so I kinda made up stupid headcanon where mccree and hanzo actually get along pretty well, becoming drinking buddies and sparring partners, a wholesome good (terrifying) team in battle, but NEVER THINK ABOUT DATING until someone *coughhanaorlenacough* points out they got good chemistry going on they should totally date and they’re like, ‘pfft haha good one’ and everyone just join in on the joke. but then they started to act like they’re dating because partly they want to mess with everyone leaving them wondering whether or not they’re legit, and partly because they know full well they look GOOD together and want to make people sorta jealous of them being one of those eyecandy couples that people slaps #RelationshipGoals label on. ( “ok han. but why tho.” - “because AESTHETIC, jesse.” hanzo is an ex-rich yakuza clan heir aka used to living in lap of luxury you cant tell me his ass isn’t lowkey vain)

and guess what the jokes gone too far and now they’re both legit in love w/ eachother but has no IDEA how to confess cause this ride aint got no breaks and they’ve basically throw themselves in the middle of it and now they’re stuck in rollercoaster of mutual pining, pathetic longing and cripling doubt where neither of them is sure that one sweet romantic gesture is trully heartfelt or just another part of the joke.