Oscar-winning musician and Underground executive producer John Legend has signed on to play a key, guest-starring role in the upcoming ten-episode second season of WGN America’s drama.

Legend will play famed abolitionist and author Frederick Douglass: born into slavery, Douglass daringly escaped bondage in Maryland and went onto become a revolutionary leader of the 19th century. A prominent writer, celebrated speaker and progressive political reformist, he was considered a beacon of hope for many.

As previously reported, Aisha Hinds will also recur as Harriet Tubman.
The Birds of Prey Return On Arrow | GreenArrowTV

The Huntress is returning to Arrow.

In an upcoming episode of Arrow, appropriately titled “Birds of Prey,”Helena Bertinelli (Jess de Gouw) is back! According to the TV Guide article, Helena (The Huntress) makes her way back to Starling City hoping to get revenge after the Arrow arrests Frank. But, in order to get to the Arrow, she also has to get past the Black Canary (Caity Lotz!)