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“I really just think there’s a guy out there that’ll show up sober and that will listen whenever you talk, and that will actually, you know, respect your opinions, and will actually take care you, and will actually realize you for the smart and beautiful and caring woman that you are, Tyra.”
Which British Star Had His First Cannoli in Boston this Weekend? | People Magazine

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch headed to Boston’s Italian neighborhood, the North End, on Saturday, where he ate his first-ever cannoli. 

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Cumberbatch, along with his Black Mass costars including Joel Edgerton and Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemmons, headed to the popular Modern Pastry for coffee and cannolis after dinner on Saturday evening. For his first foray into the Modern’s specialty, Cumberbatch chose a plain ricotta cannoli. 

Earlier on Saturday, Benedict and friends dined family-style at Carmelina’s on Hanover Street, where they feasted on meatballs, exploding clams, asparagus baked with quail egg and shaved parmesan and black garlic beef. 
“He’s a great guy,” said Carmelina’s owner/chef Damien DiPaola, who has a small role in the film. “He’s a gentleman. He was so happy to be in the North End. He loved the atmosphere."  DiPaola said that the movie stars weren’t stingy with the staff at Carmelina’s, either.  "They were excellent tippers,” said DiPaola. “The staff was very happy." 
Cumberbatch has been keeping a pretty low profile in his off-hours while filming Black Mass, in which he stars as Billy Bulger, the brother of infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger. Last week, he was spotted hanging at the bar at Sonsie Cafe and chatting with the film’s crew between takes outside the Harvard Club.
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