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My forever growing movie list of everything I love

• The Kings Of Summer
• Blue Valentine
• Big Fish
• Kick-Ass 1&2
• Scott Pilgrim Vs the World
• Youth In Revolt
• Palo Alto
• Adult World
• Two Night Stand
• The First Time
• The Theory Of Everything
• All The Wilderness
• Love, Rosie
• What If
•The royal Tenenbaums
• Moonrise kingdom
• The Darjeeling limited
• The life aquatic with steve zissou
• Rushmore
• Bottle rocket
• Stuck in love
• Submarine
• The squid and the whale
• The kids are all right
• Up in the air
• Toast
• Grand Budapest hotel
• Greenburg
• The Spectacular Now
• Ruby Sparks
• Now is Good
• Little Miss Sunshine
• Inside Llewyn Davis
• The Art Of Getting By
• The Descendants
• It’s kind of a funny story
• (500) Days of summer
• Nowhere Boy
• Grand Budapest Hotel
• Art School Confidential
• Away We Go
• beginners
• Her
• Once
• Drive
• Elysium
• A place beyond the pines
• Let me in / let the right one in
• The aviator
• What’s eating Gilbert grape
• Seeking a friend for the end of the world
• Zombie land
• Adventureland
• Age of Adeline
• Mr.Nobody
• Staten Island Summer
• Yours Mine And Ours
• The Way Way Back

• Joy • Pan’s Labrynth
All The Time *Smut*

Fic: Untitled

POV: Jordan

Des: Bucky x OC

Warnings: swearing, graphic sex

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“Bucky, I’m watching a movie” I whined.

He had pulled me on his lap and began kissing me all over.

“Okay doll” He shrugged.

I was able to focus on the hilarity of Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson in the midst of a zombie apocalypse for about twenty more minutes until I felt two red flags.

One: A poking sensation from something hard on my ass.

Two: Bucky’s hand creeping to my inner thigh.

I rolled my eyes, paused the movie, and turned around on his lap so I was facing him. When I did that his eyes rolled to the back of his head because now my crotch was aligned perfectly with his hard on.

“Okay Barnes, what’s got you so hot and bothered?”

“You doll. I always want you, all the time. Now, just being here alone in our apartment I’m just have a hard time”

I took pity on my poor boyfriend who likely had to suffer many cases of blue balls.

I shook my head and brought my lips to his neck because he is a total whore for neck kisses.

His hands found their way under my shirt. The intoxicating mixture of the warmth and cold from his metal hand brought me to the point of no return and he knew it too.

He gripped my thighs and picked me up. He brought me to our bedroom and put me down.

He takes off my shorts and underwear “The shit you do to me is insane” He whispers.

He puts two fingers in my soaking wet heat “So I’m not the only one” he chuckled.

I leaned up and took his pants off, when his length sprang out I knew I was in for it.

I climbed on top of him, letting him slide into me. This was his favorite way to do it because with him sitting and me sitting on him it forced us to go slow but strangely rough at the same time.

My hands remained buried in his hair like his lips remained planted on my neck. His sucking and biting meeting his thrusts in a maddening imperfect sync.

“Mine” It was hard to make out in the midst of my loud moaning and his even louder moaning.

Nonetheless, it was true. I was his and in this moment I couldn’t deny it. The way he held me close to him, the protective nature of his arm wrapped around my waist, to the sucking and biting on my neck that was sure to leave marks.

Something he did to ruin me, ruin any chance of anyone else having me.

Indeed, in this moment somehow more than others, he made it clear that I was his. That I belonged to him and him alone.

Which was fine by me. He was mine too.

I was close, we both were. He slowed down “Shit, I’m close”

“Me too” I was barely able to say before we both reached the brink.

He fell backwards me following. My head rested on his chest as I tried to catch my breath and gather myself.

Everything was shaking and felt weak “Have I ever told you how much I fucking love you?” He whispered.

“All the time, have I ever told you how much I fucking love you?”

“All the time doll” He grinned.

“Can we get pizza?”

“Yeah, I’ll order” He says as I climb off of him.

I grab the blank off the bed and wrap myself with it “Where are you going?”

I roll my eyes “Back to my movie Bucky, you know the one I was watching before you started getting horny?”

I heard him laugh before pressing play on the part where Jesse Eisenberg kills Bill Murray.


2005 Teen Choice Awards, August 16, 2005

Hosted by Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider

In honor or the 2015 TCAs exactly ten years later airing tonight, here’s a look at what the party looked like a decade ago.  In my opinion much better!