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Observations on the Revived All My Children: Chapter 1, Part 1

I watched the network finales of All My Children and One Life to Live before I watched the new Internet-only episodes.  The “final” episode of All My Children had everyone congregated at the Chandler mansion to celebrate Stuart being alive.  Adam proposed to Brooke. Jackson left Erica and she went to go after him.  JR was skulking around the mansion with a gun.  The finale left off with a major cliffhanger: who did JR shoot?  The potential victims were Dixie, Tad, Adam, Jesse, Angie, Madison, Scott, Marissa, Bianca, and Erica.

Now, we fast-forward five years:

  • Brooke has the iconic red All My Children photo album from the old opening credits!
  • Love the new opening credits and theme song; I like it better than OLTL’s.
  • The whole town is haunted by the events of that party.  From Brooke’s flashback dream, it appears that David and JR struggled with the gun.  Someone is in a coma and at least one person is dead.  We know that JR is the comatose patient from spoilers.  Marissa and/or Tad may be dead (My reasoning: Adam and Brooke ask how Bianca is doing, David visits a grave, Opal said Tad is “gone”, and Dixie tearfully looks at his picture).
  • David got out of prison for manslaughter and visits someone’s grave.  It makes me wonder how David ended up in prison for what happened and what he will do.
  • Adam and Brooke haven’t gotten married yet.
  • Pete Cortlandt is back in Pine Valley, after dropping out of Stanford and running a successful company in California.  Opal wants him to revive his father’s company, Cortlandt Electronics.
  • Opal’s relationship with Pete is so realistic.
  • The mysterious Celia has caught Pete’s eye.  What is the significance of the picture in the broken locket?  And why does she wear a school uniform if she is teaching?
  • Jesse and Angie are as much in love as the last time we saw them.
  • Their sort-of-adopted daughter, Lucy Hubbard, and her biological mother, Maya Mercado, live in Portland now.
  • Why did Angie call Maya by her daughter’s name (finding a job line)?  How did they not catch that in editing?
  • Jesse intended to surprise Angie with a surprise visit by her adopted daughter Cassandra Foster, who appears to be kidnapped.
  • Adam “AJ” Chandler III and Miranda Montgomery are now teenagers and best friends.  He is in love with her, but she doesn’t notice and is crushing on popular Hunter.
  • I like that Miranda called AJ “Ace”, which was his nickname when he was thought to be Kevin Buchanan and Kelly Cramer’s son during the 2004 AMC/OLTL Baby Switch.
  • Cara’s still got it bad for bad boy Dr. David.  That sex scene fantasy was hot!  Can’t wait for her and Griffin to find out about David’s release.  What happened to Cara’s child?
  • No wonder Opal barely recognizes Petey - he has a different face, bulked up and hasn’t been seen since 2009.
  • Loving that they show the pictures of characters not on the show.
  • AJ seems to be struggling with his father’s actions and the consequences.
  • What role will headmistress Evelyn Johnson and does she have any connection with Francesca James’ previous AMC characters Kitty Shea and Kelly Cole?

There were so many references to AMC’s network cancellation and online revival:

  • The song while Pete drives into town is The Limousines' "Internet Killed the Video Star", which is a nice allusion to The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”
  • Pete’s phone conversation to Spence: “It’s all changing.  Everyone’s watching TV online now.”
  • Opal wanting Pete to revive Cortlandt Electronics, including after he read the file (Opal = fans, Pete = Prospect Park, Cortlandt Electronics = All My Children and One Life to Live)
  • Adam and Brooke’s discussion before the reproposal sort of hinted at the relationship between fans and the canceled soap operas (although, that could have just been me).