko

Nick Antosca @nickantosca        Tom DeVille @Devilligan

My hope is that we get some, if not all, back together when Hannibal gets it’s Season 4!