jesse varon

Jesse Carlton | FC: Evan Peters | Vampire | 198 | Bisexual | OPEN

Bio: Jesse was just a normal guy living out a normal life. He was mild-mannered and polite, a contrast to his sister Ellie, who was fiesty and rebellious. The siblings were close, so he was always covering for her when she’d come home late or sometimes not at all. He was starting to get tired of it, telling himself he would tell her he no longer wanted to play her games. But then one night when, he was 18, she didn’t come home.

He didn’t know what to do or what to tell his parents, so he just didn’t say anything. Then one night she came knocking on his window. He invited her in, not knowing what she was. When she told him he was shocked and horrified. But that wasn’t all. She wanted him to come with her. To be eternally together as vampire siblings, to travel the world and have adventures. He didn’t want to. He liked his life, his friends, his family. But Ellie grew upset and angry and tackled him, holding him down while she forced him to drink her blood from her wrist while he struggled. She snapped his neck then. When he came-to she had their maid unconscious in her arms. She made him drink from the woman, and then they fled.

Personality: Jesse is resentful toward Ellie for what she did to him. He doesn’t hate her, but they don’t get along like they used to. He became moody and withdrawn, lashing out at her and others. He hates his vampire state and has frequently tried to kill himself, but has always been stopped by Ellie. He’s given up on that for now, but he does whatever he can to torture himself and Ellie, thinking she needs to pay for what she’s done and hating himself for going along with her for so long.

 Jesse used to be kind and helpful and polite: a good boy. And some of that still shows through. But when it comes to vampires he is hateful and rude. He’s angsty and guilt-ridden, but he does his best to hide it when he’s around others. He doesn’t take crap from anybody and pretty much just does his own thing as he’s done being played like a puppet like Ellie did to him for so long.

*brother to Ellie Carlton and was turned by her

**has a thing for Violet Jackson but hasn’t worked up the courage to actually talk to her yet