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This is taken from New Girl. Completely. Well, not the convos. Maybe inspired is a better word because I changed the situation a bit, too. @avadean-kedavra thank you for introducing me to New Girl, I already messaged you in all caps about this. Also it is short but ever since I watched this episode all I could think about was writing. Oh and this is an AU. Sorry, I ramble a lot.


James tried to open the wooden door that was locked from the other side as his friends cheered on for them to kiss. This wasn’t how he planned tonight would go but then again, he shouldn’t have tried to trick Remus and Sirius into playing this idiotic game while they were drunk.

“I told you not to do a two!” shouted James, thee door wasn’t budging at all and he was getting frustrated, there was no way he was kissing Evans right now.

“You told me to do a two,” shot back Lily her green eyes burning holes in James’ skin. She had a bra and a tutu on for some reason and was walking up and down.


“Shut the fuck up and let us out now Padfoot.”

“Yeah, no fucking way Prongs,” replied Sirius from the other side. “Just kiss and we’ll let you out.”

“It’s simple really,” added Remus and he kept on chanting.

“Let’s just kiss and get it over with,” suggested Lily pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. “Let’s french it out a little bit.”

“Okay,” said James as he let out a sigh. “But stop calling it that.”

They walked to each other and just stood like that for a good while trying to fathom the fact that they were about to kiss each other. They had been roommates for what, two years now? How did they end up like this?

“Okay, we are doing this.”

“Are you a tonguer?” asked James after a brief pause.

“Am I a what?” 

“I wouldn’t want to– you know do something you are not comfortable with.”

“Just.. do it,” nagged Lily with a lengthy eye roll.

James put his hands on Lily’s cheeks and gathered the courage to do this. This was the only way out of this hell hole. He leaned in..

Nope,” backed out Lily. “Nope, no can do. I can’t do this. Your face–”

“What’s wrong with my face?”

“You do this weird face.”

“Okay, I will try something else,” he snapped. “Just stop interrupting it.”

James didn’t know what was wrong with his face, for all he know he was as good as it comes but apparently Ms. Evans thought there was something wrong. As if she was the prettiest girl with her green eyes and red hair.. 


James leaned in once more, not knowing what to do with his face, he straight up smiled and Lily backed out once more.

“You can’t kiss me with your teeth, you know?”

“Okay, I’m done.”

“Just kiss me.”


“Just do it, what’s the big deal?”

“I can’t.”

“James,” she began sounding very impatient. “Kiss me so we can get out.”

“Not like this!” he yelled finally. 

What?” whispered Lily in response. 

James was asking himself the same question, where did that come from? He didn’t like Lily, they were buddies, they were bud-buds, she was his best mate or something. He started frantically walking up and down the room trying to figure out a way out of this.

“What does that mean?” repeated Lily as she watched him walked around the room like he had lost him mind finally. 

There was a way out of this, just one way out so he walked to the closest window and climbed.

“What are you doing?” screamed Lily.

“I’m getting some air,” he replied shouting. He was standing at the edge of the window and he realised the stupidity of what he had done when it was too late. He started walking towards the living room window holding onto anything he could find so that he wouldn’t fall down and die because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Yes, he was out of the room but he was about the fall four stories down.

This was all compliant with his new strategy in the loft, avoid Lily Evans at all costs, even if it means you’ll fall to your death.

What the hell does that mean?

Lily had been tossing and turning in his bed for a good while and she was bored of it and she decided to go out to get some water or wash her face to forget what James had said.

James Potter with his stupid hair and stupid gorgeous body. No. They were best friends, they had always been best friends. She was there for him, he was there for her, that was the extent of their relationship.

She got out of the bed and opened her door to one James Potter standing right in front of him. 

“I was just–”

“I just want to get some water Potter,” she interrupted.

“I wasn’t doing anything,” he said hastily.

“I know it was just in the heat of the moment,” she reassured even though she didn’t believe that one bit. “We were drunk and, yeah, don’t fret about it.”

“Yeah, you’re completely right,” he answered with a small smile. Lily could swear he was staring at her lips but she was sleepy and this wasn’t good.

“Anyways, good night James,” she mumbled as she made her way to the kitchen. 

She suddenly felt a small grip on her forearm and her lips were on James’ lips. They were softer than she thought they were and she didn’t understand how but she was kissing him back. This wasn’t how she planned this night to go but as James deepened the seemingly innocent kiss, she felt like she could see through space and time. 

“I was talking about something like that,” said James before he went back into his room without saying another word.

Lily just stared trying to understand what just happened was real or not.


but I mean I’m so here for punk!lily but of course we all know how stifling school uniforms can be so maybe like james doesn’t even know how punk she is because he only ever sees her at school in sensible skirts and top-buttoned shirts but one time maybe he runs into her in diagon alley and she’s got ripped jeans and band tees and studs and james just mumbles to himself I’m head over heels in love with her


James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Jane Krakowski.

  • Sirius: There is nothing less sexy than a dude asking if he can kiss you.
  • Remus: Nothing? I mean, what if I ate my own hair and pooped out a wig? What if I called my mom after sex and described it to her? What if I had a croissant blog?

The most amazing thing

i had an excellent saturday.

my new town defeated the famous robber Jesse James.  (cue the stetsons and pistols on Jesse James Days.) so, being college freshmen and all, we decided to make our first independent trip into town to see what Northfield, MN was all about.  

we took the bus downtown and tried not to hit the ceiling as it bumped along.  (being a newyorker at heart, i always try to subway surf…) got off at our rival school, and yelled our fight song while passing perplexed Carltoners.  (UM YA YA!)  or, rather, i giggled.  

but the smell from the Malt-O-Meal factory wafted through the air, cinnamon sugar cereal sweetening the breeze.  the canal glistened with light from the fading sun, and wind made me fly.   

walking home, we came upon the school, and Old Main proudly greeted us from the hill, red brick stark against the hazy light, grass sprawling down into the countryside.  

we stood at the top.  

on top of the world, infinite, bigger than anything.