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Oh hey, I only have 1-2 parts of my next WIP chapter to write and then it can be edited!  Slow and steady wins the race, I guess? :P

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Tradition, Chapter Six

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Waking up felt like free-climbing out of a canyon. Part of Emma was fighting to climb up toward wakefulness, but every other cell in her body was eager to tumble back down toward sleep, to be free from the effort it took to fight against gravity. Positive that it was too damn early to be awake in the first place, she gave in and shifted deeper beneath the blankets, letting the quiet settle back around her.

Except she couldn’t. There was a distant drumming keeping her awake, now that she was just conscious enough to hear it, and the rattle of the furnace was too loud to ignore from downstairs. Falling asleep to the crackle of logs on the fire, Emma decided, was far preferable.

Remembering that she was downstairs led to remembering how she’d fallen asleep, and more pertinently who she’d fallen asleep next to. That distant drumming in her ear was Killian’s heartbeat beneath her cheek, and the furnace rumbling was a plow scraping its way up and down the street outside the front yard. Little disembodied details started to come to her after that — the way one corner of the blanket had bunched up and left her ankle exposed to the air, the tangles of hair tickling the back of her neck, the hard curve of metal that had to be Killian’s watch pressing into the inside of her wrist. Experimentally, she tensed the muscles in her fingers, and found them caging his in, her tattoo laying right onto the face of his watch.

Liam’s watch, she corrected herself. She coaxed her eyes open, trying to reconcile dreams from memories, and little by little their fireside chat came back to mind, too.

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anonymous asked:

Jess is always crashing on her friends' couches. Not because she has to, mind you, she just likes spending the night with her friends. Not that they ever expect her. No warning, no waiting for an invitation, no nothing. She just lets herself in and makes herself at home for the night. Nobody knows how she manages to sneak into their homes in the first place.

she takes selfies w/their sleeping forms and sends it to them in the morning if she leaves before they wake up w/random messages like “u ran out of milk so i told ur mom when she got up so thats why were both gone” or “i stayed up petting ur dog” and it is v strange and endearing except emily sets up traps now just bc she can and jess has to find ways to get into her house w/o getting caught in the trap or by em 

what i say: i would like to see more diversity in the cast of video game protagonists. i would like games with the potential to cater to females and other ethnicities and sexualities who also make up the population of avid game fans. i would like to see myself in games, rather than what the gaming industry already has too much of, which is the straight white male with a little stubble



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