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What are the most sensitive spots on our boys? What's the best to kiss, best to touch, and best to grab? ×

Hmm… So with Hanzo I think he’s got sensitive nipples, but also really likes throat stuff. He likes to kiss and bite Jesse’s throat and likes being kissed there in return. He’s kind of big on choking too, cause he likes to lose himself during sex. He also really likes contact on his tattoo, which is great cause Jesse loves to kiss all over it. Hanzo’s favorite part of Jesse is his neck and his chest hair, he loves to kiss all over his chest and stomach. I think he’s an ass man too, which is perfect cause Jesse’s got a butt. He also feathers kisses along the scars that lead into his mechanical arm.

Jesse really likes collarbones, and likes to kiss and leave hickies all over them. He likes the way the muscle stands out on Hanzo’s abs and his body in general, and LOVES his tits. He can’t get enough. He’ll fondle them and hug him from behind all the time so he can squeeze them and pinch his nipples though his shirt. He likes smacking Hanzo’s ass when they pass each other too, as well as holding his waist. He loves it when Hanzo holds him from behind and holds his stomach. He’s also a sucker for hand holding.

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Quickwest valentine headcanons pleeeease!!!! I'm DYING over the spoiler that she's going to want to stay on E1 to be with Wally in 3x14. I can't! They're too cute! 😍

I’m on mobile so no bullet points, but Quickwest Valentine’s Day headcanons? You got it!

Fun fact: they don’t actually *have* Valentine’s Day on Earth-2. Wally brings her roses and Jesse just says “Aww, you sweetie” and moves on.

Wally, leaning heavily on Westallen for advice (because they’re super into Valentine’s Day), tries those little heart-shaped candies next. Jesse takes a bite of one, grimaces, and says, “Stale candy. My favorite.” When Wally points out that it’s about the saying, not the taste, Jesse blinks, reads them, and laughs for five minutes.

A romantic lunch goes pretty well! Wally isn’t a quitter, so he takes her out and Jesse is absolutely *living* for the sappy Valentine’s Day specials. “What’s the sappiest one??” Wally just likes that she rests her feet on his the entire time under the table.

Jesse cottons on and snags a small box – think like ring-sized box – of chocolate from Earth-2. Wally almost passes out when he sees it and literally bolts. “Jesseisgoingtoproposetome,” he blurts out. HR claps and slugs him on the shoulder. “How many goats did she bring? If it’s less than twelve than Wall, my friend, you can do better.”

Once Wally stops hyperventilating and zips back into frame, Jesse just lifts her eyebrows and opens the box and oh. Oh! Chocolate. (Next heart-stopping thought: “They don’t propose with chocolate on Earth-2, so they??”). Turns out chocolate is incredibly rare on Earth-2 and absolutely divine. It spoils Wally for the rest of his life.

“But you have *bunnies*,” Jesse teases, holding up an honest-to-god, Easter-is-in-two-months-you-animals chocolate bunny. (Peeps become her favorite holiday themed treat after Wally shows her how to blow them up in the microwave, but that’s for Easter!)


Jesse Williams, astute, biting, perfect.

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"Jungkook bites his lip and scrunches his nose in a dumb smile, because Taehyung’s hands are nowhere near small. He covers Taehyung’s hand with his own and helps him stroke them both. “Nah. Our dicks are too big. It’s fuckin’ awesome.” " MY FAVORITE THING E V ER?? I lov you for this and for so much more bless your heart jess :')

a very wise person once said to me that taekook r “big dick boyfriends” and i adhere to it to this day