I got a sketchbook and I seriously love drawing in it. I’m going to try and draw at least two drawings in it each week. I’m thinking about doing some collage work too, but for now, unfinished man face.

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Christ the King statue (Portuguese: Cristo Rei) is a Catholic monument and shrine overlooking the city of Lubango in the South of Angola. It was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), as one of only four in the world. This 30 metre high white marble statue was built in 1957.
The monument was designed in the 50s by Portuguese engineer of Madeira Frazão Sardinha, and is listed as an Angolan World Heritage Site as of April 18, 2014.
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Photography b @jessartes follow me!
Musseleje of water falls, 95 km of Malange capital and 20 km from the Pole are conducive to baths and are, along with the fall of Mactan to Luando and Mbango it Nzenza, benchmarks to know and explore the incredible natural beauty of the places. @adyleao
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