jesse vandenbergh


Tumblr Gethtards, it’s giveaway time. 

In episode 68, The Beef Off , runner-up Jesse VandenBergh wore the above briefs to show off his beefiness. They have been in my house ever since. I do not want them any longer. 

Still, they are an important piece of TCGS history, and I would prefer to see them go to a good home rather than my garbage can. They’re in good condition, say “No One’s Sidekick” on the back, “Jerky” vertically down the crotch, and still smell strongly of lotion. 

If you for some reason want this pair of tightie-whities, reblog this post and give me a reason to send them to you. I don’t care what it is. Write about your creepy obsession with Jesse. Draw a picture. Sing a song. Threaten me with violence. 

I’ll choose the first person who inspires me enough. 

Please help me get these out of my home.