jessalyn gilsig

Canada Day Message to all Glee fans

To all of Gleeks everywhere I returned to the fandom full time on this the 150th year of Cory Monteith’s beloved Canada, and thus today say my thanks to Vanessa, Jessalyn and Nolan for repping the country on this series, which aired on Global. I must now say on behalf of the fandom to all the people of Canada, especially from Calgary and Vancouver where Cory was from and to our Canadian Gleeks that it’s been a pleasure having been a big part of our lives together for 8 long years, especially for Cory’s enduring presence in television screens all over the globe, to have ever seen a faithful son of the True North grow up in our eyes in such a brief time, and to have mourned with them when he passed away all so sudden almost 4 years ago, in the very city where he grew up and where, just this spring, 3 of its alums met again on television marking the 2nd year since the series finale with the historic The Flash and Supergirl episode featuring fellow Glee alum Darren Criss. 

On this the very historic 150th anniversary of Confederation, my greetings go to the Monteiths of Vancouver and to Jessalyn, Nolan and Vanessa and by extension to Cory’s own band Bonnie Dune and above all to all the Glee fans who celebrate this great holiday today.

Don’t Stop Believin, Canada! And to our Cory, we will always remember you fropm the bottom of our hearts as we mark 4 years since your passing. Our beloved Canadian drummer will always be missed, most of all from the country where he truly lived. From all Glee fans everwhere old and new…. Je Me Souviens!