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Victoria Brito (age unknown & multiracial; Afro-Brazilian+)
Kat Graham (18-26 & Americo-Liberian and Ashkenazi Jewish)
Diandra Forrest (20-28 & albino African-American)
Tamera Foster (16-19 & ethnicity unknown)
Jess Plummer (17-22 & ethnicity unknown)
Vickie Sorensen (age & ethnicity unknown)

In reference to this ask answered by notanotherrph! If you have any corrections or information I have missed, please let me know so I can correct the post!

Hi, i’m Jesse Brito, I have decided to create a tumblr account to help promote my album coming out soon to Supernova and possibly iTunes! The album is called Vintage Radio and is planed to be released some point before the Christmas of 2011. I will also post some pictures and clips of in-studio recording, live shows, and other projects I have been working on; such as the Source Mod: Battle For Eurasia which Vikingfern has so kindly helped me with. Check out his page too!

Not Enough To Know- Rough Lyrics

Not even close to being done, but gives me a good starting point and constructive criticism. This is done in a western sing style, hence the simplistic lyrics.

Intro: Hum main rift

1. 2. 3. 4.

Verse 1:

My expertise in every field

Is outshined by the fact that everyone was healed

By the slurred words of a higher faith

Putting false hope in something that’s unsafe

But that’s okay, when the world is bent

On salvation on a second son that was to be sent


But God knew

There just wasn’t enough to know

So we too

Put our minds in a hole,

With our guilty filthy soul,

But God knew

There just wasn’t enough to know

X2 Never Enough to Know

I created your name,

Said you were sane

Not enough to know

You said take it slow

That’s not how we roll

Because there needs to be more to know


I don’t need you false hopes and pretenses

I just need you to remove your mental fences

So society can finally move forward

But knowing you,

There won’t be enough to know.


Second Verse/ revised bridge:

Main riff hum


Double end chorus:

X2(Keeping us sane, keeping us sane

For personal gain, your own damn gain

Sick in the brain, twisted little brain)

But that’s okay

‘Cause there isn’t enough to know

Chorus hum.