“I don’t know how much movies should entertain. To me, I’m always interested in movies that scar. The thing I love about Jaws is the fact that I’ve never gone swimming in the ocean again.”

Happy Birthday, David Fincher.


It’s so liberating to be able to show the world how confident a woman can be once she learns how to love herself. It took soul searching and a bit of time before I learned to embrace my body therefore I could not have been more excited to do this shoot. I think what’s more important is showing women there’s NOTHING WRONG with embracing their bodies.”

I went to my cousin’s soccer game, hence single parent!cas and uncle!dean.


Dean’s eyes widen as he looks to the woman on his right, her face red from yelling. She’s been muttering about buying Soccer for Dummies and coaching the team herself for about twenty minutes, and smiles, razor sharp, when she realizes Dean is watching. Huffing a nervous, terrified grin back, the eldest Winchester looks to his sister-in-law. “These people are crazy,” he says to Jess under his breath. “The kids are friggin’ seven years old.”

Jess grins and shrugs, re-settling on their blanket. Reaching over, she rifles through her purse before pulling out a package of Twizzlers.  Dean takes one. “Geena gets really into it,” she murmurs back. “Her kid Marika hangs out with Daisy at school.”

Dean nods, eyes turning to the field and the two girls giggling near the nets. “They don’t look like they’re too concerned with winning,” he replies.

Jess’s smile turns fond. “Yeah, they’re just in it for the fun.”

Sam had been like that, too, Dean remembers, for that one summer they’d been able to afford soccer. It’d also been the year Dean had ended up in the hospital for malnutrition; because paying food for two people was way more expensive than food for one bite-sized one.

On the field, Daisy’s brown curls bounce as she runs towards the bench, plopping down next to another girl. The other child is so small her feet barely touch the floor, and she has a long braid that goes to her waist. Daisy nudges her and grins, and the other girl gives a hesitant smile back.

“Who’s that?”

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