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I decided to redraw some scenes from BABTQFTIM with the cast as set up in this post! I hope you guys like it, sorry they’re a bit messy and inconsistent, I drew these late at night.

BABTQFTIM: @thebbros

Ania: @ania-da-peasant

Hailey: @ihaileysenpai

Jess: @cheerfulblossom

Nice: @theniceprincess-tnp

Cup = Ania

Mug = TheNicePrincess

Bendy = Hailey

Boris = Jess


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D

Ok so I’ve had these ideas in my head for a while now, I’m not very good at writing (specially in english) but I wanted to share it anyway.

Red riding hood AU, sort of. Hanzo as the Red Riding Hood and McCree as the Big Bad Wolf (also known as werewolf!McCree and hunter!Hanzo lmao). 

A few things about the AU under the cut.

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Three different things to be exact. Got some more charms for people who would be interested!

I forgot to write it in the first image but ALL THREE ARE 2 INCHES BIG. The mchanzo bottle is 12$ and the other two are 15$. If you buy 2 of any of the 15$ ones you can get them at a discount price of 26$. Some parts of the design will be semi-seethough for cool effect!

ALL THREE CHARMS will get separate BONUS pre-order stickers! so if you buy all three you will get 3 DIFFERENT bonus items!! The Bonus will be 3 stickers each and the designs will be released at a different time!

Pre-Order will go until early to mid May! And will probably ship out by the end of May! 

Bottle charm here! —

R76 and Mchanzo charm #2 here! —

weeeell~ I’ve been seeing a few pictures of McCree as a werewolf. Then this reminds me of the character Kindred from League of Legends.

Wolf’s voice is played by Matthew Mercer, and also gives voice to McCree. 

McCree Werewolf’s voice LOL :Y : 



“…Jessie,” Hanzo’s voice was steady and patient but clearly concerned, “What are those?”

“Babies, duh,” The wolf answered unhelpfully, eyes full of affection for the two mewling kits.

Hanzo sighed out heavily, patience running thin. “I can see that. Why are they here in our den?” He’d come inside at Jessie’s insistent prodding to find their warm bedding thrown to the side and hastily put down where the twins now resided.

Jessie put his ears down, guilt on his face. “Well, you know the other day? How you were complainin’ there weren’t no little ones ‘round?”

“No,” he lied, slowly realizing what exactly Jessie was getting at.

“Well, you did and you’ve seemed so down lately, you know with your brother stuff an'all so… I talked to a few folks and uh… well… long story short these are a mix between a snow leopard an a wolf.” He bared his teeth in a small grimace.

Hanzo decided he didn’t want to know how that came about. Instead he fixated his eyes on the more slow leopardish one that had bumped into his paw. He pushed it gently back against the other one. “We can’t keep them, Jessie. We have work to do. You should take them back before,” he paused as he was bumped again.

“Sakura likes ya!” Jessie wagged his tail and bent down to lick her head lightly.

Hanzo folded his ears back, “What did you name her?”

“Sakura, like those trees ya like so much.” He puffed up his fur, pleased with himself. It was so damned endearing.

Hanzo was resolutely not blushing. He sighed again, this time with a touch of defeat. He wasn’t ever going to be able to turn them away. “And the boy?” He asked allowing them both to curl against his warm fur.

Jessie’s eyes sparkled a touch with mischief. “Dunno yet. You pick that one.”

The snow leopard studied the twins, which clearly took after the leopard side. Hm… “How about Damon?”

The wolf sank down beside him and licked between his ears. “Perfect, love. Jus perfect.”

Yoko Kanno

Been a long road to follow
Been there and gone tomorrow
Without saying goodbye to yesterday 

Are the memories I hold still valid?
Or have the tears deluded them? 

Maybe this time tomorrow
The rain will cease to follow
And the mist will fade into one more today 

Something somewhere out there keeps calling 

Am I going home?
Will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon? 

Zero gravity what’s it like?
Am I alone? 

Is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet
Still the road keeps on telling me to go on
Something is pulling me
I feel the gravity of it all