jesse pinkman meme

10 characters from 10 shows

Rules: tell us one favourite character from ten shows & tag ten people. 

@corpsequeeninthenorth and @motherofkittens94 tagged me in this. Thanks a lot! I’ve already done memes likes this at least 5 times, but I will never ever get tired of telling people about the characters I love. So, once more!

(i n  n o  p a r t i c u l a r  o r d e r)

1) Pacey Witter // Dawson’s Creek

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2) Jughead Jones // Riverdale

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3) Jess Mariano // Gilmore Girls

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4) Theon Greyjoy // Game Of Thrones

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5) Jesse Pinkman // Breaking Bad

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6) Kit Walker // American Horror Story

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7) Dylan Massett // Bates Motel

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8) Sid Jenkins // Skins

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9) Athelstan // Vikings

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10) Mickey Milkovich // Shameless

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Breaking Bad Asks: Send a name for the corresponding question!
  • Walt: Success or morality. You can only pick one. Which do you choose?
  • Jesse: How do you cope with difficult times?
  • Skyler: Could you support someone you loved, even if they were doing something bad?
  • Flynn: Have you ever been let down by someone you looked up to?
  • Hank: When you start something, how motivated are you to finish it?
  • Marie: Can you keep a secret?
  • Jane: Are there any bad habits you’re working to break?
  • Badger: What is the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever had?
  • Skinny Pete: Do you have any talents or abilities that no one would expect from you?
  • Saul: If you could reboot your whole identity, who and what would you be?
  • Mike: How long have you been practicing your craft, hobby, or career?
  • Gus: In this world, what would you like your final lasting impression to be?