I’m watching the flash panel and the moderator asks the panel as a whole (mostly at grant) about how long we have to wait for westallen to happen and grant makes this face

Candice makes this face 

Jesse CANNOT stop laughing (at candice’s face, then at Grant and candice as they look at each other in silence)

then a producer cuts in asking if Grant and Candice want him to answer and they look at him so gratefully


THE FLASH Comic Con 2016 Panel Highlights (Pt1): Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, Season 3


This is why I love team flash. :)

People calling Grant Gustin racist and problematic and jumping on the ‘hate Grant Gustin’ bandwagon are pissing me off so much. I understand that he hasn’t spoken out about the racism Candice faces (which is really shitty as it is) and he could probably do so, but not speaking up about it does not actually make him racist. He simply doesn’t consider himself smart or eloquent enough to make a comment. I think that’s totally understandable considering how quick people are to twist people’s words and regurgitate them in a misconstrued way nowadays. I also don’t understand how him being White makes him inherently racist. What an absurd thing to say. So every White person is racist now? Yes, being White automatically gives him rights and privileges that minorities can not necessarily have because America is shitty, but it does not make him automatically racist. If he was to take advantage of those privileges by then being a dick to minorities, that would make him racist but he is the sweetest, loveliest person ever. Honestly, I am so annoyed that he has been “attacked” like this and has had to repeatedly explain himself and defend himself. I hate trolls.

Anyway, I will leave you with this. Have a good day.