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Humans and Emphasis/Sarcasm

Imagine if aliens had like, no idea about emphasis.

Human-Steve was talking with one of his alien… Friends (it’s spieces diddnt bond with things in the same way humans do) from another ship. “Our human is sick, she says she’s fine but has a.. Fever as she calls it, is she okay?” the alien asks, Human-steve was only half listening. “What?” he muttered. The alien repeated themselves. “WHAT?!?” Human-steve said, registering what he said. The alien repeated themselves again, clicking there mandibles in annoyance. “No i mean like- urgh how high is her fever”


Human-Jess was pacing around the ship deck, they had made an emergency landing on a planet without any known inhabitants. The mechanic was struggling to repair the engine. “Ay! Jess! You know anything about [insert techy thing here]s i could use some help!”

“Oh yeah! I TOTALLY know about ultra high tech machines. Its not like, ya'know, im the MECHANIC or anything. Like YOU”

“Oh, since when did you aquire the mechanic job? I think i would have been informed if-”

“Zarl that was sarcasm”

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Cinnamon Roll Jesse McCree likes to wake up his boyfriend with soft kisses on his shoulders, his neck, his face. And in a complete 180, Hanzo's guilty pleasure is to wake up Jesse with a slow-paced blowjob.

Jesse McCree for tender lover and Hanzo Shimada for freak of the year please and thank you.

I adore the idea of Jesse being gentle and soothing, waking up and propping himself on one arm to look at Hanzo as he sleeps. Brushing a piece of hair out of his face and kissing his cheeks, his neck, all over him. Whispering softly in his ear when it’s time to wake up.

I am LIVING for the idea of Hanzo being similar in effort but different in method of attack. He’ll prop himself up, looking Jesse over with a smile, and slink beneath the covers to grace his morning wood with a hello. And when Jesse wakes up, he doesn’t even have to look, just keeps his eyes closed and smiles as he enjoys the gift because let’s be real he’s used to waking up like this.

Aca Awkward

Prompt: Beca walks in on Chloe masturbating.

Beca had just gotten home from her internship and made it up the stairs to try to attempt to work on the set list for Worlds.

“Oh my God, Beca!” She heard Chloe scream. Beca ran to Chloe’s room concerned.

She was not expecting the sight she saw once she opened the door. Chloe was laying on the bed her hand down her underwear and eyes squeezed closed. Beca couldn’t move. Her eyes were locked on Chloe and her mouth hung open.

Chloe chest was heaving up and down and her eyes were still closed as she pulled out her hand from her panties. She then opened her eyes and shot up when she saw Beca staring at her.

“How long have you been standing there?!” She exclaimed.

“I, uh, just came in. I heard you call my name so I came in. I am so sorry!” Beca turned and walked out of the red heads room and booked it to hers.

She shut her door and plopped on her bed. Chloe was calling her name out while touching herself. Did that really just happen? Just then she got a text from Jesse asking her to come over. She agreed since she felt really embarrassed that she walked in on Chloe like that.

Once she arrived, Jesse knew there was something up.

“So, are you going to tell me what’s going on or are you just going to keep pacing?” Jesse raised an eyebrow at her.

“Um, I just walked in on Chloe masturbating” Beca mumbled.

“What?!” Jesse blurted out before he started laughing.

“Shut up Jesse! That isn’t even the most embarrassing part!” Beca slapped his arm. “She was calling out my name while doing it” her cheeks flushed.

Jesse grinned from ear to ear looking like a maniac.

“Okay stop looking at me like that you creep-o”

“I knew it” Jesse said.

“Knew what?” Beca asked looking confused.

“I knew she liked you. It’s so obvious!” Jesse smiled at his friend knowing she liked Chloe also. “Come on now you can finally tell her how you feel!”

“Are you crazy, Jesse! For all I know she was fantasizing about another Beca” she bursted out throwing her hands up.

“Beca, are you that stupid. She was obviously thinking about you doing the dirty deed with her.” He grinned again.

“Okay, stop smiling like that. Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have told you,” Beca huffed.

“Beca, I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything and I’m glad you can confide in me. Plus, you really needed to hear this. Get your girl. Please, for the love of God! We are all tired of the sexual tension between the two of you” he said.

Beca’s cheeks flushed yet again. “It’s really that obvious?” She asked weakly.

“Hell yes” Jesse laughed.

“I’ve gotta go. I need to figure out what to even say to her. She’s probably mortified” Beca said before leaving his dorm.

As Beca walked back to the Bella’s house she kept thinking about how to tell Chloe her feelings. She was stuck in thought about the older girls feelings just being only some temporary sexual thing. When Beca walked into the house she heard someone in the kitchen. She went in there to find Stacie. Stacie then looked at her like Jesse did, grinning ear to ear.

“Okay, people need to stop looking at me like that. It’s starting to freak me out.” Beca said as she opened the fridge to get a bottled water.

“I heard you walked in on a certain redhead” she wiggled her eyebrows at the girl.

“Oh my God” Beca blushed yet again that day. “She told you?”

“Yep” Stacie said with a pop at the end.

“Is she freaking out? That’s a stupid question I’m sure she is.” Beca looked down to the floor.

“Well, yeah. She came out of her room to find you and you had left the house. She thinks she freaked you out big time. And it’s kinda looking like you did. Which I don’t know why. You obviously want to be the one to give her the orgasms yourself.” Stacie smirked.

“Oh jeez” Beca covered her face with her hands.

“You should go talk to her” Stacie suggested.

Beca knew she would have to eventually do she made her way to Chloe’s room. This time she knocked on her door.

“Come in!” Chloe called.

Beca opened the door and shut it behind her. Chloe had her stereo on and was laying on her bed. Her face immediately reddened when she saw Beca.

“Um, hey Becs,” she whispered shyly.

“It’s uh cool if I come in right?” Beca asked nervously.

“Of course you can” Chloe smiled.

“So.. um.. I’m really sorry for walking in on you earlier. I didn’t mean to embarrass you or anything”

“Oh gosh. Can we pretend like that never happened please?” Chloe asked covering her face.

“I actually don’t want to. I kind of want to talk to you about it,” Beca said hesitantly.

“I’m so sorry if I freaked you out and if you don’t want to be friends anymore I’ll understand” Chloe sobbed.

“What? No! That’s not what I want at all.”

“Then what do you want to talk about?” Chloe asked.

“Um, well. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now.” Beca fidgeted with her hands as she sat down on the end of Chloe’s bed.

“What is it Becs? You’re freaking me out.”

“I would be lying if I said I never, you know, touched myself thinking about you..” Beca stuttered.

Chloe’s eyes opened wide. “Really?”

“Really. I kind of have a huge crush on you,” Beca admitted staring into Chloe’s eyes waiting for what she might say.

“I have a huge crush on you too.. but I think you found out about that earlier.”

“So.. um. Maybe next time I could actually be the one to make you scream out my name?” Beca asked while smirking.

“That would be aca awesome” Chloe grinned from ear to ear.

“Really? You’re gonna go with aca awesome?” Beca rolled her eyes.

“Beca, just shut up and kiss me” Chloe smiled.

And Beca did just that.

More prompts appreciated :)

Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Eleven


Warnings: Mild expletives, references to abuse and manipulation.

A/N: First of all, I would just like to apologise for the lack of writing I’ve been doing over the past few weeks, I’m lame, I know. I’m back at uni now for my second semester and I go in for an extra day, and then on top of that I have to do reading and assignment prep and stuff, so I get less time to write. ANYWAY, this chapter is big!! Hope you enjoy! :)


Your P.O.V.

Jess paces from one side of the bedroom to the other, clearly with something weighing heavy on her mind. Any other day you would be patient as hell, but today you’re just not feeling it. It’s only been three hours since Calum left, despite you putting yourself out there like that. You guess you should have expected it – you haven’t exactly been the nicest person to him, so it’s a bit pathetic for you to turn around and expect him to drop everything he’s doing for you. Still, it would have been nicer than this intense feeling of rejection.

Anyway, Jess’ pacing is getting on your nerves. You’re on edge, and it’s like she hasn’t even been bothered to notice that you, too, have a lot weighing on your mind.

“WOULD YOU JUST STOP STILL AND TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON?!” You scream at full volume, at the exact same time as she says, “Calum threatened me!”

You’re surprised you even heard her speak over the top of your voice, but when you realise what she’s said you’re thrown into a state of panic and confusion all wrapped in one. “wh-wh-what?” You stutter back to her, as she finally stands still and faces me.

She sighs, before flopping onto your bed. “I’m so sorry. He stopped off at mine before heading to his hotel…and he told me that if I didn’t lie and tell you that he didn’t cheat on me, he’d tell John how I’m a manipulative bitch, a cheat and a liar!”

You furrow my eyebrows out of shock. You know Calum can sometimes be hot-headed and easily-angered, but it goes against everything you’ve known him to be. Despite the fact you were always really harsh towards him, he never once snapped back. He might have got agitated with you or showed he was pissed off, but never once did he threaten you or make you feel scared.

Your eyes begin to water. You don’t know what to do or what to say. You thought Calum was a decent guy – that he had matured since he was sixteen but, you guess you were wrong. You shuffle closer to Jess and take her into a hug, not saying anything to her in the process.

“He didn’t…hurt you, did he?” You ask her.

You feel her shake her head into your shoulder. “No, thank God. I did think that perhaps he was going to but, I don’t know, he just didn’t.”

“Oh Jess, I’m so sorry.” You whisper to her, “If I had known that by telling him how I feel would lead to him laying into you, then I would never have done it in the first place.”

Jess squeezes you tight. “Hey, you don’t have to apologise. It’s not your fault. Just…promise me you’ll stay away from him from now on. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

You gulp, hesitating before answering. “Yeah…yeah…of course…don’t worry, I’m not going to have anything more to do with Calum, I swear.”

Jess stays until early evening. She stayed for dinner and then you had a chat, but I think she left when she realised your mind was elsewhere. Your mind, should she ask, was on Calum – the entire time. You just couldn’t stop thinking about the way he treated you in comparison to the way he treated Jess. It made you so mad and, you know you promised to would stay away from him, but you don’t think you can keep away.

Throwing your shoes on and heading to the door, you have never been more determined to give someone a piece of your mind. You collect the information on Calum’s location on your way out, and your parents don’t so much as question your motives. When you’re in a mood like this, you don’t think anyone in their right mind would.

When you eventually make it to Calum’s hotel room at about half nine, you’ve managed to calm yourself down a bit, given the time you’ve had to think over exactly what it is you want to say to him. You know you were confident before, but now you’re bricking it.

You pick up the courage and knock on the door. He doesn’t open the door straight away, which makes you worry that he might be in the bar or the restaurant grabbing food, but just as you’re about to leave, the door opens.

He stares at you dumbfounded for a moment or two, as if he’s just woken up from a nap. “Hi…erm…I wasn’t expecting you.”

You gulp, “Can I come in? I think we need to talk.”

He sighs heavily, before stepping aside and allowing you access to his hotel room. It’s a bit of a mess with clothes lying across the floor and his phone charger lying on his bed.

“Sorry for the mess.” He speaks, closing the door. “…I was sleeping and, had to find something to throw on.”

“Sorry.” You apologise, “I didn’t think you’d be in bed by now.”

Calum shrugs, “Early start tomorrow.”

You nod, looking to the ground, wanting more than anything to avoid eye contact. Even though you’re supposed to be mad at him, he still sends butterflies shooting through your stomach.

“Is…there something I can help you with?” He questions, clearly wanting you to get to the point.

“Yeah, actually there is.” You admit, “Do you mind telling me why Jess turned up on my door crying her eyes out and telling me you’d threatened her?”
Calum stares back at me in confusion for a moment, until the slightest sign of realisation shows on his face. “I wouldn’t call it a threat.”

You furrow your eyebrows, “Then what would you call it?”

Calum shrugs his shoulders back casually, “I don’t know. A manipulation technique?”

You sigh loudly, letting him know you’re not impressed. “Because that is so much better.”

Calum tuts, “Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have threatened to tell John, but you’ve gotta admit I had every right to be mad.”

You look back at him with narrowed eyes. “What do you mean you had every right to be mad? Jess had nothing to do with you moving out.”

This time, Calum looks even more confused, until he suddenly clenches his jaw. “She didn’t tell you the truth, did she?”

“And what truth would that be?” You spit, folding your arms.

Calum takes a deep breath, before sitting down on the edge of his bed. “You’re not going to like it…probably won’t even listen to it.”

You soften up a little, “I came here, despite promising Jess I’d stay away from you, because I wanted to hear you out. You could at least have the decency of giving me something to hear.”

Calum looks up at you with a hopeful expression. “You came to see me even though you promised Jess you wouldn’t? I don’t understand.”

You gulp, removing your eyes from his, beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable. “I wasn’t bluffing, you know…when I said what I said about why you should stay.”

Calum bites his lip, before simply nodding his head. “About that…”

“I don’t know what Jess told you, but I can almost guarantee that she’s exaggerating it massively…” He begins nervously, “I didn’t threaten Jess to be abusive, or manipulative…I just needed you to know the truth.”

“The truth about what?” You sigh exasperatedly. “You keep going on and on and on about me knowing the truth but you never actually tell me the truth!”

Calum sighs in response, “I didn’t cheat on Jess.”

He glances up at me briefly, “I never did.”

“So, why would Jess tell everyone that you did?” You ask him, confused.

“I don’t know.” He shrugs, “Maybe because she didn’t want you to know that it was actually the other way around?”

Your eyes widen at his implication. You shake your head in disbelief. “No. No. Jess would never. She loved you. You’re the one who cheated Calum.”

Calum looks up at you, as if all his hope is lost. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me” he mumbles, before standing up and turning his back to you.

“I just don’t understand why neither of you have told me sooner.” You explain yourself.

“I wanted to.” He confesses, “I wanted you to know so bad, because I just needed you to believe me…but she made me promise; I think she’s just scared of losing you, and judging by the way you treated me when I came to stay with you, she has every right to feel that way.”

“But why didn’t you just tell me?” You argue, trying to hold back the tears from falling. “I came here despite me promising Jess I’d have nothing more to do with you…you couldn’t do the same for me?”

Calum gulps, “I guess you’re just a better person than me.”

You shake your head slowly. “Are you meaning to tell me that my best friend has been lying to me for the past five years?”

“It never really mattered up until now. As far as any of us knew, I’d only be coming back here for weekend trips every now and again. There was no reason for her to tell you the truth and have no-one left when she could have just lied and kept you close.” He shrugs.

You look at him in disgust. “You’re defending her?”

Calum takes a deep breath. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just done arguing. I’m over it.”

You take a deep breath, the tears beginning to fall. “I was so mean to you…”

Calum looks back at you, concern written all over his face. “No, no, no. I know it’s only because you didn’t know, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not!” You argue, “You’ve been so patient with me, Cal. Even today, when I crossed a line and accused you of finding hurting my feelings entertainment…I know that upset you, and you had every right to yell at me and call me all sorts, but you didn’t. You silently made the decision to move out, and never once did you have a go at me. I’ve been such a bitch to you, and you have the right to hate me for forever.”

A small smirk appears on Calum’s face. “I could never hate you.”

You let out a nervous laugh, and you think he can tell there are a lot more tears to fall.

“I don’t know what to do about Jess.” You confess, “I kinda feel sorry for her…but at the same time, she’s wasted so much of our time.”

“Let’s not worry about that right now.” Calum advises, shaking his head. “It’s getting late, and I think the both of us could do with some sleep. So, how about you stay the night, and we’ll work out where to go next tomorrow?”

An excited smile hits your face, “Sounds good.”

“Yeah?” He questions, to be sure.

You nod, confirming you’re okay with his suggestion. He lets go of your hands and rummages through his suitcase and picks out a T-Shirt. He hands it over to you, and tells you you can sleep in it for the night. He allows you access to the bathroom to get changed, and before you know it, the two of you are lying next to each other in bed. He’s sleeping fully clothed so not to make it weird, but in all honesty, you didn’t mind if he wanted to sleep in just his underwear like he normally would.

You’re lying close to each other, with his arm draped over your body. The sound of his light snores escaping his lips not long after his head hit his pillow soothes you, and you can’t help but laugh at how much things have changed. You never thought, when he started living with you, that you’d end up feeling this way about him.

You also never thought Jess would betray you like this, but you guess there’s a first time for everything. You were tempted to storm straight over to Jess’ and confront her, but being with Calum has calmed you down. Although, you know the confrontation is going to come sometime soon, you just need to work out what you want to say.

You fall asleep picturing the many different scenarios that could play out, but surprisingly, you know it’ll all work out for the best in the end – as long as you have Calum by your side.

                                                                                 CHATER TWELVE >>

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Hey guys, its only Tuesday and this week has been SUPER stressful. I was only reminded today that maybe I should eat something and try to slow down, could I maybe get McCree, Reaper/Gabriel (whichever you prefer writing him as) and Genji reminding their S/O that "hey sometimes its okay to actually slow down and look after yourself for once?" and idk like a hug/comfort from them? I don't like hugs so the fact I need even an imaginary hug prob means I should slow down a bit or something lol thank

((I hope you feel better soon my friend. I forgot to put my mod note oops! - Mod Tez))

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“Sugar you haven’t had anything to eat in awhile.” Jesse stated as you paced around the house, setting down newly brought furniture.

You finally sat down on the floor, making the cowboy grunt as he slowly set himself down beside you, gently brushing some hair away from your face with a hand as he brought you close to his arms, lovingly rubbing circles on your back, “You know it’s fine for you to slow down, yeah?” he assured you as he slowly stood up, picking you up bridal style and going to the living room with you.

He set himself down on the couch with you and stayed like that, rocking lightly back and forth to relax you. Once he felt you practically melt in his arms, he shifted, lying down on the couch with you in his arms, protecting you as you got yourself some sleep.

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Reyes watched you carefully as you rushed around the Talon headquarters, handing in papers, making coffee, giving said coffee and giving more papers.

He was quick to notice how fast your face was going pale, small beads of sweat decorating your forehead as you huffed and puffed, pushing yourself to work. He didn’t want to show any signs of weakness towards allies so he hid it by turning to his wraith form.

Rushing to you he wrapped around your weakening form, pulling you away from all the other recruits who began praying, thinking he was going to kill you but even to your surprise, you were sat with him in your room as he silently pet your head and rubbed your back in an awkward hug.

“Rest more. I don’t want a good ally of mine to die by papers…” he whispered and left the room. Making you question why he didn’t say it simply to your face, but it still made you smile.

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The younger Shimada was following you all day ever since your day started. Mainly because he was worrying over you collapsing. 

You were down with a bad cold but you still forced yourself to work through a giant pile of papers that other agents “couldn’t” fill. Currently you were attempting not to get mucus from your runny nose all over the papers.

In total, you spent all day writing, no matter how dizzy you started becoming. Until you felt yourself collapse onto the pile of written papers, too weak to get up as you felt white dots circle your vision.

Genji was quick to act and picked you up, carrying you over to your bed and tucking you in. He quickly left and when he returned you felt a cold, wet cloth getting pressed against your forehead.

“Please refrain from pushing yourself so far my love. I was worried all day for you.” he whispered as he pressed his cool visor against your cheek, remaining by your side for the rest of the night. 

Cheer up, buttercup!

Authors note: second fic on my page, about time I stopped being lazy right?? Overwatch fic tonight!
Summary: Overwatch McHanzo fic. The stresses and worries of the past and present are getting to Hanzo, Jesse can’t stand seeing him so upset. Comfort and fluff all around!!! Just a reminder; this is a tickle blog, this is a tickle fic. If you no like-y don’t read-y. Enjoy! Sorry for mistakes or just being a crappy writer!!

When McCree walked into the room, he had expected his boyfriend to be there. What he hadn’t expected was that he was there moping by himself, twirling one of his arrows in his hand, staring at the spinning haze of silver and blue thoughtfully. Hanzo’s hair was out of its usual ponytail, the black strands framing his saddened face, sunken into a comfortable looking chair.He always bottled up his emotions, McCree had known that from the beginning of their relationship, but what he learned later on was that if Hanzo didn’t allow the bottle to overflow, it would shatter. This was how he showed the first cracks in the glass. Though there wasn’t really any danger, McCree tried to approach quietly. He slowly leaned against the back of the chair.

“Darlin’, what’s troublin’ ya?” All he got was a grunt. The brunette frowned, gently spinning the chair around to have the archer face him. Hanzo didn’t fight it, looking up briefly before resuming his arrow spinning. Jesse knelt down in front of the chair, trying to catch Hanzo’s gaze. Chocolate brown eyes softened when upset amber ones met them. “Honey, what’s wrong?” The eldest Shimada nearly broke then, tearing up for a moment before looking away. “It’s nothing. I am alright, Jesse.” “Bull.” The raven head looked at Jesse, the remark startling him with how sudden it was. “I’ve only seen you like this a couple times before, n’ I know that there has t'be something wrong for this to happen.” He suddenly pulled Hanzo foreword, wrapping his arms around him. The archer didn’t fight this either, he leaned into the warm touch, tightly placing his arms around the cowboys shoulders and burying his face in his neck. “Now tell me, what’s goin’ on?” Hanzo began to weep, his voice wavering when he responded. “All the fighting, I’ve watched people die before me. I have killed, I tried to kill my own….” he hiccuped, McCree rubbed his back in attempt to soothe him. “All because he would not live up to the legacy that our family had set.” He sniffled, allowing himself to let go, melting into the arms of the American.

McCree guided his boyfriend to sit on the floor with him, allowing him to cry to his hearts content, offering a soft “it’s okay, you’re okay.” Between the loud sobs. The long haired man composed himself after a couple minuets, still sniffling as Jesse rubbed circles into his back. He pulled back slowly, finding it hard to look McCree in the eyes. “Forgive me, I was not in control of myself.” The brunette smiled softly, moving a hand to the side of Hanzo’s face to turn his head toward him. “It’s okay, darlin’. We all need t’ let it all go at some point.” Hanzo nodded, though he still wore an unhappy look. “What I have done is inexcusable.” The archer brought his hands to his lap and stared down at them, was there ever a difference between them being a tool or a weapon? “Especially to Genji. I know that he claims to have forgiven me, but….” he looked off to the side. “Does he?” Jesse took Hanzo’s hands in his.

“Now hold on, I know your brother.” His voice was calm and reassuring, the southern drawl acting as support to his cause. “I don’t know what he was like in the past but I know him now, and he would never tell you something that he didn’t mean. Especially something this heavy.” The raven head smiled slightly then going stoic again. Looks like he’s back. However, that’s not exactly good enough for Jesse.

“Hey now, where’d that smile go?” Hanzo’s face showed confusion for a moment. “What smile? I did not smile, I never smile.” The shorter of the two stood, trying to find something to change the subject. McCree stood as well, a mischievous smirk on his lips. “C'mon, where are you hiding it?” A couple quick jabs at his sides and ribs made the Shimada jump. “Oop! Saw it for a second there. Let me see it again!” The dragon wielder darted to the other side of the room, turning around to find his boyfriend ready to pounce. His heart jumped to his throat when he saw wiggling fingers pointed his direction. “Don’t make me chase you, darlin’. I just wanna see you smile!” McCree stepped forward, Hanzo took a step back. Jesse chuckled. “Im…… gonna……” he held the last syllable for as long as his breath would let him. “….getcha!!!”

With that, they were off. A high speed chase between the cowboy and the archer. Speeding down hallways, sliding around corners, crashing into walls, and scaring the fuck out of other overwatch agents as they darted past. Hanzo’s hair was flying behind him as he ran, having forgot to put it back up, and despite his terror he was grinning ear to ear. He tried everything to stop Jesse from catching up; knocking papers and books off of tables and onto the floor, taking sharp turns, pushing Lucio into McCree’s path, hiding behind Reinhardt, but the chase went on. Jesse could have caught up with Hanzo any time he wanted, he has much longer legs and can run definitely faster, but he could tell that they were both having fun.

Eventually, they ran into a recreational room. There were a few couches and games and a holo-tv, but nothing Hanzo could use to hide or fight. He ran around the room, trying desperately to find a way out. He was cornered. Jesse slowed his pace to a lazy stroll, the smirk still on his face, though his hands were swinging at his sides rather than in the air, wriggling threateningly. He came over to his panicking boyfriend and picked him up bridal style, bringing him over to a couch. After being gently tossed onto the cushions, much to his dismay, McCree managed to straddle him, settling on his waist before he could scramble away. “Please…..” Hanzo blurted, fighting back a smile trying to surface on his face. “Don’t!” McCree grinned. “Don’t what, darlin’?” “Tickle me!” The brunette’s grin deepened. “Well, why didn’t you just ask?”

Jesse’s hands darted all over his sides and tummy, quickly wiggling, varying between gentle scribbles and squeezes, and Hanzo couldn’t have stopped himself from laughing if he tried. The Shimada squirmed from side to side, giggling wildly. His face was red as a stop sign, Shimadas didn’t giggle! Shimadas weren’t supposed to have weaknesses, let alone be ticklish!

“Nohoho!! Please stahahop!” He managed to blurt between cackles. McCree switched from Hanzo’s sides to his ribs making him let out a high pitched squeal. The American couldn’t get over how happy Hanzo looked. Of course the laughter was forced, but the smile was genuine. The pure happiness and giddiness was shining in his eyes as he squirmed in ticklish agony. Though the raven head clawed at his hands to stop him, no real attempt was made. Not enough to get Jesse to stop anyway. The cowboy stopped and let Hanzo have a break once tears formed in his eyes. He sat back, trying to decide on where to tickle next. “Let me up!” The Japanese man yelled, the taller male’s eyes looked up at him. “Stupid American southern man-bear, let me go!” He cried angrily. Once he stopped struggling long enough to see the look in Jesse’s eyes, he paled. “Wait, no, I’m sorry, forgive me?” His words were frantic, though he knew there was no way he was getting away. Not after he said that.

“Wait, what are you- wait nonononono!” Jesse shifted his weight momentarily and flipped Hanzo onto his front and moved downward to sit on the back of his thighs. After being together for awhile, you learn a lot about a person. One of these things is the strangest tickle spots that you never would have guessed could be ticklish. McCree scribbled his fingers up and down the raven haired male’s back, occasionally stopping to gently squeeze the firm muscle lining the spine. This tickle spot was tricky, but it was a good one. You have to get it just right, that way you get him to- “MATEE!!” Yep, there we go. “YAHAMETE!! Ghahaha!!!” Hanzo shrieked, beginning to speak Japanese between high pitched, loud, bubbly laughter. “HahahahaHAHA! Nooooooo!!!”

Something a lot of people don’t know about Hanzo; his laugh is very contagious. Jesse found himself laughing along with his boyfriend, not being able to contain himself. “PLEASE STAHAHAAAAAP!!” McCree let out an over dramatic sigh before stopping, lazily getting off of his boyfriend. “You feel better now?”

For awhile the only sound in the room was Hanzo trying to catch his breath. When he did, he sat up and straightened his clothes. “Yes. Thank you, Jesse.”

Jesse smiled, mission accomplished.

“I am giving you five seconds to run.”


Jess couldn’t deny that when the schedule had come out, she was a little disappointed to find that she wasn’t working the bar with Logan during one of the busiest nights of the week. While it normally would have been do to the lack of tips she could have racked up, it was now for an entirely different reason. One that had begun to creep up more often than she liked to admit. It was why by the time the clock turned to 12:00, Jess was found pacing the length of her apartment instead of curled up on the couch watching a movie or in bed for a good night sleep. Instead, it was when she decided to get ready to make her way to the club. It was no use to remain here, bored out of her mind, missing him. Instead, she put on the nicest outfit she had and made her way to the bar. It was a short route from her house and before she knew it, she had reached the packed bar. Sliding in without a problem, the brunette made her way to the bar when she spotted Logan. “Hey handsome, can you get some a drink. Something strong?” The brunette offered him a sly grin, her fingers brushing his purposely.

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celebrity crushes: astrology version
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Aries: matthew gray gubler
Taurus: zac efron
Gemini: dylan o’brien
Cancer: harry styles
Leo: miles teller or lee pace
Virgo: jack gilinsky
Libra: mark walhberg or cameron dallas
Scorpio: matt healy
Sagittarius: jesse eisenberg
Capricorn: either of the franco brothers
Aquarius: hayes grier
Pisces: justin bieber

Here With You

Short one shot with fluff…, tons of fluff…

You come home and find Jesse pacing around, wearing a set of clean clothes and jeans. Is there a date you’ve forgotten?

“Hey you! Ready?”, he asks.

“Are we going somewhere?”, you ask back.

“I thought we’re going to see that movie tonight?”, he says. You sigh and look at your watch. He’s nervous…, again.

“Honey, we got three hours to spare. Don’t worry, Dory will still keep swimming”, you say, kissing his cheek. You get ready anyway, having to take a quick shower and leave the house with him.

While waiting for the movie, you and Jesse sit at the bookstore, reading. You place your head in the crook of his neck, fingers intertwine. As the time approaches, you and Jesse pick a book each before heading towards the cinema.

After years long of waiting, you finally get to see Dory and her background story. You place your head on Jesse’s shoulder while watching a very adorable Baby Dory.

On the way home, you and Jesse couldn’t stop talking about the movie. At home, you two cuddle in bed, a tub of ice cream on hand while watching Finding Nemo.

“If I ever become forgetful, keep reminding me why I love you”, you say.

Jesse holds your face and kisses you, long and hard. “I love you so much. If you ever forget, I’m gonna tie you and make you remember”, he says, causing you to giggle.

“I love you too, dork”, you say, replying his kiss.

Exclusive New Poster For Lance Armstrong Thriller The Program
Ben Foster prepares to get with the peloton

The rise and subsequent decline and fall of Lance Armstrong always had a cinematic quality. An American archetype of Shane-like proportions, he was a cancer survivor, champion cyclist, Dodgeball cameo-er and, at a push, could even pull off yellow. Then it all went up in a puff of smoke. Stephen Frears’ new movie The Program will explore all of those elements (apart from maybe the Dodgeball bit), with Ben Foster playing this compelling figure.

Adapted from sports journalist David Walsh’s book Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit Of Lance Armstrong, the film will follow the cyclist’s meteoric rise, battles with cancer and equally fast fall once it was proved that he had been using performance-enhancing drugs during his successful years.

Frears has Chris O’Dowd playing Walsh, with Ben Foster as Armstrong. From the looks of the trailer, it’s a dramatic retelling of Armstrong’s Tour de France years and then what happened when the truth came out. The rabbit hole proved to be far deeper than anyone suspected.

With Lee Pace, Jesse Plemons, Guillaume Canet, Dustin Hoffman and Bryan Greenberg also in the cast, The Program is set to hit Australia on November 19.

- Phil de Semlyen

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The Hunter was missing. He had been for a while now.... but in the corner near a rather large cocoon half buried in the sand was his mask

Jess was just about to go to sleep when she noticed two things different around the lair. One, a large cocoon. Two, a mask. The human blinked and picked up the mask, examining it. Realizing who the mask belonged to, she looked back and forth between the cocoon and the mask.

“Oh my gosh!” She screamed. Either some monster ate him and stupidly decided to rest here or lay eggs here or some sort of giant spider wrapped him up and saved him for later! Either way, he’s gone! Why?!

“Oh no, no, no! Not the hunter! He’s the best hunter and my new friend. Tamatoa’s not gonna be happy. What do I do? What do I do?!” Jess paced around while holding the mask, panicking a little.


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A particularly stormy evening. Jesse didn’t mind the rain. It was pleasant to listen too, the lightening that crackled across the sky didn’t bother him either. Thunder however, bothered him immensely. Each time a storm hit, Jesse had to disassemble his Peacemaker in fear of another psychotic episode he’d have to have Mercy break.

Jesse paced his room quickly, the clouds of smoke he blew only filled the room because his closed and drawn windows wouldn’t let it escape. He was dressed in Jogging pants and a simple t-shirt considering he was ‘suppose’ to be resting easy for the night from an injury awhile back he needed to have healed. But the thunder rubbed him in all the wrong ways.

Thunder brought back memories of the masked man he once adored, though it came to a crashing end at the point of cold steel pressing to Jesse’s once arm…then thunder. Thunder was a gunshot in a dark room that was as hot as the Tuscan sun. Thunder was an explosion in the heat of battle he couldn’t have won. Thunder was discord and played Jesse like a pawn to a chess board which he was loosing. Even now.

Jesse grabbed his serape, throwing it over his shoulders and walking into the hallway toward’s Lucio’s room. If he couldn’t block out the thunder with his thoughts, Lucio’s music might be able to help.

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a sequel to the pregnant beca one where she is in labor/having the kid!

All the babyfics can be found at this link

“Chlo,” Chloe waded through the haze of her dreams to reach Beca’s voice, quiet and covering a certain sharpness, “Babe, wake up.” 

And then, once she was in the shallow end of sleepiness, it was easy enough to bounce up, eyes wide and tone worried. “What is it? Is everything okay?” 

Beca nodded, biting her lip. Her hand was on her tummy, her back against the headboard. She squeaked slightly as she winced, and Chloe shifted again to be sitting straight up, knees under her. “Becs, what’s happening?” 

“It,” she said quietly, between her teeth, “It’s happening.” 

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