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Some Mccree headcanons that no one asked for!

•He like cuddling…A LOT

•whenever you are sitting on the couch or in bed he always pulls you closer to him to wrap his arms around you

•he is definitely the type of guy to make you breakfast in bed on his days off


•like no joke he will use every cute nickname in the book and it never fails to make you blush

•he LOVES showing off in front of you, every time he hits a bullseye he turns to you and gives you a wink

•he also loves showing YOU off

•there won’t be a time where he doesn’t introduce you every one as his “beautiful partner”

•he is very affectionate in public, he always unconsciously reaches for your hand where ever you are

Coyote & Dragon

Thanks to @three-legged-cow, check out portraits for the Candyfloss & Lace versions of everyone’s favorite cowboy garbage pairing. :)

Jesse McCree, Licensed and Bonded Bail Agent.

Hanzo Shimada, CEO of the Shimada Group
(Oyabun of the Ryunokaze-gumi)

(They didn’t appear in Candyfloss? You don’t say…)

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Would you be willing to write the "I think I'm in love with you" sentence starter for deadlock mccree (assuming it's shortly before he leaves so he's like 17) and a fem s/o who ends up going with him to blackwatch?

“I think I’m in love with ya!”

Your eyes go round, your entire body freezing for a moment before the sound of a bullet ricocheting off of metal makes you duck back down, mind still shell shocked, your machine pistol going slack in your hand. Your eyes watch as Jesse stands, eyes narrowing as he fires off four successive shots before dropping to his knee behind the mangled train car, looking at your bashfully. He looks more nervous to face you after his admission than he does at the fact gunfire is raining down on the both of you. Your heart sped up impossibly fast before a soft whine broke from your lips, quickly followed by a stunned, breathless laugh.

“Really Jess”, you asked, yanking him by the collar to pull him away from a shot that you felt came uncomfortably close. The absurdity of the situation left you feeling dizzy, off kilter, adrenaline controlling more of your action than logic. “Of all the time ta tell me, ya wait til we’re bein’ shot at? Really?”

Deadlock had finally bitten off more than they could chew and were, in turn, ambushed for it. The train that was supposed to be full of weapons actually was empty. A dozen Overwatch agents had taken up position in several of the train cars and had surged out when the two in the lead had approached their car. From there, it turned into a shit show. Jacob, who was in charge of the detonating the explosives that were supposed to cut off a police response blew the charges early, sending the middle of the train plummeting into the canyon below. You and Jess had fell directly in front of the Panorama Diner, his arms wrapped around you before the two of you scrambled up and out when you heard a shout in Spanish from your side then more gunfire.

“Well you know I got impeccable timing darlin”, McCree teases, grabbing your forearm and pulling you with him as both of you began to fall back towards the small cave carved into the overpass. If you could make it there then you could keep falling back until you both were safe. “Reckon there ain’t no time like the present!”

Shoving your weapon into the holster, your hand dropped to your side pack, pulling out a ping pong ball that housed an impact smoke bomb. As the both of your legs pumped, you threw the homemade explosive to the ground, not turning as smoke began to cover your tracks. You stumbled over a larger rock, Jesse slowing for a brief moment to steady you before his hand grabbed yours, fingers lacing together as you ran. Neither of you wanted to go to jail…or worse. This isn’t the life either of you wanted but this was the hand you had been dealt. Orphaned by a war that you didn’t understand when you were kids, forced into an overly clogged foster system only to fall to the wayside, snatched into the waiting jaws of the Southwest’s ugly underbelly.  Deadlock greedily fed on the underprivileged, the exploited, the neglected and brought them into their illegal enterprise, promising family and protection for a price. The both of you had paid it in spades; whether murdering or weapons smuggling, robbery or extortion, the both of your allegiance to Deadlock trumping morality. Still neither of you wanted to die, and neither of you wanted the other to die either. So you would run.

“Always the romantic weren’tcha”, you shouted breathlessly as he yanked you into the tunnel that cut through the mountain, a haphazardly dug out hole in the redstone.

The sound of gunfire continued outside, shouts in Spanish and English, in a variety of accents filling the air but not quite reaching the area you two were hiding in. You and Jesse sucked in heaving breaths, hands still laced, Jesse cradling Peacekeeper to his chest with one hand. He winked at you playfully as the both of you leaned forward, finally acknowledging the comment you had made. Your breathing finally levelled out but that didn’t stop the thundering of your heartbeat in your chest as the truth forced itself up in this brief moment of calm.

You loved him too. You had loved him since you were 13 and he had brought you food and made you laugh after your very first hit. You had loved him since the moment the two of you had gotten drunk off of homemade tequila and spilled your life stories to one another, shoulders touching, knees bumping before falling asleep innocently tangled in one another’s arms. You had fallen in love with cinnamon colored eyes filled with laid back mirthfulness and cunning, unruly brown hair that was softer than you’d ever thought, with tawny skin that was constantly kissed by the sun, covered in tattoos and scars and more and more body hair. With his charming southern mannerisms mixed with fluent Spanish, even that damned cowboy hat and serape he insisted on wearing. You were in love with Jesse McCree and he had finally said the words that you craved to hear.

Outside sounds seemed to dull for a moment as you swallowed, stomach in your throat. Jesse was peeking around the corner once more to determine if it was safe to run or not, your eyes boring into his back.

“Y/N we ma–”, he started before cutting himself off, his brow furrowing at the intense look you had fixed him with. His eyes went a little round as they danced over you before jumping back to your face, worry coloring his features. “Hey, darlin’ are you alright? You ain’t been hit no–”

“I love ya too Jess”, you said quickly, the words quickly tumbling out of your mouth, watching as his brow relaxed before his eyes grew rounder than they had been the moments before. Your hand squeezed his tightly, biting down on your bottom lip but refusing to break eye contact with him. You fidgeted but kept speaking as you watched unabashed joy began to dance in his eyes, over his features. “I…I been in love with ya for a long while now Jess…I just…I just didn’t wanna mess up what we had…y’know?”

Jesse yanked your arm, pulling your body into his and wrapping his arms tightly around you. Despite the fact there was a firefight going on right outside, regardless of the fact danger lurked right around the corner, the both of you held one another tight. Relieved happiness unwound the anxiousness in your bodies, the satisfaction of knowing you not only loved but were loved in return filling the both of you up with joy. The found of a gunshot at the mouth of the cave tore the two of you apart, flustered smiles resting on both of your faces as you began towards the other end of the tunnel.


The barrel of two shotguns were aimed at either one of you, a tall Black man in a beanie frowning heavily at the both of you. Jesse’s hand had tightened around Peacekeeper, the weapon hanging loosely at his side as your own hand hovered over your own holstered gun. The sound of the hammers on both guns shoved ice into both of your veins as you both glanced at each other. You both were silently questioning one another, something that you had done a million times, assessing if you could manage to get away. Your leg twitched as if you would move backwards, the sound of someone coming up behind you making your head twist. You were effectively trapped. McCree lifted his right hand first, Peacekeeper hanging loosely off of his fingers and you followed suite.

“Woah there”, he said softly, trying to work that affable charm of his in the dangerous situation, something he had a knack for. “Now why don’t we all calm down and work outta deal here.”

((Didn’t quite get to the Blackwatch part but let’s just say he offers his skill for her safety lol))


Beca barely remembers being drunk. All she can see are little flashbacks of a conversation with Chloe. Something about the DJ having feelings for someone and waiting it out. Throwing out little signs here and there for them to pick it up.

Nothing more is said.

So on the night of the Nationals at the Lincoln Center, minutes before going on to preform the Bellas “new sound” Chloe grabs Beca away while Aubrey isn’t looking.

“Hey,” the word came out of the redhead’s mouth in a perky but tired sigh.

“What’s up?” Beca asked, glancing around as no other Bellas were near.

“I just. Well. I know you threw ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ in there for Jesse,” Chloe said, nervousness lacing her usually calm voice.

“Yeah?” Beca cocked a brow, unaware of what Chloe was getting at.

“I know that that song is to reconcile with him. Or even get with him romantically,” Chloe said with an unreadable tone.

Beca nodded at the redhead, urging her to speak faster as they were up in less than three minutes.

“I wanted to ask you, tell you actually, that if the person you were waiting for-throwing signs at-was me, well, then I don’t want you to go after him,” Chloe closed her eyes, taking a deep breath.

Beca’s reaction was general inquiry, and Chloe started rambling on.

“I mean, you should restore your friendship because that’s important but-,” she paused and caught her breath, closing her eyes even tighter. “not the point. If that person is me then I want you too. And I was waiting also. And uh, if it’s not me, then uh, please do he polite thing and pretend this conversation never happened,” Chloe nodded, opening her eyes finally.


They preformed, they won, they cheered. The Bellas stayed on stage hugging each other and holding up their trophy in victory.

Everyone hugged everyone, including Aubrey and Beca, despite their obvious differences. Aubrey even thanked the short DJ for the help, and apologized for the hard time.

By the time Beca had made her way through everyone with the hugs except Chloe, it seemed the redhead was in the same position as they were standing in front of each other awkwardly as everyone else hugged.

“Look Beca if what I said before was completely wrong then-”

Chloe’s voice was muffled by the lips of Beca on hers. The brunette wrapped her arms around the redhead’s neck and pulled her in close.

“You weren’t wrong,” Beca said with a grin as she broke apart from the redhead, only to pull her back again and raise her arm in a fist.

Endings are the best part.