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The episodes were quite different but I feel like 4x13 had great parallels to 3x07:
- Jay tried to reach out to Ellie in her room, asking her to tell him who hurt her, but she shut him out. Just like he tried to reach out to Ethan in interrogation the first time.
- The words he used to convince both of them were almost identical - “If you want to make sure that whatever is happening here stops…. I promise you that you can trust me” / “Tell me….and I swear to you I’m gonna do everything I can to make it right”. He comforted and supported both with a hand on their shoulder.
- The pain was evident on his face while he was listening to their recounts of what happened.
- He was asked to leave the interrogation room after lashing out at Tonya, and he wasn’t allowed in with the coach because he was about to explode.
- Erin comforted him stroking his back in both episodes.

-And the ending moments - Ellie sees a positive example in Erin and Jay’s relationship and thanks Jay for being the first person to really care and help. Ethan sees Jay as an example of surviving loss, and relaxes as Jay reassures him that it’s all over and his dad would be proud. Both Ellie and Ethan finally smile.

Jay has such a big heart and I absolutely love that the writers have chosen to have him bond with these kids, make him so passionate about cases like this. He’s not perfect by any means but he’s a great man and a great role model who showed both of them that there are good, kind people in the world after all.

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A non-comic book reader's guide to the differences between the Preacher books vs. show
  • Jesse's backstory
  • Show: His father was a preacher and owned a church. He grew up in Anville Texas and knew Tulip from a young age. He prayed for his father to die and then witnessed his father getting gunned down.
  • Book: Jesse's father was a soldier, his mother was the daughter of a fucked up lady who was obsessed with religion. Jesse's grandmother sends men to kidnap the Custer family and bring them back to her creepy farm. When John Custer tried to escape with his wife and son, Jody (one of the crazy men) shoots him in the head in front of his wife and son. Jesse is tortured throughout his life and loses his mom. He eventually loses the fight and becomes a preacher like his grandma wanted him to.
  • Tulip's backstory
  • Show: Mother was a prostitute, uncle was a drunk. Went with child services. Name is not actually Tulip?
  • Books: Grew up with her daddy because her mom died in childbirth. Her name is actually Tulip. Her dad raised her like he would raise a son, which made it hard for her to fit in with the boys or girls but it made her a badass. Her father died in a hunting accident and she got sent to a boarding school, where she met her best friend. Eventually, she met Jesse and fell in love, and the rest is history.
  • Cassidy
  • Book: Addict, but an extremely likable dude who makes bad life choices.
  • Show: Basically, nailed Cassidy so far. You don't find out about his dark side until much later in the books.
  • Emily: Loves Jesse. Is a stay at home mom.
  • Books: NA. Why is she a show character? No idea.
  • Eugene
  • Show: Got rejected, shot girl and himself.
  • Book: His father physically and mentally abused him, he was bullied, and his only friend was a sociopath who killed animals and was obsessed with Nirvana. When Kurt Cobain shot himself, Eugene's friend convinced him that they should commit suicide the same way. Eugene survived and decided to be the best person he could be and continued to be shit on by the entire world. Eugene is a fucking tragic character, and would never have done what the show made him do, but whatever. Why did they do that?! Why?! I'm gonna go cry now.
  • Saint of Killers: Basically, perfection. Keep doing what you're doing show. His scenes are almost taken exactly out of the comics.

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Not a request but just like... imagine what an absolute wreck Reaper/Reyes would be if his dom decided to go so painfully slowly with him, taking their sweet time to work him to a quivering mess. Especially if they just praise him nonstop, tell him how //good// he is and how much they love him and how perfect he is. Blushing/overwhelmed Gabriel is my favorite I'm s o r r y

Oh yes please.

Gabriel, who hasn’t had a person tell him they love him in almost twenty years. Gabriel, who loved his friends more than anything else in the world and was pushed aside to Blackwatch, an outsider in the group he helped form. Gabriel, who put his heart and soul into giving Jesse a chance to be the hero he knew he could be and had to watch the kid he saved being made to believe that he’s the villain.
Gabriel, who believes himself a monster, a psychopath and worse.

Gabriel, who begs them to go faster, rougher, put a painful edge to their touches, because he feels his walls breaking down and it scares him. One more chaste kiss to the corners of his mouth and he’ll open himself to more pain, that in the end always comes. They say the sweetest things and he shakes his head, presses his lips together to suppress the sobs. In almost twenty years he hasn’t felt this good, pleasure coursing through every nerve like electric shocks, his whole body trembling with need. 
Again and again he tries to reach out, return the favour, reciprocate somehow, if only to get things to move along.
But it’s not about them, not tonight and at some point he accepts it, lies back and then they finally fuck him, deep and slow and whispering adorations in his ear. 
He’ll deny that he said their name when he came. He’ll hurl insults at them if they try to talk about him crying. Will use physical violence when they repeat what he said with the aftershocks of his orgasm still ringing through him, emotional, overwhelmed, the whole world turned upside down.

I love you. Don’t leave me.

Pitch Perfect 2 Review

 Let me just start by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Pitch Perfect. It was my fave movie that I saw in theatres in 2012. I actually went to see it in theatres twice on the same weekend. So yeah my expectations for the second movie were pretty high and I have to say that the movie lived up to my expectations. Spoilers under the cut and lots of gifs, none of them are mine.

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