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why do i always fall in love with angsty, troubled, brooding characters with tired eyes and a heavy heart and who rarely smile but when they do, it’s like a thousand slaps to the face

The Flash Preference #2

How he tries to impress you…




Dr. Wells


Ronnie (wow… just wow)



How she tries to impress you…




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Right, so as you know Pitch Perfect 3 is in the pipeline and i just pray to god that they give us bechloe because its like giving a child candy, then taking it away just like that and expect them to be okay with that?!

I mean Beca and Chloe need to happen you can just tell Chloe’s fallen head over heels for beca and she sure as hell isn’t getting up anytime soon, you can just can just see in her eyes that she loves her so much she would literally do anything for her.

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Then on the other hand there’s beca its more of a slow burner with beca but she’s finally realized that the one she’s been in love with ever since they first met has been staring at her in the face all this she was just blinded by Jesse.

When Beca and Chloe are together the love that they have for eachother just radiates from them, apart of me wants Skylar to be in Pitch Perfect 3 to see Jesse’s face when beca finally dumps him because in my opinion he’s an idiot?! [Jesse] i mean doesn’t he realize that she’s more affectionate to her bestfriend then she is to her own boyfriend and it feels like the writers have just forced this relationship between the two of them?! they are so mis-matched as a couple.

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I just don’t understand it they have nothing in common then there’s chloe literally pouring her heart out to beca in the second one with things like; ‘’ I regret no experimenting in college’’ offering to give beca a back rub and i quote; ‘’ You seem tense do you need a back rub?’’ then chloe shaking her arse  and chloe looking back to see where beca’s eyes travel she’s looking at her arse and nods her head the chloe notices then bites her lip.

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Brittany and Anna have so much more chemistry then Skylar and Anna though?! it would of made much more sense to give bechloe fans what they want because you can literally feel the chemistry flowing between the both of them its the chemistry between  Brittany and Anna that’s made chloe and Beca so close that they are literally gay for one another.]

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Also in the first one the Aca-Initiation night Chloe gives beca some bi-curious vibes by leaning in like she’s going to kiss beca and saying ‘’ i think that we are gonna be really fast friends,’’ with beca replying ‘’ well you saw me naked so..’’ with a wink, you wouldn’t say that stuff to someone who’s ‘’just a friend.’’ 

I think from that moment they both knew that they were madly/falling in love with each other but things [Jeese] just keeps getting in the way cock blocking them.  

Chloe getting all nervous when beca walks into the room like in pitch perfect when beca came back to her dorm from the police station the Bella’s all waited up for her, as soon as beca walked in the room chloe adjusted herself and nervous started touching her hair with a nervous ‘’Hii.’’ 

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  • Savitar: One shall Betray you...
  • Caitlyn: Cisco, I trusted you! I trusted you not to eat all the ice cream, and you broke that trust!
  • Cisco: Guilty
  • Savitar: ...
  • Savitar: Okay then, One shall Fall...
  • Iris: *Trips while coming down the stairs one day*
  • Iris: I'm okay fam
  • Savitar: Dammit!
  • Savitar: nonono I still have one more! *intense voice* One will suffer a fate worse than death...
  • Cisco: F*ck you Barry, for spoiling Rogue One for me. I'd rather be dead right now -_-
  • Barry: Savitar you overdramatic piece of...
  • Savitar: ...Crap