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[…] David called me and said, ‘Hey, come in to my office quickly’, so I did. And I remember— I was on my Vespa (I was on my scooter, my little english scooter)—And I remember the route, that route was like the most–  I will never forget that route. It engenders incredible excitement in me. Just because of the meeting that I ended up having at his office and the decision I had to make on the way back (which was the most simple decision ever), it was just a really beautiful kind of ‘wind-through-my-helmet’ moment, and he kind of just said ‘Eduardo’, and I was like ‘what do you mean?’, and he was like, ‘you know, what do you think? Think about it. Read the script and think about it’, and I was—Well, I’d play Brenda Song’s character in this—so I was like ‘Yeah, okay. I will think about this other role in your movie, Fincher… whatever.’

  • Interviewer: Taking a cue from Blu's own journey, do you know the exact moment of when you felt you took flight in your own life?
  • Jesse Eisenberg: No, I haven’t had the kind of the feeling that Blu has in the movie where he like, really kind of discovers himself. I have several doctors working on that in New York right now, but there is not kind of one moment for me.