jesse d'amato

Dane DeHaan And His Roles
  • Lucien Carr: Abused college student who wanted to make a mark in the world and was suicidal.
  • Andrew Detmer: Abused telekinetic high school student who planned on exposing his father but lost control.
  • Timbo: Country Redneck™ Licks people's wounds like an animal
  • Jesse D'amato: "Fuck" Never stops swearing?? "You ruined my fucking life" Angst™
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Dane DeHaan as Jesse D'Amato [In Treatment, 2010]

I used to spend hours when I was a kid just looking in the mirror trying to figure out if I was handsome or not. And what did you decide? Well, it just depended on the day. If someone told me I was handsome, then I was handsome. And if someone told me I was ugly, then I believed that. I hardly ever look in the mirror anymore, though, not if I can help it. It’s just too stressful.