Jess (Franklin Burgess Collins). Collage for Joe Dunn’s The Better Dream House. Wherein the huge sickness of lovely Pauline and the first smells of imminent molasses, These make him take more steps than necessary he walks around tiring himself till he has an epiphany, Bernard walked in limping & sat in the wicker chair which had no legs, The Killing of Visions, Bernard coughed & therefore was the first to go into the playland, Pauline’s eyes watered and glistened within the shadows of her cheekbone, The window in Sal’s room had a rope which ran across the alley & up one flight to Steve’s apartment, …and became the first to listen to the white globules behind his eyes, wondered at the small death bubbles more numerous than notebooks, and a half note and ten feet above it all     the moon! (top to bottom). White Rabbit Press. 1968.


Get to Know Me Meme - [5/5] favorite musicals » RENT

Mark"The opposite of war isn’t peace!"
Joanne: "What is?"
Mark: "It’s creation!"

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