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Happy 26th Birthday to our Queen, Fashion Icon, Loving Daughter, Sweet Granddaughter, Doting Mother of Zeppelin, Caring Girlfriend, and to the Beautiful Girl with Gorgeous Body and Stunning Legs, the almost perfect Dakota Mayi Johnson. I’m a proud fan. I love you. Be happy always!!! :)


SPN next gen characters, then & now!

From the top, we have:

  • Jesse Turner, the Antichrist kid from 5.06, played by Gattlin Griffith
  • Ben Braeden, Dean’s maybe-son from seasons 3 and 6, played by Nicholas Elia
  • Claire Novak, the daughter of Castiel’s vessel from 4.20, played by Sydney Imbeau
  • Katie Doolittle, the girl who was replaced by a changeling in 3.02, played by Margot Berner
  • Aaron Birch, the boy who sold his soul to Balthazar avenge his brother’s murder in 6.03, played by Adom Osei

The next gen kids, with a cap from their episode and then a more recent picture! These are the characters who grew up so much between their episode and our verse that we had to choose fancasts for them. I didn’t include those fancasts here, but look, they’re growing up!! Soon we won’t even need older actors. That will be both a sad and happy day.

Also, today (March 29, 2014) is Jesse Turner’s 16th birthday, if you didn’t know. He’d probably be starting to look like this!