Tumblr Fair 2012!

Dianne x Erika X Kisty (and her boyfriend?)

Dianne Dequina xx Jessa Ang booth (I love observing them! They’re so cute!)

I believe these are from Jessa’s booth. Too bad I got too shy to have a photo with her. She’s super gorgeous! Mr. O has a crush on her! Hehehe :3

Stalking Cammie and Kimi (one of the reasons why I attended the event!) :p

Kisty Mea – finally Kisty! You’re so pretty!! :) 

And my favorite blogger – Cammie! I really had to go to Tumblr Fair to see her and when I finally did… :)

(sorry awkward smile!!)

Me : Hi Cammie!! I’m Sebastian.

Cammie : MISH!!!

Lol. I told her that I’ll be coming to her booth (but wasn’t able to buy any kasi I was really pretty shy and awkward, I can’t even look at her!!)

Me : Where’s Gab? (Cammie’s boyfriend)

Cammie : He’ll be bored here so I told him to just stay home! (pretty smile and I died!)

I just can’t believe that I have talked to her!! :3 She’s really pretty @_@ 

Someone approached me and recognized me and Mr. O (someone is reading my blog, hahaha!) !! I feel kilig!! Thank you!! :)

And another reason why I had to go to this event? To finally meet and see Aia in person!! We’ve known each other (and became friends) for  almost a year and yet yesterday was the very first time that I saw her in person! She’s sooooo cuuuttee! :3 I’m really happy to see her and hug her and kiss her after everything that has happened! :) I love you, Aia!!

Follow Aia at :3

And Mr. O’s really bored the entire time we were at Tumblr Fair. He just couldn’t get it when I point at some girl and feel extra kilig that I see her in person. He was just : “Okay.” Hahaha. But really, thank you Mr. O for still accompanying me!!

I love you ALDRIN! :)

And that’s me!! :) Follow follow! (i gained 23 followers as of this hour, I guess I owe it to this event? Thanks Tumblr Fair!!) :p

And here’s what I wore yesterday :

White v-neck shirt – Zara
Blazer – SM Dept Store
Skirt – Zara
Boots – Thrifted

Will share what I bought from Tumblr Fair soon! (Sana sipagin ako :p) Til next bazaar!! :)

Fashion Blogger to Watch Out For: Jessa Ang

I discovered Jessa’s blog when she was featured as a Fashion Blogger of the Week in Khai’s blog, and I remember that I found her really cute, and that is the first reason why I followed her.

I immediately enjoyed reading her blog because there was never a dull moment. Of course as an enthusiast, my favorites were her outfit posts. I love how her looks suit her very well: youthful, dainty and lovely.

What I adore about her is that she has a very sweet smile, her photos give off that vibe that she can charm anyone that she meets. Everytime I see her face, I feel as if she is friendly, kind, and has a great sense of humility. Even though she already has reached fame, I love how she is still very down to earth.

More than just a pretty face, though, I consider Jessa as the jack of all trades. A style guru, a jet-setter, a blogger, a model, and an entrepreneur among other things! I see her as the next Tricia because at the young age of 19, she already has started to make a name for herself. I don’t doubt that someday, her name will be big in the fashion industry.

An Interview With Jessa:

Who is Jessa Ang and where can we find her?

  –Jessa Ang of is an ordinary Filipino-Chinese blogger from Manila. She dreams of becoming part of the fashion industry one day. 

What can we expect to see in your blog?

  –Itsy bitsy of outfit photos, a flood of photos from events, a lot of travel photos (I now made a travel blog, haha), and personal posts.

How is your blog different from other fashion blogs?

  –I started blogging when being a “blogger” wasn’t an occupation status or blogging as a form of media, so my posts were entirely random and mixed. I have a lot of travel and personal-related posts, so until now, I don’t know if I should still say that I own a fashion blog. 

I also believe that I am not at par with the other fashion bloggers who get the first dibs on events, and get freebies all the time. 

Describe your sense of style:

  –I always go for sophisticated, youthful and conservative outfits. I also mix and match pieces with other existing clothes I have. On lazy days, I just wear a laid back outfit- hoodie, shorts, and my trust Shanghai from Anthology flats.

When did you start dressing up?

  –I became aware of fashion when I started reading fashion magazines and blogs, browsing looks in (I didn’t have an account then). I was also influenced by other cultures due to my frequent travel abroad and in other places in the world.

Where do you usually shop? Can you recommend an online shop for us?

  –I shop everywhere! Department stores, bazaars, thrift shops,  online shops, Forever 21, Bayo.

For shoes, I recommend Shop Dainty and Asian Vogue.  For clothes: Pirouette and Club Couture! For accessories: Spices and Jean and Rosz 

Who are your fashion inspirations?

  –To name a few, Camille Co and Kryz Uy. They are my top favorite local fashion bloggers. I also look up to various users. I also get inspiration from local and international magazines.

What are other fashion blogs that you follow?

  –I just started browsing fashion blogs in Blogspot like Artsy Fartsy Ava’s, Vern Enciso’s, Ana Gonzalez’s, and a lot more. I also follow Tricia Gosingtian’s, Camille Co’s, and Kryz Uy’s. 

What are your body insecurities and how do you deal with them?

  –Height! I also have a small frame so people often mistaken me for being below 18 and a high school student. I try to uplift my self-esteem by saying, “at least I don’t look old!” 

What can you advice girls who want to express themselves through fashion but are embarrassed to do so?

  –Don’t let fear conquer your dreams. Enjoy dressing up and always feel good about yourself. 

Check out her blog, like me, you’ll find yourself going through each post and not wanting to miss a single one.
Love and world peace,

Chill Aztec-yy Night

Geometric Top from OASAP, Bag from Guerlain, Watch from Timex and Shoes from Timex

I had a date with my two favorite online girls, Jessa and Erika. We went out for a chill Tuesday night at Tagaytay (will be blogging about it on my next post). And here’s what I wore! :)

This day was the day after my birthday so I had a little hangover and ended up dressing up the “basta-basta” way.

Hahaha. Haggard! These photos were taken after a long drive, non stop kwentuhan and after we ate dinner. Sorry for the photo quality too, it was so hard to cooperate with the camera during night/ low lights. 

Don’t you just love my shirt’s print? Geometric, aztec-yy ang peg! Hehe

Hello to my new sneakers! This was my boyfriend’s gift. He told me to rest my feet in heels. I missed wearing sneakers. 

Photos by: Jessa Ang


The Next Big Thing

Last friday, me, Jessa and Dianne went to Rockwell’s The Next Big Thing Bazaar.

It was such an impromptu thing that I almost went there wearing my uniform. Good thing Dianne’s dormitory was near UST and I was able to borrow a top from her. I sounded like a scavenger of clothing, haha! Afterwards, we met up with Jessa at Sinangag Express, Taft and had our lunch there. If you’ve been following my tweets, I mentioned my regret of ordering their Vigan Longganisa. It doesn’t taste good and it’s quite dry. I wish I ordered their Tapsilog instead.

Aaaaanyway, when we got to Rockwell Tent, we were asked to vote for our favorite booth. It was weird because they wanted us to vote before going around so we didn’t have the chance to see the booths beforehand. I voted for Coexist because I wanted to join Camille and Kryz’ giveaway, haha!

Bumped into Elisa (leftmost) and Kisty (rightmost)

Can you see the outfit I came up with at very little time? XD I’m wearing Dianne’s top!

Jessa was taking too long to pick a swimsuit, I just had to make a “Jessa-is-so-tagal” gesture, haha!

I saw a cute dress for Sophia! Sadly, I wasn’t able to buy it :(

Earthly Delights

External image

Started the month off with a fun hip party at Skye Lounge hosted by Status Magazine and Keds Philippines last June 2. Status released their green issue with the super model; Miranda Kerr on the cover (definitely a must-see) and in line with this Keds, graced the party with their up to date shoe collection. This event is all in all awesome. Want some proof? Check out the photos below! ;)

External image

External image

External image

External image

 Pumped up by all the mix played by DJ Fashe, DJ Euric and Angelo Mendez.

External image

 The whole place is jam packed and by how it looks, everyone is having fun, a lot!

External image

 Went there with the blogger friends Tina, Kayra and Dana. I’m sure you guys are familiar with these ever lovable ladies!

External image

The wonder woman a.k.a Angel was also there!

External image

External image
We then sit with Dianne, Jessa and her friend.This is my first ever event with them. I love how friendly and humble these girls are (Hi you two!)

External image

External image

External image

External image

Unlimited food, booze, Magnum and water guns! Yes, this party is so hip people are welcome to get soaking wet! :D

External image

External image

External image

Roamed around and took random photos. Found this cool windmill, is it eally a windmill? That, i don’t know Haha! ;)

External image

External image

External image

   and this very hippie inspired shoe right here is my chosen Keds.

 There, hope you guys enjoyed this post event entry. I will be posting Bloggers United 3 next. So you better drop by again. Thank you for visiting my blog today! You’re Beautiful!




Chill Tuesday Night

Last Tuesday night, the last day of the precious long weekend, Jessa, Erika and I  have a dinner date at Tagaytay. It was so hilarious because we didn’t have a plan and we didn’t know where to go. 

We ended up going to Cliffhouse, Tagaytay to have some pasta and pizza. We ate at Buon Giorno, which is a very lovely and sweet place!

AHHH. Missed them both!

The New York Pizza! AHHH. No words can describe how I love this pizza. I may be exaggerating but believe me, it tastes so good!

We really missed each other so we went to Starbucks to spend more time together. Non stop kwentuhan, tawanan and asaran. Hehe. If you’ll ask me who are my favorite girls online, they are + my other BBs! I love how cute, humble, kind and talkative they are. :). Believe me, you won’t get bored when you’re with them.

Til our next date, bbs! ♥


A Bright Idea: The Lookbook (Shop Dainty x My Cup of Tea)

Whee! I’m so giddy! I was finally able to create a lookbook that is magazine style. Isn’t it pretty? I’m one proud lady because I’m able to create this one from scratch. Well, thanks to the post processed photos by the lovely Jessa. Aside from that, the text and layout was done by yours truly. I can’t stop flipping the pages over and over. Haha! I know, I’m exaggerating but it’s just too cool. Don’t you think so too? ;D

So don’t ever ever ever forget to drop by Shop Dainty and My Cup of Tea’s Facebook pages THIS FRIDAY at 8pm. Only one piece per item so be sure to grab ‘em first!

P.S. It looks so much better if you view in full screen ;)

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Behind the Lovely Scene

If you’ve been following me (@erikadainty), Dianne (@diannedequina) and Jessa (@_jessaa) on Twitter, you probably have a hint already of what we’ve been up to lately. It has only been a week in the making and we’re so giddy and thrilled to share it with you guys. For now, we’re still keeping our mouths shut on what this photo shoot is for. But we do hope you’d be excited as well!

To add to your interest and anticipation, here are behind the scene photos from what happened yesterday. Can you guess what it is? (Hint: Look at the tags)

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Mango F/W 2011 Fashion Show

Last September 7, Mango launched their Fall/Winter Collection at Resorts World. Thanks to Kisty my love, I was able to attend the event together with Jessa, Dianna and Cariza.

There were five collections which was styled by five up and coming stylists: Bianca Santiago-Reinoso styled Modern Mystique, Patrick Galang for Alluring Androgyny, for Nudes and Neutrals it was Myrrh Lao To, Teej Nepomuceno for Glamorous Getaway and finally, Ortiental Opulence styled by Preview’s own Anna Canlas.

Me with my girls: Kisty, Dianne, Me, Cariza, Jessa

Afterwards, we went to Mcdo to have dinner. Chicken fillet forever! <3 Then obligatory outfit posts ^^

Photo credits to: Kisty, Dianne and Jessa

P.S. Birthday giveaway winners will be announced tonight! :D

Welcome Back Kisty!

Last February 13, I had a “Pre-Valentine’s” and “Welcome Back Kisty” dinner with my BBs! I traveled all the way from Manila to Greenbelt 5 with Dianne. By the time we met up with Kisty and Cariza, we couldn’t decide where to eat and we were already so hungry. Since John and Yoko was only a few steps away, we decided to dine there instead. A few minutes later, Jessa and Jonver arrived as well.

I missed these girls (and guy) so much and this was the only time we’ve been together again after months. I’ve met them only late last year but I feel like we’ve bonded for a longer time than that. We talk about anything and everything! And because we’re all bloggers, it wasn’t embarrassing to take pictures of the food first before eating. Or take pictures of anything for that matter.

We ordered a whole lot of food… I think. I won’t explain the dishes we had in detail but we had Oyster Overload, California Maki, Philadelphia Roll, Cold Soba and Kani Salad, Japaella and Chicken Teriyaki Pizza. They were all super duper good!

Kisty will only be here in the Philippines for 2 weeks and she’ll be back to Singapore to study again. We’re making the most of her time here so watch out for my next post because we went someplace again, hihi.

Photos from Jessa and Jonver

John and Yoko

  • Alabang Town Center, Commerce Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • 2/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St, Legazpi Village, Makati; (02) 729-8698