Y'all, my first book is being released tomorrow by @workmanpub. I’m overwhelmed by all of the nice shit that’s been written about it, not to mention the awesome write-ups in print mags like @elleusa, @bust_magazine, @healthmagazine, & @familycirclemag. Also, apparently there’s already a book club reading it this month and I’m just sitting over here like 😳📕😳📕

Tomorrow’s Bull City tour kick-off at @motorcomh c/o @regulatorbookshop is allegedly sold out, but y'all know how I feel about party crashers- just show up and you’ll probably get in- at the very least you can grab a beer or some sesame udon salad at @partsandlabour. Tell ‘em Jessamyn sent you & TIP YOUR BARTENDER PLEASE AND THANK YOU. After that, it’s Nashville’s @parnassusbooks on Wednesday, Raleigh’s @quailridgebooks on Thursday, and a yoga class at #yogafestnc on Saturday- all the info’s on (link is in the header). Anyway, y'all are the best & I’m so excited to meet you. Also USE THE #EVERYBODYYOGA SNAPCHAT FILTER WHEN YOU’RE AT THE EVENTS- it features a half-naked bitmoji Jessamyn doing yoga soooo. Yeah. Let’s spread that shit.

You can buy “Every Body Yoga” anywhere fine books are sold. I have waited a long time to say those words. Also, this shameless promotion is inspired by the boys of @thecrookedmedia.

Outfit by @vonscher_active Photo by @lydiahudgens (at Durham, North Carolina)

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When I was in SoCal shooting w/ @maleshactivewear, @briancrawfordphotography’s lil neighbor girl came over while I was warming up. She proclaimed that she wanted to practice yoga too, ran back to her house, and returned fully geared out in yoga clothes w/ a mat under her arm. We worked through sun sal A together, I gave her some handstand tips, and then she taught me how to cartwheel. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Now we’re pen pals- like the old school, write each other physical letters type of pen pals. And I’m just sayin- if Martin had a dream, it was DEFINITELY an almost thirty fat black femme and an elementary aged tiny lil blonde beast practicing yoga and gymnastics together in the summer sun. Anyway, my lover snapped this video and I forgot about the physical evidence of that experience and now I’m cheesing all over Durham County. This is magic. All adults should have a kid friend, honestly- but not in a gross way and here’s hoping y'all can tell the difference. Wow, way to make all of that weird, Jessamyn. 🙄

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You wouldn’t know it from social media, but I’m extremely introverted in real life. I am that person who wears headphones to avoid random conversations and plows through crowds with her heads down. I think it’s surprising to people who approach me in public- I’m usually surprised/in my own little world & end up infecting whoever it is with the byproducts of my social anxiety. If you and I have had this kind of interaction, please accept my sincerest apologies. I was very apprehensive about meeting so many new people during the #everybodyyoga book tour and I took an opportunity to spout off at the mouth about my assorted neurosis to @gabbybernstein while we waited backstage at a @motrin #womaninprogress event last winter. She listened patiently without interrupting because she’s generous, kind and probably had nothing better to do. Then she suggested that the tour might actually be energizing for me- that the experience would offer opportunity for growth. At the time, I maaaaaaay have mentally given side eye bc at my best I’m a know it all, ya dig. But as time’s elapsed, I’ve gotta retract my side eye. I think Gabby was right. Do I still feel compelled to hide in a corner after every signing and interview? Um, duh. But I have met so many awesome people already and it’s literally only been a week. Y'all are so dope and you’re legit giving me life. So if I act sketchy when we meet, don’t take it personally- I’m like that with basically everyone.

I’m talking body politics and signing books in NYC at @strandbookstore on Wednesday at 7pm with @bustle’s @amandakater my play cousin @kellyaugustineb & the incredible @thelindywest-click the link in my instagram header or go to Jessamyn for tickets!

Throwback to practicing #treepose a month the hunbling Joshua Trees. Photo by bae @brittsully

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