jesse is the heart of the show

The story between Jess and Rory is so important and I don’t say this just because I’m team jess. I mean, it starts with a boy who doesn’t know what love is, what a real relationship looks like, what to be loved feels like, most of all because of his family situation. Yet he gives his heart to her, he tries to improve his behaviour, he gives in to love totally. He becomes a better person, not because he wasn’t good, but because no one had showed him how to be. And for these reasons I think that it is an important story, because it is not just a love story between two people, it is the story of a single person who grows up and gets better thanks to that love. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but I had to write it down. Jess is an incredible character and he makes all the literati storyline even more perfect with his flaws.


If that not a sad look on Jess face I don’t know what it is, I was so sad that Jess and Rory didn’t have more scenes together. But I know that Milo Ventimiglia was busy with his other show so that why we didn’t see him a lot. But still I wish my literati heart could have more of these two.

Here’s a little Blackwatch!Hanzo drabble based on the ideas I was throwing at Hanji. It hasn’t been read yet or beta’d. (Also I haven’t written in months so god help me)

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           Hanzo held his chest high and firm with his breath caught in his lungs as the man circled around him like a prowling dog. His dark eyes cast over the young Shimada and flicked through a range of emotions – confusion, then studious interest, then casual boredom, then worry. Jesse was beside him, hands tucked in his pockets and smile plastered on his beautiful, stupid face. The man turned to Jesse and stood over him, but the boy didn’t flinch despite the looming shadow and even when the man reached down and cuffed him over the head he didn’t show fear. Instead his smile seemed to grow wider and he beamed up at the man. Hanzo’s heart was rising into his throat, salty bile mixing with fear and panic slowly seeping into him.

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Imagine Daniel botching a magic trick

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“Ok, watch the cards carefully and pick one. Don’t tell me, just keep it in you head.”

Daniel shuffles the cards in his hands, flashing the faces at you quickly. You manage to spot one though, the seven of hearts.

“Got one?” Daniel asks, and you nod. Awkwardly, he shuffles the cards one more time, almost dropping them in the process. He slides one out from the middle and shows it to you. “Is it the two of spades?”

You shake your head no, surprised. Daniel had always been good at magic and this was one of his signature moves. He never messed it up.

Daniel tries again, this time drawing a four of clubs. You shake your head again, prompting Daniel to pick a new card. Finally, he shoves the cards out of sight. “What was it?” he asks, dejected.

“The seven of hearts,” you reply as you start walking alongside Daniel. “What went wrong?”

“I was just nervous,” he admits.

“Nervous?” you ask. “Daniel, that’s always been your favorite trick.”

He just shakes his head.

“What were you nervous about?” you try, and Daniel stops suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk.

“Well,” he starts, and pauses almost immediately. “I was going to ask you out.”

“On a date?”

“Yeah, well I mean whatever.”

“Oh Daniel! I’d love to go on a date with you,” you exclaim. His face breaks out into a grin and he wraps you up in his arms.

He lets go of you suddenly, smiling as he pulls his deck of cards out again. “Try again?”

You grin and go along with it, this time spotting a two of hearts.

And in the end, Daniel gets it right.

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Look I can’t confirm this or anything but I feel like there’s a literati scene (or two) that was cut from the revival. The more I think about it, the more their storyline just seems off. Alexis said it’s clear who wins her heart (she could be talking about the baby), that Rory makes a clear choice (again, the baby), and the team question is answered. While the first two can be twisted to be about the pregnancy, the last question was genuinely not answered at ALL LMAO. Not even a “none of them are the right fit” kind of answer. Jess is left as an open door but he’s an open door that Rory doesn’t even know about?!

It makes no narrative sense. I swear I won’t be surprised if there’s a literati scene missing. Yanic already confirmed there’s a scene where Lorelai tells Michel about expanding the Dragonfly and he decides to stay–but it was cut despite holding ACTUAL plot relevance!

I won’t be shocked if there’s more plot important shit that was removed. Probably to make room for stupid shit no one wanted.

Fresh Start - Date Night

A/N: Part 14 of my ‘Fresh Start’ series. This is a Mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. Once again I have to thank my wonderful beta @thorne93. She helped me out alot with this part. Hope you guys like it. Happy reading.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Balthazar, Beth, Jess, Bobby,

Warnings: Language, and fluff.

Wordcount: 4100 (wow.. sorry)

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You were a bit confused when you woke up friday morning and it was past nine. Beth never slept this long. You pulled your robe around you and walked down the hall to her room. No one there. Strange. The smell of pancakes and coffee hit your nose and you followed it down to the kitchen, the scene you witnessed melting your heart. Beth sat on the counter next to the stove where her uncle were flipping pancakes and putting on a show. The sound of laughter filled the room as he flipped one too high and it got stuck on the roof, Beth was almost falling of the counter from laughing.

“Shit! You can’t tell your mom about this.” Balthazar playfully pointed his finger at her. “And don’t tell her i said ‘shit’,” he added. He started jumping up and down to try and get at the food hanging from your ceiling.  “You have to help me, I can’t reach.”

“But Uncle B, I’m not tall enough either.” She giggled.

“I just have to lift you then,” he said matter of factly. He lifted her over his head and she started swatting her tiny hand trying to get at the pancake.

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I like how they're tapping into everything J and Nick thought was wrong with their relationship, and showing that these things were actually RIGHT, just not at that time. I'm mostly waiting for Jess to just spill her heart out and tell Nick that she loves him, and most importantly WHY she loves him. I hope it isn't a short confession but a long one in which she says every single thing she's wanted to say for ages. Something along the lines of- I see you and my heart explodes. + Nicks reaction!!

I’m curious as to why she’d try to move out of the loft though, when we know she intends to tell him about her feelings. What could prompt her to change her mind and try to run away from the loft? 

He’d wanted to ask her so many things.  He’d wanted to tell her that he’d known her father and the circumstances behind that.  He’d wanted to show her his one and only picture of Jess and tell her about how they’d met.  He’d wanted to tell her that despite how Dad’s journal looked, there had been some good times.

Instead, he’d respected her need for distance and kept his own.  He’d tried to be a son she could be proud of, while keeping to himself the tentative stirrings of hope in his heart of finally having a Mother.

 But he wasn’t the son she longed for.  He wasn’t the child she lost.

Dean walked out of the room without looking at him.

Silence rang emptily in the cavernous room where he stood, echoing the blank space she’d begun to fill.

Still a Motherless child.


Lorelai. The woman that didn’t want Jess within ten feet of her daughter. Blows him a kiss goodbye. Over the years their relationship moves from one syllable conversations and grunts to enough familiarity that Lorelai is showing him affection of being part of the family. That Jess has probably spent evenings sitting at their dining room table and ganged up on Luke with her. Has probably spent more then one night awkwardly sleeping on her couch when he comes to visit and Lorelai insists he stays instead of going back to Luke’s. And has ACTUALLY created enough of a friendship with Lorelai that she feels comfortable blowing him a kiss goodbye.

Magic words laced with moonlight
Stitch together my broken heart
And I smile when I see you
Shimmering and coated gold
And you smile with red cheeks
And something in me clicks.
Beautiful song dipped in love
Shows me how to be myself
And I let my colours shine
And the words run onto the page
And I think of you
And how a part of you is in every word I write,
How part of everyone is in every word.
Your heart weeps with the force of its love
And an earthly body can’t hold your soul
Or love or heart
And I am blessed to witness
Someone with so much love
That they love others first
And themselves second.

How can the BBC honestly say Sherlock and John have never shown any romantic or sexual interest in each other? Me and my mom re watched the pilot the other week and she said and i quote, “ Jesse this show is gayer than i remember.” If my mother, the most oblivious person in the world can notice this, why can’t they? It’s beyond me….

I watched the episode, this scene broke my heart. I understood why Jay left and I’m not mad at him. I’m mad at the stupid writers. Jay married and he never tells Erin and there was never any indication he was married. All of sudden his wife shows up after years. If the storyline made sense then it would be good. And why can’t they ever write in Jay saying he has a girlfriend. A woman at home he loves. They did it with Briana when she asked him for dinner and he didn’t mention Erin. And now with his wife. They better show that Abby signed the divorce papers. From snaps, look like Jay and VOight have scenes and he still alive so Voight didn’t kill him yet. We better learn about Jay’s past not just his past about a wife but his actual rangers past. Married was unnecessary. Sorry for the rant, that’s what happened when you post this message at 4:22 am. 😂


Happy Trails to Newsies! A show that inspired me like no other. Who would have ever thought a show about newsboys would be such a big part of my life? I certainly didn’t! I’m sad to see this show go, but I hope its memory and its message lives on. It will always hold a special place in my heart.