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Gilmore Girls!

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  • Favourite Female:

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  • Favourite Male:

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  • 3 Other Favourite Characters:

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  • 3 OTPs:

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  • Notp:

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  • Funniest character:

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  • Prettiest character:

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  • Most Annoying Character:

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  • Most badass character:

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  • Character I’d like as my BFF:

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  • Female Character I’d Marry:

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  • Male Character I’d Marry:

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  • Character I hate/dislike/least like:

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Send me a fandom and I’ll answer these questions!

Before Pam, Jim was with Karen
Before Monica, Chandler was with Janice
Before Jess, Nick was with Reagan
Before Rachel, Ross was with Julie
Before Peyton, Lucas was with Lindsey
Before Erin, Jay was with Gabby

Keep your head up, your soulmate is on his way.

Things I would like to see if the revival gets a season 2

- The wedding. The ACTUAL wedding;

- Lorelai and Rory spending the holidays at Nantucket with Emily. Maybe bringing Luke and Jess along;

- Rory and Jess falling in love with each other again. ON SCREEN;

- Jess helping her when she’s pregnant and the two of them raising the baby together;

- Rory writing her book and getting it published at Jess’ publishing house;

- Lorelai and Luke being happy and NOT having so many communication issues, bc after all they’ve been together for more than 10 years now and they have learned to tell things to each other like normal functional couples;

- Lorelai and Michel expanding the Dragonfly Inn;

- Jess and Luke’s relationship. Also Luke and April and Jess and April;

- Paris and Doyle getting back together, moving out of that house and raising their children;

- Lane’s relationship with her kids;

- Hep Alien playing in pubs and restaurants in the cities nearby Stars Hollow;

- Lane, Paris and Rory being friends;

- Rory and Jess, Paris and Doyle double date;

- Lorelai and Rory having breakfest together at Luke’s like the old days. Also movie night;

- Lorelai teaching Rory how to be a mother.