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For some reason, I thought love conquered all.
That when you fell in love destiny would fall into place - that it was guaranteed your path would cross with this soul you fell for,
time would pass but it was okay because he was going to show up,
he would see someone else for a while,
you would do your own thing and then one day you end up in the same place at the exact moment.
But I quickly realized that love is not a script in a movie and I had to endure all the feelings of what it was like to fall in love with someone whose future just couldn’t include me.

jannock-jess asked:

(( Out of all of the AU characters Error could have kidnapped, I feel like Blueberry was a very deliberate choice on Error's and/or your part. He wanted a companion, in part to fill the void that Paps left when -whatever- happened to him. But he's not willing to hurt any version of Paps directly. Blueberry acts like a Paps, but he looks like a Sans enough that Error can project his own self-loathing onto him to block out the guilt of holding him hostage. That's my theory anyway. ))

((And its a very, very good theory. :D I love it, in fact. ))


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