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Brittany: Mr. Schue, is he your son?
—  Brittany Pierce to William Schuester about Jesse St. James - 01x15 The Power of Madonna
The Moment They Waited For

klaineallons-y prompted: Could you write about Kurt and Blaine holding their child for the first time? By the way I love your writing so much!!

From the first moment that they had even discussed having children, Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for the moment that their child was placed into their arms.  And that moment had finally arrived.

1010 words. Rated: G

A/N: It’s great to be back writing, especially with such a sweet prompt.  :)

Kurt and Blaine had been waiting for this moment for months, if not years.  Since the day Rachel had marched into their apartment and announced that she would proudly be their surrogate, they had longed for the moment that the nurse or doctor laid their sweet little baby in their arms.

They had been awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from Jesse saying that Rachel had gone into labor and to meet them at the hospital.  They panicked, got dressed, and panicked some more before they finally made their way to the street and into a cab.  They car ride seemed as though it would never end and the infamous New York traffic seemed to always get in their way between them and their soon-to-be-born child.

Once they had arrived at the hospital, it was an agonizing wait that lasted for hours.  The nervous excitement had Kurt and Blaine bouncing with anticipation of their huge life change that would occur at any moment.  

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Musings on St. Berry and why Jesse has always been the better choice

I’m so ridiculously happy that St. Berry ended up together. As a Rachel Berry fan first and foremost I really couldn’t have been more satisfied with the ending.

First of all, we all know that if Cory hadn’t died, Finchel would have been endgame. This is a fact I’m not going to deny, but I’m also not going to discuss. I want to take a look at the characters in the sole terms of the story and as it is, Finn died and Finchel’s love story was tragically cut short. We don’t know how it would have ended, whether they would have managed to built a life together, but in my opinion Jesse is and always has been the better choice for Rachel. I apologize in advance if this is going to turn out quite long, but I have a lot to say on the matter. ;)

Let me start with Finchel:

Rachel loved Finn, I think we can all agree on that, but they broke up for a reason; they had different dreams, different expectations of what they wanted from life. Obviously people have differing opinions on what works in a relationship, whether partners should have a lot in common or whether opposites attract – with me what I prefer depends on the individuals involved – but in my opinion there are some fundamental things that you have to agree on and one of those is the way you want to live.

Rachel is a big city girl, she loves the people, the variety, the opportunities. She’s an overachiever who’s never happy with doing anything half way and she needs to live in a place where her potential can be fully realized. Lima is not that place.

As Rachel says to Mr. Schue in “The Quarterback”, she always imagined she would become a star and than “return home” to Finn, return to Lima. It’s a romantic notion, stemming from her inability to let go of Finn, to think that she would be happy there, that loving Finn would be enough after she finally found the fame she always craved. It might be romantic, but it’s not realistic.

Rachel’s passion is performing, she lives and breathes it with every fibre of her being and that wasn’t going to stop just because she found confirmation that she could become a star. Landing a big role, getting your time in the spotlight is not the end, it’s the beginning, the beginning of the life she always wanted.

Moving back to Lima is a compromise I frankly didn’t want Rachel to have to make. She would have given up everything to be with Finn, because, as Ryan Murphy said, she was feeling “fulfilled, but yet not fulfilled” with her career, which I understand because a career-driven life without love can be lonely. However, one shouldn’t have to trade one for the other, because often love is not enough either.

Maybe Rachel would have been happy for a few years, but I think that for someone as ambitious and driven as her, the quiet life would have never satisfied her in the long run, it would have slowly but surely stifled her and that is something Finn would have never been able to understand. Yes, he was sympathetic, even helpful towards Rachel and her dreams, but on a fundamental level, he never understood her drive, what exactly it is that makes her tick. A passion like Rachel’s cannot be buried and one way or the other her ambition would have caused conflict down the line, the same way it already had in the past.

So yes, living without love will not make you happy, but compromising yourself to the point that you give up what essentially defines you doesn’t either.

This is where Jesse comes into play, because why compromise when you can literally have it all?

Jesse is the only other guy besides Finn that Rachel ever really loved and contrary to Finn, he wants all the same things she does. Lea has said it herself: “They are cut from the same cloth” and in this case, with the way these two function, that is definitely a good thing. They just understand each other and now that they are older and have matured, mellowed down enough in their ambitions to make room for other people, they fit together in a way Rachel and Finn never could.

“Rachel met her match with Jesse” (Lea Michele). Rachel looks up to Jesse, she admires his talent and his spirit, the way he never gives up - the same as her - and I think someone as talented and self-involved as Rachel needs that in order for the guy to be her equal. She needs someone to challenge her, to keep her on her toes and Jesse does that for her. They are the perfect blend of friendly competition and support for each other, the pride in their own abilities only surpassed by the pride they have in each other. They’re both overachievers with a flair for drama that ensures that they’ll never get bored with each other. Sadly I can’t say the same for Finchel.  

At the end of the day St. Berry will never stand in the way of each other’s dreams, not only because they both know how important it is to follow them, but because their dreams are the same. They will travel that path together and nothing is going to stop them.      

I’ll end this post with a quote from Mr. Schue which I think describes them perfectly:

“There are some things about you that you think you’d like to change. But you should know that there is some boy out there who’s gonna like you for everything you are, including those parts of you that even you don’t like. Those are gonna be the things he likes the most.”

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