jesse mccain


Author’s Notes: And here we are with teh first page! And we see the fruits of our first attempt at trying to do coloring. I think the colors came out well, but the problem I faced was with transitioning from half-sketch lining, to full digital lining in that typically I’ll use a lesser density brush which is fine, because it’ll stack up to make a more bold and somewhat full black line… but when adding color in, it overlaps that line and so now it becomes pretty blatant that these lines aren’t as full as they should be.  this was also cause I was on the fence of having the outlines be pure black, or have them colored a darker shade of the corresponding color they are attached to.  I decided to go with the black outline, buuut obviously it has problems. I’ll have to get to this later, but for now. This is the first page of False Idol!