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🍋 The mighty Reyes’ test to join the Blackwatch:
If you save the fruit you are with Overwatch… but if you slice it you’re badass enough ahahah

And if you are wondering about the lemon… here’s [part 2]

My favorite thing is theater critics attempting to describe Lucas Steele as Anatole

“Enter the peacocking rogue Anatole (Lucas Steele, a platinum-blond knife-blade who looks like he could have kept One Direction together singlehandedly).”

-Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“Anatole (Lucas Steele, so wickedly sexy he should be arrested) is a preening peacock with a platinum-blond faux-hawk, given a flashy rock-star entrance

-David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“Steele is charismatic as the cocky hedonist, haughtily tearing through scenes like a Disney prince off his meds.

-Robert Kahn, NBC 4

"Anatole — portrayed by Lucas Steele with irrepressible rock-star vanity and the hair of a platinum woodpecker.”

-Linda Winer, Newsday

"Lucas Steele, for instance, is ideal as the Anatole conceived here: a rock star in skintight pants and a cantilevered pompadour.”

-Jesse Green, Vulture

"Lucas Steele performs the devilishly handsome Anatole with a cocky swagger that is just as effective on this recording as it is in person at the Imperial Theatre. Steele’s sex-infused instrument uses sublime delicacy to woo Natasha and listeners alike, allowing audiences to understand how he could sweep the young girl away.”

-David Clarke, Broadway World

"Steele’s Anatole Kuragin, the androgynous Casanova with a platinum pompadour who sweeps onto the stage with a David Bowie swagger and an introductory line in the opening song that tells the audience almost everything we need to know about him: “Anatole is hot. He spends his money on women and wine.”

-Dana Schwartz, The Observer

"Steele comes across as a Disney prince who plunged into New York City in an Enchanted­-like scenario

-Dana Schwartz, The Observer

"Lucas Steele plays Anatole as a Disney villain—sky-high pompadour, skin-tight pants, slinkily thrust hips, and a singing voice that soars and swoops”

-Jil Picariello, ZEALnyc

"Anatole’s played by Lucas Steele, who reminds me a bit of a young Val Kilmer (Think Top Secret, not Top Gun)

-Laura LaVelle, Newswhistle

Basically it’s the best.

Billie Joe is an unbelievably solid guitar player. A lot of kids think he is not all that great simply because he avoids solos and plays relatively simple parts. They don’t know what they’re talking about. He’s a machine. He can also play all sorts of flash shit, but he has good taste so he doesn’t. He’s the salt of the earth. Everybody loves Billie because he is real, and charming, and an all-around nice person. He is troubled at times like every artist, but he never lets it interfere with how he treats people around him.
—  Jesse Michaels
10 signs you should probably delete Green Light from your music library

1) You don’t even give the song a chance to finish before you’re restarting it

2) It’s literally the only song you’ve listened to in the past 3 days

3) You’re stomach drops in time with the music

4) Goosebumps… lots of goosebumps

5) You can’t listen to it post meal because you are so sure you WILL throw up

6) You mentally dissect every single lyric over and over

7) Your family have openly admitted they’ve heard Lorde’s voice so much they never want to hear it again

8) Your friends have started deleting you off snapchat because every single snap is you rolling on the floor crying to the lyrics

9) Did I mention your stomach drops? Because I mean like, sky diving drops

10) You’re now officially Lorde’s number one fan

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But who the fuck am I kidding? I ain’t deleting it if it’s the last thing I do.

(This post was written while listening to Green Light by Lorde….)