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My forever growing movie list of everything I love

• The Kings Of Summer
• Blue Valentine
• Big Fish
• Kick-Ass 1&2
• Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
• Youth In Revolt
• Palo Alto
• Adult World
• Two Night Stand
• The First Time
• The Theory Of Everything
• All The Wilderness
• Love, Rosie
• What If
•The royal Tenenbaums
• Moonrise kingdom
• The Darjeeling limited
• The life aquatic with steve zissou
• Rushmore
• Bottle rocket
• Stuck in love
• Submarine
• The squid and the whale
• The kids are all right
• Up in the air
• Toast
• Grand Budapest hotel
• Greenburg
• The Spectacular Now
• Ruby Sparks
• Now is Good
• Little Miss Sunshine
• Inside Llewyn Davis
• The Art Of Getting By
• The Descendants
• It’s kind of a funny story
• (500) Days of summer
• Nowhere Boy
• Grand Budapest Hotel
• Art School Confidential
• Away We Go
• beginners
• Her
• Once
• Drive
• Elysium
• A place beyond the pines
• Let me in / let the right one in
• The aviator
• What’s eating Gilbert grape
• Seeking a friend for the end of the world
• Zombie land
• Adventureland
• Age of Adeline
• Mr.Nobody
• Staten Island Summer
• Yours Mine And Ours
• The Way Way Back

• Joy • Pan’s Labrynth

anonymous asked:

Could you describe the appearances of gang three?

Okay, I’m super hella bad at describing their appearances - I’ve found photos of what most of them appear like facially and I’ll give a brief description of anything else I can think of that’s relevant!


(Okay so this dude looks a bit more distinguished than Damian is at quite yet, but essentially yes). Damian’s 5′11″, got a muscular build and dark hair which curls if he lets it grow long.


Jenna is short, sort of 5′2″ (ish), and I’m not sure what else to say about her!


THIS ESSENTIALLY IS CAIN LIKE OMG COULD THERE BE A MORE PERFECT IMAGE?!? He’s 6′ (and Eden used to tease him that he was the “little” big brother). 

Jesse is 5′9″, definitely a bit more on the alternative/emo side of things in terms of style! 


Zara is 5′4″ but oh my god you should not cross her because she’s a fireball!


Okay, Aleks is 5′11″, definitely quite skinny - and his height accentuates that. His hair is brown (although the ends are black from the last time he dyed it!), and he’s got dark eyes too.


Murray is 5′10″, fairly to well muscular, mainly because of all the dancing he does! 


2005 Teen Choice Awards, August 16, 2005

Hosted by Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider

In honor or the 2015 TCAs exactly ten years later airing tonight, here’s a look at what the party looked like a decade ago.  In my opinion much better!

@ anon who just sent a request, when you say “them all” who do you mean? Like Gang 1 (Eden, Jude, Leyton, Alba, Eppie), Gang 2 (Blake, Aiden, Jack, Lindsey), Gang 3 (Cain, Damian, Jenna, Jesse, Zara, Aleks, Murray) or the combined McClellan-MacPherson tribes (Damian, Jude, Emilia, Eden, Cain, Jethro, Silas, Zachariah)??? Just so I know! 😄


Defiance panel from Toronto ComiCon - recorded Sunday, March 22, 2015.

its-a-goddamn-heartbreak  asked:

For each of your OCs, what would be their ideal date?

This one was soooo sweet to do! Thank you! 😊

Jude - Anything outdoorsy, walking or climbing out in nature… although he does love aquariums!

Eden - Very similarly to Jude, his ideal date would be something outside, very possibly with a bonfire or campfire.

Leyton - Visiting a museum or gallery, or anywhere that he could learn something and have conversation with his date. 

Alba - She does truly love going to the cinema to see the latest romcom, with a bucket of sweet popcorn. 

Eppie - A really good rock concert and a drink is like her perfect idea of a date. 

Jack - I don’t think Jack has an ideal date! He’s not particularly interested/confident in dating. He’d probably end up in a bar for a drink with a date. 

Lindsey - She’d also be something outdoorsy, hiking, biking or kayaking! Something that she could get really involved in actively. 

Blake - He is an overly romantic sap! His perfect date would be a candlelight dinner, home cooked food, gentle classical music in the background and glasses of champagne! 

Aiden - As an also relatively romantic person, Aiden’s ideal date would probably be an evening beach walk while the sun was setting, and then cuddling under the stars..

Damian - To be completely honest, he’d love to go on a date to a restaurant where he could pick anything off the menu and be able to eat it!

Jenna - A trip to the theatre to see a play/musical/pretty much anything!

Cain - Picnic!! Literally this would be his ideal - out in a park, or area with a patch of grass, with a picnic hamper and his date. 

Jesse - He’d probably take his date to a skatepark! Or an an acoustic gig, somewhere intimate and cosy… 

Zara - She’s a bit boring when it comes to the dating scene, drinks in a bar and she’s more than happy..

Aleksander - He’s learnt to keep dates low key. His ideal date would be in one of those giant bookshops where he could get lost (and spend way too much money!) 

Murray - To be entirely honest his perfect date would be at a spa, getting a massage treatment to entirely relax. He’s yet to convince Aleks of this though!