jesse eisemann

Cracked fan Greg Welsh Jr. might be a lot like you, in the sense that he’s one single pop culture fan and not an endlessly duplicated shell of a human. The only version of Greg there has ever been pitched this Prestige + Mario idea to us, and one of many dimensional versions of Soren OKed it and Jesse Eisemann designed it into the literal fabric of reality (cotton). Because isn’t Mario’s “multiple lives” situation sort of like Hugh Jackman’s drowned magician character, or the key quandary of teleportation? Don’t Mario and Luigi probably have an intense behind-the-scenes rivalry for your preference as a player? Isn’t David Bowie awesome? If you agree with at least two of those propositions, this is the shirt for you. And if you don’t agree with any of them, you need to sit down with at least one segment of Bowie’s career and rethink some things. [GET IT HERE]