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(Also, a li’l snippet under the cut if you want the full conversation since I hate handwriting lots of dialogue in these things :) Rated T for language and references to sex. McReyes is mentioned.)

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Protective Snakes (Hanzo x Pregnant! Reader)

Protective Snakes (Hanzo x Pregnant! Reader)

Waiting was the worst, especially with the condition you were in; pregnant. You were about five months along, your middle having grown out and were now starting to feel the kicks of the life you were staring with Hanzo.  Even though the archer was stoic and rather unemotional to anyone else, you knew he had a gentle heart in there and you managed to find it. The man had pierced your heart long before you got his after working with him getting to know him, and even saving each other a few times since the Recall was out into affect. With each other’s hearts, you managed to convince him to start a family, hoping this would help him forgive himself and give him the life he deserved with lots of love. Now only if your own heart wasn’t aching at the moment as he was out a mission, worrying that he would make it back save to you, to your child. Knowing he would be back sometime today, you were waiting in the main lounge of the reused headquarters, cozy on the couch as you pined for your love to come home safely.  Unknown to you though, the father of your child was looking for you, having looked in your shared room and else where, his feet silent as he soon spotted his love. With slow, quiet steps, he walked over to surprise you of his arrival.

“You seem to be doing well,” Hanzo mumbled,  the archer placing his hand on your shoulder.

“I wasn’t until you showed up,” surprised, you looked behind your shoulder to see that face you missed so much, “How are you?”

“I could say the same,” he pressed your forehead against yours, the closest he got to public displays of affection usually but since the beginning of your pregnancy, he had been doing a bit more but only when he was sure you two were alone. This was the case at the moment as he moved around the couch, taking a seat as he placed a hand on your bulge and rubbing it gently.

“Ha-anzo, what are yo-ou doing?” you asked him, a little embarrassed as your cheeks flustered deep red at the potential of someone seeing you two.

“I would like to say hello to our child,” Hanzo mumbled as he was going to lean in to kiss your belly but noticed a familiar blue glow coming from his arm. His two spirit dragons, currently in noodle form had manifested, curling up around your middle and starting to nip at Hanzo, who had currently jerked away. “What the-”

“I’m sorry, they seem to be protective of me,” you chuckled, the two protecting you like crazy since you first told Hanzo you were pregnant, “Much like their master.”

“They should learn to respect him as well,” Hanzo grumbled as he shot the two dragons a dirty look but he couldn’t be that mad. He was actually rather proud of them as he sat back in his seat, sighing to himself. “Yet Soba and Udon tend to follow their own path.”

The noodle dragons were curled up around your belly, rather warm and light and were occasionally moved out of place by a well placed kick from the fetus. Hanzo tried a few more time to touch his child for father-child bonding but the spirits were as protective as ever and the archer gave up after a while. At least he had you, wrapping his hand around yours and rubbing your fingers gently while your other was petting one of the noodles, Soba, you think.

With the jungle of spurs starting to get louder and louder, Hanzo let of your hand, much to your dismay, and crossed his arms as Jesse walked in, looking over your way with a smile on his face. “Well howdy, dar- oh, I see yer back,” his smile turned into a frown, noticing your man right there as he shrugged but walked closer.

“You’re surprised?” Hanzo asked him, rather defensive of you from him and from the look on the dragons’ faces, they would be too.

“I’ve ben hopin’ to visit yer lil’ varmint,” Jesse mumbled, trying to have a little fun with the idea of being an uncle, “An uncle’s gotta say howdy.”

“Only if it’s okay with you,” you sighed, knowing Jesse was a decent friend but Hanzo was your love and with the two not liking each other, tolerance was all up to Hanzo.

Hanzo paused for a moment, thinking as he looked at you, Jesse, and then at the dragons. A small smirk soon started to grow on his face as he actually nodded in agreement. “By all means.”

Jesse smirked as he was gonna be the best uncle before the kid was born, hoping to get a kick to them.

“Don’t mind if I- OWW!” Jesse had tried to move close but he didn’t even lay a hand on you as Soba nipped at his finger. Udon proceeded to hiss at Jesse, biting his other hand. It was only when Jesse got up and shook the pair off that the dragons let go, hissing and growling at they returned to their previous spots on and around their master’s child.

“Why I outta- control yer snakes!” Jesse grumbled as he rubbed his fingers, looking at the little bite marks on his hands and fingers. The glare he shot Hanzo could’ve probably killed him but he was relaxed the entire time.

“They do this by their own accord,” he stated, cool, calm, and collective on the outside but the light upward curve of the corners of his mouth stated he was proud of his spirit dragons, “You just have to respect them.”

“Maybe I’ll visit when the kid is born,” Jesse sighed, knowing he would have another option later when those serpents where under control or exterminated but much later than he wanted. With mumbled and grumbled under his breath, he left the room to have the bites checked by Angela and he wouldn’t die by such rascals.

You sighed, looking at all of them before you pinched your brow out of disgrace. “You’re too protective, all of you.”

The dragons whined, thinking they were doing the right thing as they tried to lick your hands and face to make it up to you. Meanwhile their master furrowed his brow, not liking to be chided like this but he nodded. “… but in a good way?”

“Of course,” you replied, knowing you couldn’t be mad your child’s father, kissing his cheek in return before asking one more thing out of all of them, “… but maybe back down a bit?”

Hanzo looked at the noodles, almost as if understanding each other in the silence as Hanzo replied for all of them with a cocky smile on his face.

“We can make no promises.”

~The next morning~

Jesse was not going to die, according to Angela, but he thought he would as he had gotten up in the morning, bites all wrapped and grouchy over it. “Might need a second opinion ‘bout these bites,” he mumbled as he was currently getting dressed, “Don’t want no rabies.”

When Jesse was finally getting his boots on, he had too much on his mind to notice his boot seemed a little too heavy and it was too late as he noticed a sharp pain to his toe. “DA-AMN!”

“What was that?” you hummed, hearing a loud and a bit of an effeminate scream echoing down the hall as Hanzo and you were currently eating breakfast with the rest of the Overwatch agents.  

“Seems he woke up to a surprise,” Hanzo mused, sipping at his tea nonchalantly, “Not of my doing, of course.”

His choice of words made you curious, then angry as you furrowed your brow at him. “What did you do?”

Hanzo only took another sip of tea while a small, wiggly blue glow crawling up his sleeve, retreating to it’s home before the archer answered you.

“In his wording, you could say he found a snake in his boot.”


Summary: The past has no name, who would think of naming its past? But an adjective and for Mccree his past was somewhat sad, but not everything was sadness, especially when in his teens finally had people to call friends and even a boyfriend.

Category: Overwatch.

Genre: Drama, Family, fluffy, lemon, Romance and novel, shounen-ai, Slash, AU, Yaoi.

Warnings: Drugs, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, sex insinuation, improper language, nudity, sex, Masturbation.

Characters: Genji Shimada, Hanzo Shimada, Jesse Mccree, Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Sombra.

Tags: Mchanzo, Werewolf!AU, Omega!Hanzo, Alpha!Mccree, Omega!Genji, Mercy is just quoted, Genji will be misunderstood

Cap1| Cap2| Cap3 (Soon will come.)| Cap4 (Soon will come)

Capítulo 2 - Mueve tus caderas, muchacha morena.

Mccree remembers the feeling he felt when he started dating Hanzo, everything was hidden, so things were always intense.  Fear of being caught became, willy-nilly, fun for two teenagers in full puberty. The first heat changed Hanzo, he was smiling more, the people around him believed,, but the reason for the constant happiness is to think that after his archery training he would see Mccree and do things that two teens in puberty would do when they start dating, Especially when one is an alpha and another is an omega.

Hanzo was with Mccree underneath the most hidden tree in the garden, Genji had been summoned to a meeting, leaving them alone. Mccree saw his omega on his lap making movement with his hips over the alpha erection, in that dance the alpha could not touch his omega, the pleasure was just to see his omega make motions that would leave the alpha crazy and hypnotized. Hanzo let go of his hair, letting them fall on his shoulders to the middle of his back, the omega slowly pulling out the alpha’s red shirt and then admiring his breastplate with his rough hands for the arduous workout.

The omega leaned down to the alpha’s lips, mentioning a kiss, but with a chuckle he looked into Jesse’s red eyes, felt Mccree’s hormones and that drove him crazy. Soon the mention became real, the wild kiss guided by alpha hormones, the same sent everything in the air and pulled the omega closer. When the kiss closes, Mccree rolls with Hanzo in his arms to the side and begins to kiss the jaw, then the neck. The older Shimada groaned low in the alpha’s ear, his arms and legs around Jesse’s body, approaching contact.

The alpha approached Hanzo’s crotch and made lunge mentions , causing Hanzo to utter a spontaneous moan, the alpha shut the omega with his mouth, even wanting to hear the groans of the older boy, but could not risk.

“Jesse …” he groaned through the kiss.

“What darling?”

Hanzo’s face was flushed, his mouth running wide with low, simple moans.

“Say, "mi moreno,” what do you want?“ Mccree whispered into Hanzo’s ear, his voice more husky than it should have been.

"Ah…” Hanzo felt Jesse’s hand press his erection, rubbing it. “Ah… ah…”

"Say Hanzo…”

“Fuck me, please, ah… ah…”

Jesse shivered, the request had fared better than he’d imagined. Soon he lowered his pants, pushing out his erection and on his face a perverse smile formed.

“Take off your clothes.”  Said the alfa

Hanzo blushed at the command, but soon released himself from his crumpled blouse and then his pants, just boxing, when he made mention of throw the boxing, Jesse stopped him and brought Hanzo for a kiss as he commanded Hanzo’s hands to His phallus, the omega began to pump the alpha erection. The kiss slowly slows, Mccree’s eyes, red with lust, descended to his neck, noticing that his mark had disappeared, made a trail of kisses to the place he had observed before, but he was a little above the last Brand, wanting everyone to see that the omega belonged to him, he bit there, without even thinking about the consequences.

“Jesse!” Hanzo screamed and by reflex squeezed Jesse’s cock, which he bit harder than he should have.

Hanzo fell on Jesse, breathless, but soon found the strength to start pumping the alpha’s phallus. Jesse licked the bite and smiled contentedly, and his hand went to the stiffened limb and pumped more often than the omega did in it, because of the ecstasy.

“Hanzo … So beautiful …” Mccree stopped pumping Hanzo’s penis and did the same look at him, giving him a kiss. “It’ll look dazzling when you start sucking me.”

Hanzo shudders, bends over and starts sucking on the alpha’s penis. Jesse moaned with Hanzo’s mouth, the older boy looked hungry on Jesse’s cock.

“I was hungry, mi amor?” Jesse groaned and rapped on the steep omega ass that let out a loud groan. Jesse grabbed Hanzo’s silky hair and made the omega sink further into his cock. He leaned back a little and leaned on the other arm and watched as Hanzo sucked his cock. “You love my cock, do not you? ” He licked his lips. “Do you like my Hanzo dick?”

Jesse pulled Hanzo away from his cock, his mouth open and tongue out, gasping for air, and Mccree smiled and released the omega that was immediately attracted by Jesse’s hormones and turned to the alpha’s phallus and licked it all. His butt, sucked his glans hard and made the alpha gasp and let out a loud groan. “Yes Jesse … I love your dick …” The omega smiled. “I’d spend the whole day sucking it.” And the omega sucked his alpha’s erection back, already feeling the taste of Jesse’s pre-enjoyment.

The alpha turned his hands into Hanzo’s hair and began with quick movements. However, Jesse some time later took Hanzo’s mouth out of his phallus and placed it on his lap.

“Let’s enjoy together, mi moreno.” He grinned at Jesse and buried his face in Hanzo’s neck and began to lick the mark again as he pulled Hanzo’s boxing and then pumped both his penis in a synchronized friction.

Hanzo moaned wildly, forgetting where he was, what day it was, just remembering it was him and Jesse there. He wrapped his arms around Jesse, moaning in the alpha’s ear, causing him to pump faster, fiercer. Hanzo shivered from head to toe as he felt the sensation of ejaculation, scratching at Mccree’s back. The alpha had already distributed several bites on the shoulder and neck of the omega, feeling the taste of blood in his mouth. Soon the alpha came first, soiling the chest of Hanzo and his own, then the alpha focused on Hanzo’s erection, squeezing the glans and rubbing the extension. The omega held the alpha’s face and kissed it and in the middle of that long kiss enjoyed the alpha’s hand.

Jesse put Hanzo on the tree and kissed him sweetly and tiredly, watching the omega’s chest rise and fall, even though the omega was watching the same.

“I love you Hanzo.” Jesse whispered into the ear of the omega.

“I love you Jesse.” Hanzo hugged the alpha without care of the pectoral of both dirty.

“Darling, let me clean up our mess.” Laughed the alpha.

Hanzo let out a sly moan, as if he did not want the alpha to leave. Jesse laughs and hugs the omega back, nuzzling the hair of his omega and listening to Hanzo’s breathing steady.

"I-” Hanzo sighed. “I’m likely to go into heat tonight.”

Jesse looked at Hanzo. “Are not you taking the pills?”

“No.” Hanzo stroked Jesse’s face. “I’m tired of it, I want to be a normal omega, that goes into heat and that my alpha is by my side.”

Jesse blushed. "Are you sure? Your clan…”

"My clan as soon as his know I’m in heat again will give up on me …” Hanzo leaned his forehead on Jesse’s. “Then they’ll throw me out and have my name stuck on the heir’s list or even turn it off It as if I had never been born and raised.”

When Genji arrived, they were both dressed and the smell of sex was gone. The green-haired young man sighed wearily and sat down next to his brother and laid his head on his shoulder.

"How was there?” Jesse asked.

Genji hid in his brother. “It was awful.” Hanzo smiled at Genji and in the form of consolation ran his fingers through his hair “Hanzo, how can you handle it?” he whined.

“You’ll learn to deal with the time.”

Genji turned to his friends and smiled. “Did you guys have fun without me?”

Jesse looked at Hanzo and vice versa, the alpha laughed. “We had a lot of fun.”

Hanzo blushed slightly at the alpha’s response. Genji frowned, but answered with a smile. The younger did not know, nobody knew. It was all a secret, but Jesse wanted everyone to know that Hanzo was his, that he would take Hanzo out of the Shimada clan and form his own clan.

Jesse left, but glaring at Hanzo with complicity. The older boy just smiled at the cowboy and walked into the castle, his brother was called to another meeting. Hanzo had never seen this occur, usually the elders were very objective, so the need for another meeting was never necessary.

Hanzo entered his room, it was dusk and Hanzo sighed, when the omega enters the heat, usually the alpha belonging to him felt, no matter where he is. The omega went to his window and opened it and went into the bathroom to clean himself.

When he left the bath, he felt a movement in the castle, changed his clothes quickly and went out through the corridors to know what happened, but soon a hand pulls him and the wall against him, Hanzo would advance in the threat, but he recoiled when he saw that it was His brother with tears on his face.

"How can you do that?” Asked the youngest.

Hanzo looks confused at Genji. “Do what?”

Genji growled. “Do you think I’m not feeling it? You will get in heat! You know what the doctor said, do not you? You can not hide an omega in the second heat!” Genji released Hanzo “You’re a selfish…”

Hanzo felt the weight on him “Sorry Genji, but I needed to do this…”

“ NEEDED? You’re crazy, not even an alpha you have to say such an absurd thing!” Genji punched the wall on Hanzo’s side “Mercy would make me her, I have an alpha, I HAVE A FUTURE! And you will not ruin it!”

Hanzo looked surprised at his brother. “Did she bite you?”

Genji sighed and snarled. “Not yet, but next week I’ll be in heat and I’ll call her.”

Hanzo swallowed. “Brother, forgive me, but there’s no way I can go back on my decision.”

“Of course! Just take the pill.” Genji grasped Hanzo’s arm hard and pulled it out and took it out of Genji easily.

“The pill will not do for anything else Genji!”

Genji sat down on the floor and began to cry, a sad cry of a desperate puppy. Hanzo felt guilty, did not even think of his brother, only Jesse and him. Hanzo leaned close to Genji and hugged him, but he was rejected as he was being pushed. The young man got up in a hurry.

“Where are you going?” Hanzo asked.

Genji looked at him with disdain. “It doesn’t matter for you.”

Hanzo shuddered and then stood up. He sighed wearily, but he was still sad. He walked to his room and locked it and went up to his futon and sat there. The tears came with his regret, but he would not give up, even if he was selfish, it was too late to settle things, was already marked, was already his second heat and his father would despise him for being a complete omega.

Soon the sensation of excitement came and the brand began to tingle. Hanzo howled low and then heard heavy footsteps in his room and the crash was thundering.

“Hanzo!” Hanzo father’s voice sounded furious. “I can’t believe you’re in heat again!”

Hanzo froze with his father’s strong, fierce beats. A bang came up and startled the omega and turned to the window, there was a red-eyed brown wolf. The wolf entered quietly and snarled at the door.


The wolf soon became a being, it was Jesse growling at the door, he felt the presence of another alpha in the territory and if he enter in the bedroom the same attack there, but soon he heard a moan and looked to the side and saw Hanzo with his face red, The presence of his alpha there had made him thirsty. Jesse walked over to Hanzo and held him in his arms and stood up with Hanzo. When Hanzo’s father was able to enter the room - shattering the door - he saw that no one was there.

Jesse had jumped into his room, locked windows and doors and put the omega on his bed, Hanzo would be yours that night and nobody would stop. Jesse could smell Hanzo scattering all over his room, Hanzo’s scent was intense for Jesse being that he had already smelled other omegas in the heat, but nothing was like Hanzo penetrating his nostrils. Jesse climbed over Hanzo and buried his face in his neck, smelling every inch. He held Hanzo and pulled him closer.

The omega was already trembling with pleasure, the scent of the alpha crawling all over his body, made Hanzo see stars so intense it was. He saw Jesse walk away, but not breaking the magic that was about to happen, the alpha had ruby ​​red eyes and impatient the alpha began tearing Hanzo’s clothes and tossing the pieces away and putting his rough hands on the breastplate of Hanzo stroked one of her nipples. Hanzo groaned at Jesse’s brutality, but he did not bother, he was in his own lust.

“Jesse…” Hanzo sat down and licked the alpha member on the pants that consequently he heard Jesse’s moan loud enough to start undressing the alpha, opening the zipper and unbuttoning the buttons and finally lowered the pants Of the alpha and in a hurry took the boxer’s alpha caressing the hair of the omega, his omega, and then gasped as he felt Hanzo’s hot mouth against his cock. He could see Hanzo’s movements clearly, his keener senses giving him the advantage of seeing every movement of the omega. Hanzo sucked vigorously and his tongue swirled across the length of the alpha’s penis, licking and handing delicate kisses.

“Hanzo… You are… ah… your mouth is… wonderful…” Jesse groaned, but then shoved Hanzo back into the bed and removed Hanzo’s pants, along with the boxer, in a hurry And his left hand extended to the neck of the omega and bending over him kissed him. With his other hand he began to hurt Hanzo’s nipples, which arched with affection, and also as he felt Jesse’s penis rub in his entrance “So sensitive…” he smiled “and handsome.”

Hanzo moaned as he felt Jesse’s hand descend slowly to his crotch, then felt two digits come in, his legs curled as Jesse pulled him into another long kiss, Jesse slowly held his fingers inside the omega, interrupting the kiss several times, but he He was not looking bad, he was happy to know he was getting Hanzo so satisfied. Soon another digit was added and the thrusts more aggressive and fast and Hanzo could no longer kiss Jesse, because he needed to moan and he moaned very loud, not worrying if someone was in the house. Jesse found himself bewitched by Hanzo’s reddish face, his mouth wide enough for his tongue to be outside as well, the omega moaning like a madman, moaned Jesse’s name and it made him excited and happy, to see that all this It was for him and no one else, that Hanzo would be able to do this with just him, only him.

“Jesse, please …” Hanzo moaned, pulling the alpha out of the spell, his hand stopping Hanzo instantly, making him moan for more. “I want you, Jesse!”

Jesse shivered, his primitive side was trying to take care of, but before he needed to know what Hanzo wanted “Are you sure mi moreno? You know that if we do this…”

"Jesse! I need you, please, Jesse, Jesse … "Hanzo pleaded, then climbed up onto Jesse and made him lie down and soon began to descend on Jesse’s pulsing penis, arching and groaning loudly, it was his first time and also The first time he felt so full, he rested his hand on the alpha’s chest and without waiting for a minute he began to ride over it, so that he would awaken the primitive side of Jesse at the sight of Hanzo wishing him so much, his face so beautiful to Feel fulfilled.

Jesse put his hand on Hanzo’s ass and began to command the thrusts that were very violent, but the omega did not seem to care, their scent mingled, leaving everything more pleasurable and intense. Jesse did not know, but Hanzo could moan his name on a frequency he could not even imagine. Jesse turned Hanzo on his back and leaned over him, the thrusts deeper reaching Hanzo’s point of pleasure as he gripped the sheets while his face looked like the omega was drunk with so much pleasure. The alpha reached the ear of the omega and licked it.

"Hanzo, you are so hot …” Jesse stocked faster “Everything in you is perfect …” He pulled Hanzo to a kiss and both had their eyes fogged with pleasure “Do you like i fuck you like that?” Jesse licked the older man’s lips that looked like he could not utter a single word “You are my Hanzo, just mine …”

Jesse stuck his teeth into Hanzo’s neck as he held on until he felt Jesse’s hand pumping his penis. The omega felt Jesse’s other hand on your, holding it tightly until he felt a shock all over his body and realized he enjoyed it. Heard Jesse moan “Tight…”

The alpha continued with the thrusts until it spilled into the omega. Hanzo gasped a lot, sounded just like Jesse, as he turned to see the alpha felt the same turn his body coming face to face “You are too beautiful…”

Hanzo lifted his hands to Jesse’s face and began a sly affection. However, he felt the alpha began to stock again he groaned in surprise.

“Sorry, honey, but it’s not over yet.”

Hanzo laughed. “I never said I wanted it to end.”

It was already dawning, both still dirty and naked, but curled up and nestled in one another. Jesse kissed Hanzo’s shoulder as he stroked the alpha’s hand that was curled in the omega’s chest, Hanzo played with the alpha’s fingers from time to time, but soon he made Jesse’s hands find her mouth, the omega distributed Kisses sweet as he felt Jesse’s kisses rise up his neck. Soon the hand began to caress Hanzo’s face and by last turned it to meet with the mouth of Jesse. A cute kiss and compliment.

“I love you Hanzo.” He said, seeing the sun already illuminating the face of the omega, making it more beautiful.

“Not how I love you.” Hanzo smiled.

Jesse felt happy, as well as Hanzo, both satisfied, would have a family far away and would be happy. The alpha laughed. “Really? I think I love you more.”

B u r  n i n g

Another that has been on my drafts. I put it off for so long the flame of inspiration I had when I started it kinda went down, but I also didn’t want it to leave it unfinished.

- - - -

Jesse takes the last drag he can squeeze out of his cigar, it’s almost like he’s inhaling pure fire by how hot his throat and tongue feel. He crashes the butt into the rock he sits on to extinguish the remaining sparks and keeps it close to throw in a bin later. The last tendrils of smoke that came out of his mouth disappear in the warm air. There’s strokes of crimson over a gold sky as the sun sets at the horizon. Jesse’s eyes shimmer as they mix with the honey in his gaze.

Jesse has been watching the night arrive on his own for fourteen days now. His hands twitch to hold someone who isn’t there, someone he has not heard a word about. He closes his eyes and wishes all his bad thoughts away. Gabriel is his commander for a reason. He knows how to get out of situations like this. And he will see his lover again.

Gabriel had left on a mission two weeks ago. He and the agents he left with were expected to be back in three days. When the fifth day came, Gabriel called base to confirm they were flying back. On the sixth day, they lost communication with the shuttle and Gabriel. Ana couldn’t get the trackers to work properly; some went off, announcing the death of an agent, but then came back to life. Gabriel’s flashed twice and it will forever blink in Jesse’s memory. On the eight day, the trackers all went off and Jack tried his best to get them back online.
On the eleventh day, some trackers beeped back to life, Gabe’s remained blank. They still couldn’t communicate with anyone and Jack didn’t trust the trackers to be working properly on their location. He’s sure he also said it because Morrison, like Jesse, wouldn’t believe Gabriel was dead until they saw him exhale his last breath.

Jesse was blowing through cigars everyday like exhaling smoke into the air was his way to call death. A bad habit that had ceased since he started to intoxicate himself with Gabriel’s scent. He smokes to keep himself busy, to keep his mouth shut and his hand at ease. Yet they still shake when a cigar isn’t between his fingers. Jesse looks down at what remains of his left arm, the reason he couldn’t go on this mission. His prosthetic was still in the works and he needed more time to heal. The incident happened almost three months ago, beside ghost pains, he was fine. He was ready to grab Peacekepper and join Gabriel every time he got on a ship to part for a mission. Many hold him back when they see him twitching after their goodbye. He can take the grips, except for Gabriel, who pushes him back with just one look. Before the door closes, Gabriel smiles at him, promising to come back.

He hated the state he was in. He hated how many missions and tasks he has missed. He missed Gabriel. He missed his lover kissing away his worries and the scars around his bicept until he fell asleep. He missed hearing his voice every morning during training, sparring with him, getting better. It has been years since he joined Blackwatch, he was used to parting with Gabriel to go on missions, but it has never been for this long. And he has never doubted Gabriel would return until now.

His eyes focus on a black dot in the sky, he first thinks it’s a bird. But as it gets closer, he traces the wings of the plane. He hears the tired engine and the mistreatment it went through over the past two weeks. His eyes snap open and his hat falls from his head from the rush of the ship. He turns his body around to follow the ship with his gaze at it lowers to land. When it touches floor and rolls out of his sight, he scrambles to his feet and grabs his hat on the way.

He doesn’t want to look like when he was he was eighteen, desperate and greedy to find out everything that happened on base. He wants to slow his pace down when he sees Angela and other medics rushing to the dock. They should be the ones to see the Blackwatch crew first and tend to them, including Gabe. But his jaw clenches and his thoughts say ‘fuck it’ before he starts running.
Jesse sees Baez first, being taken away in a rush as his right leg is wrapped in vines and two tree branches bracing it straight.

“Baez,” Jesse calls low enough for his teammate to hear.

“It’s just a scratch,” the man jokes as he’s rushed inside.

Jack and Ana are already there, speaking with two agents. As Jesse approaches them, he can hear something about being lost in the woods after their ship disappeared. When they found it, they took flight, just to realize it had been a trap and almost crashed into the ocean. They speak about ambushes they barely made out alive and their exhausted and mournful eyes say a lot about how unlucky they felt.

“Thanks,” Jack says as he sighs and looks down. “Dismissed.”

The agents walk away and Jesse’s attention goes to the ship again, where four agents are carrying out two dead bodies, covered with blankets to seal their identities. Jesse freezes to the sight as they pass in front of him. No one pays him any attention and he hopes it stays like that as he continues his way to the plane.

“Here.” He’s pushed back with a huff when a bag of weapons is shoved into him. “Take this to the armory.”

“Just a min’, commander—”

“Now, McCree,” Jack says firmly, starring into Jesse’s eyes. “You’re not needed here.”

Jesse bites his tongue and allows Jack to walk away to check the remaining agents. Jesse’s brow twitches as he straps on the bag over his shoulder and contemplates seeing who’s left on the ship. He needs to see Gabriel. Jack knows this and if he wants him out of here, there cannot be good news.

But Jack gave him the chance to find good news. When Jesse walks into the armory he finds his commander. His Gabriel. Polishing his shotguns that have seen better days. His beanie is missing and his clothing shows rips and stains. A wildfire runs through Jesse’s veins as he tries to say a word, but the air is too thin to breathe. He suddenly wishes to be holding a cigar again, to feel the burning he enjoys and stop the shaking of his fingers. The image in front of him is too perfect, it feels like a mirage. But when his heart pounds against his chest, that’s how he knows that’s really Gabriel. A beautiful painting he wants to pin against the wall and keep him trap for days until he bursts into flames.

The bag over his right shoulder crashes to the floor and the clattering sound of the weapons inside make Gabriel turn to him. His eyes widened and his dry lips open.

“Jesse,” he’s voice is soar, drained and almost broken.

Jesse closes the door behind him and locks it. Not for secrecy, but privacy. He rushes to Gabriel and the man catches him in a hug. Usually, Jesse is the one that clings to Gabe like he’s going to fall through a crack on the ground. But now Gabriel’s holding him like Jesse pulled him out of purgatory. One hand cradles the back of his head while the other digs his fingers into Jesse’s back.

“Miss ya, darlin’,” Jesse mumbles as playfully as he can, but he knows pretending these two weeks apart didn’t break him into doubting he won’t see Gabriel again.

“Miss you too, Jesse,” Gabriel sighs over the cowboy’s shoulder, tightening the hold around him.

Jesse trembles as he tries not to fall apart in his lover’s arms. Gabriel feels vulnerable in his own that it doesn’t seem fair to have him carry both of them. He has his Gabriel back, Jesse is fine. He’s ready to crawl into bed with him and watch over while his lover sleeps and regains the glow he lost during their time apart. Gabriel feels so delicate, Jesse doesn’t even dare to move, but Gabriel kisses him. He drinks everything from Jesse’s mouth. There’s ashes and smoke with some aftertaste of alcohol.

“You’ve been smoking too much,” Gabriel murmurs.

Jesse doesn’t respond with words. He only pulls him closer to deepen the kiss. He smoked to cease the coldness inside of him. He inhales burnt tabaco to feel something while Gabe isn’t around. He doesn’t need his cigars when Gabriel is near. He’s the bigger addiction Jesse hasn’t found the strength to quit yet. It burns his skin with fever, his stomach coils with heat and his lungs beg for Gabriel’s breath. He steals Gabriel’s air because he feels he can cleanse him from the poison in his lungs. His commander brought him back to life once when he built Jesse from his own ashes in the Deadlock gorge. Jesse believes he can do the same to Gabriel and use his own pieces to build him back up.


Summary: The past has no name, who would think of naming its past? But an adjective and for Mccree his past was somewhat sad, but not everything was sadness, especially when in his teens finally had people to call friends and even a boyfriend.

Category: Overwatch.

Genre: Drama, Family, fluffy, lemon, Romance and novel, shounen-ai, Slash, AU, Yaoi.

Warnings: Drugs, Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, sex insinuation, improper language, nudity, sex, Masturbation.

Characters: Genji Shimada, Hanzo Shimada, Jesse Mccree, Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Sombra.

Tags: Mchanzo, Werewolf!AU, Omega!Hanzo, Alpha!Mccree, Omega!Genji, Mercy is just quoted.

Cap1|Cap2|Cap3(Soon will come)|Cap4(Soon will come)

Chapter 1 - My howls are the calling.

The past has no name, who would think of naming its past? But an adjective and for Mccree his past was somewhat sad, but not everything was sadness, especially when in his teens finally had people to call friends and even a boyfriend. Mccree laughs, his first and only boyfriend in his life, was what most alphas did, found his mate and usually stayed with him forever, of course some alphas did not follow this pattern, because some had several companions at the same time the Which was not illegal, but did not sound good to the romantic and passionate.

Mccree walked through the gardens of the great castle of the Shimada clan, behind his friend / crush who was probably training the target. He sat away, but enough to watch Hanzo focus on the metal target. Jesse loved to see the omega practice arduously and efficiently the omega hits the last target, saw the sweat dripping on his neck that maliciously the alpha watched sweat run under the omega garb. Jesse shivered when he realized that Hanzo was looking at him with a friendly smile, approaching him and sitting beside him.

- Good shot, darling.

Hanzo laughs - You and your silly nicknames.

Mccree watched Hanzo’s chest rise and fall slowly, once or twice it took for the rhythm to be regular, the omega was looking for air to fill his lungs, he also watched the older boy loosen his hair and tie them in a ponytail, more firm.

“He came later today.” Hanzo asked, wrapping a towel around his neck.

“I had some problems in the middle of the road, but nothing prevents me from seeing my beloved friend.”

Jesse wanted to say boyfriend, but he felt he was so far from being one for the eldest. “I see.”

Jesse noticed that Hanzo was a little flushed, was it because of what he had said? No, he just finished training “Do you want to go somewhere today?”

Hanzo finally looks at Jesse. “No, I have to study.”

“Okay.” Jesse had just seen a few books by the towel, but he wondered.

But sometimes Hanzo needed to study, these days the alpha just kept quiet and at the same time admired the concentrated look of the older boy. Everything was beautiful in Hanzo, even when he loses his patience with the troubles that Mccree along with Genji - Hanzo’s brother - got into, but it was part of being the oldest in the group. That week the newest one with green neon hair was not together with them, had traveled with the girlfriend, then it was Hanzo and Mccree.

Both omega brothers brought some discomfort to the father of both who was alpha, usually who was the leader of a clan is always an alpha, would never be an omega. The only way was to pretend Hanzo was alpha, to fool the other clans. The only ones who knew that Hanzo was omega, except the elders and the father of the Shimada brothers, was Genji and Jesse secretly.

Omegas were rare, usually when young people are sexually abused, because they do not have control of the hormones, so they made pills for omegas, they almost never failed, but sometimes, rarely, the heat came earlier than expected, even taking the pills.

Jesse slipped out of his reverie as he felt Hanzo pull away from his shoulder, his breath heavy, his body trembling, the book being left out of sheer despair. It was when an extremely pleasant scent had entered Jesse’s nostrils, almost like an aphrodisiac. “Shit. ”Jesse thought.

Hanzo looked startled at Jesse, it seemed until the older boy had remembered at that moment that Jesse was an alpha. “Damn it,” he thought again. Jesse wanted to somehow control his primitive side and get out of there before he did something stupid, but as he thought it, his body was already moving, his hands tightened on Hanzo’s shoulders, Hanzo was not stopping anything.

“Damn Hanzo …” He sighed heavily, not realizing that his voice had gone hoarse.

Jesse felt the scent rise and the brunet no longer knew what he was doing, his right hand was on Hanzo’s neck and he was bringing the boy closer to him. Hanzo looked dumbfounded, but for a moment of awareness had come to him.

“Jesse, do not…”

Hanzo’s voice left the younger boy crazed, he would mate with Hanzo right there and the older boy would become his forever. Jesse was already close to Hanzo’s neck, his breath was heavy and fearful and Hanzo was already losing consciousness, it was the first time in heat, the pills had never failed.


Hanzo’s father’s voice was a shock of awareness to both of them, the volume in Jesse’s pants was at its peak, his red, alpha-like eyes that he was ready to mate, but soon those eyes disappear, bringing back the dark browns , But he could not do anything about the volume on his pants.


Hanzo jerked away from Jesse as he heard his father again. Jesse pressed his hands, was trying not to advance his friend again.

“Go ahead, Hanzo!” Jesse pleaded, almost in a roar.

Hanzo had left his books and towel behind while walking slowly, his legs would not let him walk, his low howls denounced his state of excitement “Jesse …”, a maid held Hanzo by the arms and took him out of there the fastest possible and when Hanzo looked back Jesse was no longer there.

“How did this happen?” Hanzo listened to his father’s furious voice upstairs.

The brunette wondered the same thing, there were still four pills left, why did he come before? No one knew, but there was Hanzo locked in his room once more, did not leave at all, the housekeeper that took his food, but the boy was not worried about it at that moment.

He put his right hand on the neck, the side where Jesse would bite him, even though it never happened, Hanzo felt as if the mark was there. It was crazy to feel the mark on him, and he did not feel the marks of his teeth there, was not bloated, there was nothing, so how did he feel something he did not have? It was like the doctors said, the first heat was always the most intense and because the heat of the omega was always blocked, the heat of Hanzo would be more intense than normal, so somehow, in Hanzo’s mind that It explained the feeling of being bitten by Jesse, even though it never happened.

Hanzo sighed, already on his third day in heat and kept thinking about Jesse. The boy liked Jesse beyond friendship, but they always kept to himself, Genji who was not a fool had already noticed and had already given advice to his brother, but Hanzo was hard on himself. The brunet was in the bathroom, fresh from the bath, the first time he had masturbated, he himself smelled the hormones that went insane, but he did not care, the images of Jesse possessing him were the hottest ones happened in your mind.


Hanzo moaned the cowboy’s name, looked at his face flushed in the mirror, and groaned again, his hand around his taut hard phallus as he held himself in the sink of his bathroom. His low moans and groans contained were hard to do, but that feeling of what was marked was still present and increasing with each passing day, it was as if Jesse was there, touching him. At that point his mouth already open and releasing deep but still low moans, he sat down on the floor and his legs opened intently as he pumped quickly. He felt once again the smell of his hormones coming up, it was an unpleasant smell for the omega, but he knew that the same scent made Jesse go crazy and he smiled, even though he knew it was all because of Jesse’s sheer instinct, he saw A way of having Jesse for himself, it was a selfish thought that the omega had never had in his life, always conformed to the way his love life had led, but it seemed that heat was penetrating his mind, making him want Jesse in a way possessed.

Soon the pre-cum appeared, causing him to use his free hand going to her buttocks and placing two digits in your input, arching her back, her hip was moving and his whole body shook, he felt like a thirsty complaint. He thought of Jesse about him, exhaling his alpha scent and doing everything he wanted with him, only with him. And the feeling of possession came again.

He felt himself close, melting once more, and came, shaking from head to foot, sighing heavily, on the bathroom floor until he regained the strength of his leg muscles and rose from the floor, needed another bath , Urgent. He tossed her hair back, wanting her strands of hair to come off her face, still feeling heat and excitement.

“When will this end?” He asked herself.

When the heat was gone, his conscience soon returned to normal. “I went into heat in front of my friend, who is still alpha. "Hanzo did not know what to do, his routine would return to normal, but how could he face Jesse, even more than he had spent his entire heat acclaiming for the alpha? Hanzo was too embarrassed to face Jesse.

But he was so eager to see Mccree, he did not expect to give it half a day to find him, but a part of him kept telling himself that he would not show up.

"Hanzo, was your alpha friend with you?”

Hanzo knew what his father really wanted to know, but if he said Jesse was there, he would probably never see him again, so for the first time he would lie to his father. “No, he was not there.

Hanzo’s father looked at him suspiciously, but released his son from further questioning. The omega left the tense room, knew that if his father knew the truth would be worse, but it was to protect his alpha. Exactly, yours.

As usual, his shooting practice was intense, but too intense for a week without training, it was rusty, but he had managed to complete the training, well, more or less, for as he felt a hand on his shoulder , Automatically turned to the possible threat by placing the arrow at the tip of the enemy’s nose, but soon lowered the guard when he saw that it was Jesse.

“Calm down darling, it’s me.” Jesse laughed tensely.

Hanzo relaxed his shoulders and looked at Mccree, there was something different about him, did he seem taller? No, it had to be something else.

"Sorry, I should not have surprised you that way.” Jesse scratches his head in embarrassment.

Hanzo soon felt the feel of the mating mark that never happened, automatically brought his right hand to her neck “Alright Jesse, let’s sit down?”

“But it’s too early to finish training, are you sure?” Jesse asked.

“I’m a little tired of training.” He sat there where he was, irritated for some reason.

“Baby, let’s go to a shade, you’ll rest better.”

Hanzo felt his neck tingle, then he stood up and let Jesse guide him. They sat beneath a tree and Hanzo, as usual, leaned against the alpha’s shoulder, it was always like this, his heart was racing, but at that moment, beyond that sensation, he felt his neck tingle even more and he still felt watched.

“What is Jesse?” Asked the omega.

Hanzo felt the alpha shudder and then disengaged from him and looked directly at him.

“Nothing …” Jesse scratched another made his neck “I mean, I have several questions to ask.”

“So do it.”

Today they were more communicative “I wanted to know how was heat was.”

Hanzo shuddered. “What exactly do you want to know?”

Because of Jesse’s skin tone it was almost impossible to see him flushed, but he was “Damn Hanzo, I do not know how to ask these things.”

The older boy sighed, but he felt his abdominal region tingle, looked like butterflies “Do you want to know what I did?”

“I mean, too, but not now … shit … I can not ask that without sounding strange.”

“Then be straight.”

Jesse looked at Hanzo. “Has any alpha touched you?”

Hanzo looked surprised at the alpha, his redness was finally visible. “No, not even my father leaned against me, before you ask. “He noticed Jesse more relieved “I need to apologize for something …”

Jesse approached. "About?”

“I came … in heat at your side … it was reckless of me, I’m sorry.”

"No, Hanzo, I need to apologize, I should not have attacked you that way, I should have checked myself …”

They were both silent for a moment, both remembering how they felt at the time “You had no chance to control yourself, after all, it was my first heat.”

Jesse looked at Hanzo in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“My father always did his best to block my heat, but for some reason the pill did not hold my heat this time.” Hanzo blushed and felt that Jesse was seeing him like that.

“Honey, I had no idea…” Jesse made to run one’s fingers through one’s hair in Hanzo - My parents always told me that the first heat is always the most intense, it is the heat where the omega should be locked until the heat is gone, as well as the second And maybe the third.

"Maybe I will not have a second or third.”

“That hurts your health, baby, it’s a sign that it’s still fertile, and if he manifested himself using the pills, his body is begging for it to happen.”

Hanzo leaned against Jesse. “How do you know these things?”

Jesse laughs. “Well, my father is an omega, well, one of them.”

They spent a few minutes talking about heat. Of course alfas has heat, but it is different from the omegas, they go into heat when they see an omega in heat. And Jesse had gotten warm that day, but it was for a little while, after all, their haste to get out of there, and besides, Jesse did not want it to happen like that, he wanted something more romantic, even though Hanzo did not see It that way.

“Jesse, I need to tell you something…” He noticed the alpha listening to him closely, Hanzo sighed “I… I do not know, I think you bit me.”

Jesse looked at him in horror. "But I’m sure it will not bite you, I swear.”

“I know, I checked the mirror several times, there was nothing, it was not even swelling, but the feeling was so real that…” Hanzo rebuked himself, he had to stop there.

“What…?” Jesse did not know what to do, a part of him was happy, maybe he had bitten Hanzo, but he knew that if he bit Hanzo, the same would be his omega and that would destroy his life, so he was desperate.

“Damn Jesse, I’ve spent my whole heat thinking of you!” Hanzo hid his face in the alpha’s chest “My whole heat desperate for you, wanted you close to me, being my alpha, just mine.”

Hanzo was so flushed, he did not dare speak those words by looking at the alpha. He did not know how Jesse would react, because the younger one was not stupid, if Hanzo thought about him the whole heat, did those things thinking of him. He felt Jesse pull his face up and the older boy noticed Jesse’s red face.

"I also … I’ve spent these last few days thinking about you, not just those days, but from the first moment I saw you.” He stroked the older boy’s face that was now in his lap. “Damn Hanzo, I thought I even came here. To see how you was, but I knew that as soon as I saw him I would come forward with you, do things with you, I was desperate to see you, make you mine, just mine.

“So do it.” It was automatic, Hanzo did not think of his words.


"Make me your Jesse,” Hanzo pressed his forehead to Mccree’s. “I never feel so much in need of someone, I’m not talking about heat, but a little while ago, I wanted to be close to you, even though I could not find a subject for it .

Jesse put his hands on Hanzo’s waist and found his lips on Hanzo’s, the kiss came sweet and quiet, Hanzo pulled Jesse closer and the alpha touched every part of Hanzo’s body, uncovering the body hitherto unknown in touch, already That Jesse has been attentive to Hanzo’s movements since the first day he saw him. The kiss closed with a howl of Jesse, his eyes were red again, as on that day he was in heat, ready to become his alpha, just needed a bite and everything they both wanted would be one hundred percent acquired.

Jesse lowered his kisses to Hanzo’s neck and stopped there, licked and bruised that region, while Hanzo trembled with excitement, it was not like heat, but it was still good, his alpha was there, taming him and making him his. Jesse finally bit the spot, Hanzo howled loudly, it hurt a lot, it seemed that Jesse was penetrating into Hanzo’s soul. The omega pressed closer to the alpha, seeking more contact, then came the ecstasy, the famous ecstasy of the bite of possession, the omega or beta felt that sensation when being tamed by an alpha.

Jesse, as he finished scoring the omega, saw him soft in his arms, he was ecstatic, panting, shaking, and handsome.

"You’re so handsome, Hanzo.” He kissed the face of the omega “The most beautiful omega in the world, and it’s just mine. Just mine.” He hugged the older boy heavily into his lap.

Hanzo never thought the ecstasy was so intense, he felt trembling still, the bite tingled, but he felt he was already able to speak “How long does this last?”

Jesse smelled the back of Hanzo’s neck “The ecstasy? It depends on each omega, some spend hours like this, but it never lasts a whole day.”

Hanzo moans down “Jesse …”

“Dear, ‘mi amor’, will be mine forever?” Jesse asked.

Hanzo knew it was a request for courtship, but it was a very different way to do “Yes, always, do not you dare leave me, otherwise I’ll kill you.”

Jesse laughs “I would never do it love, we’re connected to be eternal.”

Mccree pulls Hanzo up for an unhurried kiss.

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Gareth better watch out! Still loving it, can’t wait for the next part!! Soon-ish? Please? ❤️

I mean, how soon would you define soon-ish? Part 14 will probably hit the Tumblr world in a week-ish (Maybe next Monday…?) So if that’s soon for you, then yes, soon-ish ;) I’m so glad you’re still loving it! You’ve been with me since I first started posting, so it fills my heart with great joy that you’ve stuck around all this time. Love you, babe!

Fall Days

Originally posted by katelynwinchester67

Request: I was wondering if you could do a teen! Dean x teen! reader where Dean takes her out for the fall semester and they go apple picking, pumpkin carving or go to a haunted house like a double date with Sam and jess. Then later on they have shy smut but it’s passionate at the reader’s house having her parents not being home?

Pairing: teen!Dean x teen!reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: A cute little fall one shot for ya…

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