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Hey, Jesse Watters. You’re in the news again, but not for being bafflingly racist against Asian people this time. Instead, you scolded a crowd for booing Ivanka Trump, chiding them for being disrespectful. And in that same moist, smug breath, you let plop out: “But, uh, I really like the way she was speaking into that microphone.” To prevent any misinterpretation of this as an innocently unintentional innuendo, you smirked so greasily that your lips slid off your face.

Then, perhaps feeling the vague sense that “maybe I shouldn’t have made a coy BJ joke on the heels of Bill O'Reilly being fired for sexual harassment,” you jittered your oily fingers against a keyboard and beat out the masterpiece seen above.

Now listen, blowjob mic guy. Can I call you Blowjob Mike? Cool. Listen, Blowjob Mike. You know this is bullshit, we know this is bullshit, you know we know this is bullshit. This as much an apology as a dollop of warm mayonnaise between two pieces of limp lettuce is a sandwich.

How Do You Make A Public Apology? Not Like This

Xander’s Real Beef with Vampires in BtVS

I’ve popped into a few discussions about the Buffyverse involving Xander, and I found myself touching on the same point every time (at least in my head if not in the post itself). Something very consistent about Xander throughout the entire television run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I haven’t kept up with the comics) is that he really, really hates vampires. Whenever it’s suggested any member of the group work with a vampire he’s utterly against it, and whenever a vampire is brought into the inner circle (i.e. Angel, Spike) he’s downright hostile. While other characters are seen warming up to their vampire allies over time, even putting mistrust and grudges behind them (particularly in Giles’s case with Angel), Xander never waivers. The most he’ll do is grudgingly agree not to kill a vampire he’s left alone with. This is something that always confused me and struck me as a surprising lack of character growth in somebody who grows in other ways throughout the series. We see Xander become a hard worker with a remarkable amount of professionalism and work ethic, considering his lack of motivation in earlier seasons. His ability to boil anything down to its simplest form in a witty remark becomes keen insight delivered in simple, straightforward conversations. He has a long standing relationship with a former vengeance demon. So why in the world is this guy never able to trust or work with a vampire without being forced to?

I had to think really hard about this one because, on close examination, it’s very obviously deliberately done. This isn’t an oversight on the part of the writers or a strange acting choice on the part of Nicholas Brendon. I’ve come to the conclusion that, for Xander, his beef with vampires is personal and it stems from his very first encounter with vampires in “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and “The Harvest.” His friend Jesse was snatched by a group of vampires and then turned into one himself. And Xander was told over and over again that Jesse was no longer his friend and couldn’t be saved. He tried to reason with Jesse and hesitated to kill him, though he ultimately did with a little help from a hurried passerby who bumped into the right person at just the right moment and caused Xander to stake Jesse. And then for the rest of the show’s run he’s told these other vampires are the exception. “Oh, but we don’t have to kill Angel because he has a soul, so he’s a good vampire.” Even when Angel loses his soul and becomes Angelus, it’s very clear to Xander that this guy has to die. Angelus threatens and torments everyone Buffy loves, and he kills Jenny Calendar. Even then, Buffy refuses to kill him until it’s absolutely the last resort. The same thing happens when Buffy brings Spike into the fold, even before he has the chip implant that prevents him from harming humans. Buffy’s argument is that Spike is an ally, an enemy of their enemy, and later that he’s different because he has the chip, and then a soul.

Something truly heavy I’m surprised they didn’t explore further in the show is that Xander killed one of his best friends. And the justification for that at the time was very simple: he was a vampire, no longer able to be reasoned with, a danger to others, and so he had to be killed. But, then he learns that this isn’t always the case. That vampires sometimes can be trusted, even redeemed, reasoned with, forgiven. They can have lives, they can form bonds with people, they can have friends and relationships. This is something Xander simply can’t accept, because if that’s true, then where’s the justification for Jesse’s death? I think Xander holds some deep resentment toward himself for killing Jesse and toward the others for accepting these other far more homicidal vampires into the group, but not Jesse when, as far as we know, his body count was at zero. I think this is a very important aspect of Xander’s relationship toward vampires and toward his friends when it comes to vampires. There’s a constant internal question for him that’s never asked aloud: Why do these documented psychopaths get to live while my friend had to die?

I may write more about this later. That’s all I got for now.


My “The Outsiders” Dreamcast.

The Outsiders movie was made quite a while ago, and in my opinion it’s time for a remake.

The Outsiders is a novel by S.E. Hinton. It follows the life of Ponyboy Curtis, a teenage boy growing up in a bad part of town.

Have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me.

Thank you. C:

The Signs As My Favorite Actors

Aries: Jim Parsons

Taurus: David Boreanaz

Gemini: Chris Pratt

Cancer: Ed Westwick

Leo: Jesse Williams

Virgo: Colin Firth

Libra: Ezra Miller

Scorpio: Eric Dane

Sagittarius: Nicholas Hoult

Capricorn: Eddie Redmayne & Norman Reedus

Aquarius: Evan Peters & Tom Hiddleston

Pisces: Ansel Elgort

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