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Fargo Season 2 Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

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I'm newly a fan of Taylor so I've been watching everything that he's been in and I never noticed he was in Battleships so I decided to watch it again and I just noticed that Jesse Plemons is also in the movie and I literally geeked out lmao I also wished there'd be more Landry and Tim scenes in FNL because they were so hilarious. (This isn't a question, obviously, but I wanted to share :) LOVEEE your blog!)

Thanks for the blog love! 

Taylor and Jesse Plemons have amazing chemistry. They play off one another so well. The episode when Landry tutors Tim is one of my favorites and there are so many deleted Tim/Landry scenes. Honestly, they could have done an entire episode with just those two and it wouldn’t have been enough for me.

They went right from Friday Night Lights to filming Battleship.


Opening credits of Fargo season 2, episode 3 - “The Myth of Sisyphus” 

Set to this. 

I always wonder after the fact what the moment was where I became obsessed with something, but I knew the instant I saw Lou smiling at Molly in that one frame, somehow the music hit that moment and I was just in it. And I spent the rest of the hour wondering about the credit music. I’m just other-level loving this show right now. 

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Just out of curiosity, was it ever publicized who else was in the running for Finn other than John? He IS Finn, so I'm so glad JJ stood his ground, but I never heard who else was auditioning for that role. I loved that Daisy said that after reading with John she hoped he would get it :D

The shortlist was John Boyega, Ray Fisher, Matthew James Thomas, Ed Speleers, and Jesse Plemons.