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Review: 'Extraterrestrial' is a bag of clichés

April (Brittany Allen) is covered in alien goo. (Shaw Organisation)

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Secret ending? No.

Running time: 106 minutes (~1.75 hours)

“Extraterrestrial” is a sci-fi horror film that revolves around a group of teenagers coming up on a crashed alien spaceship. But they slowly discover the horrors that have been unleashed by the spaceship, and must fight to survive the night. It stars Brittany Allen (April), Freddie Stroma (Kyle), Melanie Papalia (Melanie), Jesse Moss (Seth), Anja Savcic (Lex), Gil Bellows (Sheriff Murphy), and Michael Ironside (Travis). It is rated M-18.

You can tell that the folk behind “Extraterrestrial” are seasoned horror movie goers, because virtually every horror stereotype has been force fitted into the movie. Granted, scary movies sometimes require the protagonists to lose a bit of common sense to get into the inextricable positions that entertain us so, but “Extraterrestrial” just piles it on like it was going out of sale. It’s difficult to take a movie seriously when it’s as stuffed full of clichés as this is.

The aliens attack. (Shaw Organisation)


Michael Ironside is fun as the ornery old man

If there’s one thing Michael Ironside is good for, it’s putting that deep, gruff voice of his to some old-fashioned patriarchal smackdown on young kids. Travis could easily have been the stereotypical old man, but the character is saved by Michael Ironside putting some old-timey roughness to the man. It’s a pity he couldn’t play a bigger role, because he’s the most interesting character by far in the film.

More aliens. (Shaw Organisation)


Clichéd scares

There’s no getting away from the fact that the whole film relies heavily on the use of overused horror techniques in delivering the frights. It’s OK to rely on some tropes, but not for every single scare tactic in the film. It becomes so derivative that even if there were a shred of originality in the film, it’s buried under the mound of stale stereotypes.

Overdone colour corrections

I understand that it’s to set the mood and all, but it’s like they only had two filters to work with in post-production — bright orange or dark blue. Again, it’s used as a film device to signify the tone of the scene, but there can be variations in the usage of colour, rather than setting it to either extreme.

Random usage of handheld shots

Especially at the beginning of the film, there are many switches from traditional camera angles to the “found footage” type of shots for no rhyme or reason. If this were maintained as a storytelling device, it would be justified, but that whole idea is dropped later in the film, only to be replaced by another strange set of shots that are seen from the individual character’s psychotic view points. It’s strange, abrupt and serves no purpose.

A cheesy ending

As with the scares, the ending is so rife with cheesiness that you’re really not sure what to make of it. The film ends without bringing any insight to human nature to you, nor is there a point to having gone through the scares. The worst part is that it wasn’t scary to begin with.

Reach out and touch somebody. (Shaw Organisation)

“Extraterrestrial” feels like a student project done with a professional budget, and it shows. There’s no salvaging this bag of clichés.

Should you watch this at weekday movie ticket prices? No.

Should you watch this for free? No.

“Extraterrestrial” opens in cinemas 23 July, 2015 (Thursday).

Canavar Tohumlar / The Terror Beneath Türkçe Dublaj 2011

Hakkında Bilgi:
Tür: Aksiyon, Bilim Kurgu, Korku
Yapım: 2011  - ABD - Kanada
Yönetmen: Paul Ziller
Oyuncular: Adrian Pasdar Daniel Bacon David Lewis David Richmond-Peck James Morrison Jesse Moss Luisa D'Oliveira Nicholas Carella Stefanie von Pfetten
Senarist: Mike Muldoon Paul Ziller
Yapımcı: Raymond Massey

Konu: Devasa kökler Dünya'yı tehdit etmektedir bir grup çevreci ve hükümet ajanı durumu engelemeye çalışır…


“Telling you now” by Jesse moss. Still one of my favorite songs. Brings back alot of memories when I was first coming out lol. Gah to be young again.

Extraterrestrial (2014) Movie Review:
“Close Encounters of the Woodsy, Slasher Kind”.
Extraterrestrial a Horror, Sci-Fi (also known under the working title of The Visitors) directed by Colin Minihan and it is based on a script by both Vicious Brothers
(just so you know he Vicious Brothers are a duo consisting Canadian filmmakers Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz. They are best known for writing and directing the cult horror film, Grave Encounters and for writing and producing its sequel, Grave Encounters 2.),
the film stars Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia, Jesse Moss, Anja Savcic,Gil Bellows & Michael Ironside.
Extraterrestrial follows a group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods find themselves terrorized by alien visitors,
in this pretty dull uneventful piece of so called entertainment that feels much much longer than it’s run time of 101 minuets and it just needed to be shorter throught about more and made more exciting but as it stands I am affraid its a bad time all round,
and when on the DVD cover it says do not watch with the lights out I now know that is because you would fall asleep.
Extraterrestrial at first we have something that is intriging but one you start watching you start to realise pretty fast that this is slow going basic slasher flick stuff with silly sexed up teens with a lot of drink and drugs in there system but with some pretty boring dreary looking aliens it needs a lot of patients to watch but in the end it just is not worth it as this is a cliche ridden unexciting watch that you will more than likly turn off before the end,
here the horror genre which as you should know by now is one of my favourite genres which features such scary must see films as:
The Conjuring (2013), Insidious (2010), Sinister (2012), Halloween (1978), Paranormal Activity (2007), [Rec] (2007),
here it is infused with a touch of Sci-Fi and aliens similar to these films:
Alien (1979), The Thing (1982), Signs (2002), Predator (1987),
as here we focus on aliens who are on earth and abducting who they want as they have a truce with the goverment sound good yeah I thought so too but the movie just could not take adventage of a cool plot instead it stumbles and creates a forgetfull boring mess.
Extraterrestrial we have a strange really dull movie about aliens one where very little happens we have a bunch of teens renting a cabin partying and then just doing a lot of run in a bland setting trees trees and more trees,
the film also seems to go on for hours and the end don’t fit I mean do not get me wrong the end is cool all the budget must have been spent there but it just does not fit with the rest of the film espcially with the annoying soundtrack and the song we are left with:
“When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that’s the best
When I lay me down to die
Goin’ up to the spirit in the sky
Goin’ up to the spirit in the sky
That’s where I’m gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that’s the best”,
it is just a strange film where nothing exciting happens and then you get hit by ever stranger music and it just annoys you.
Extraterrestrial I will admit I did like Grave Encounters (2011) (which follows for their ghost hunting reality show, a production crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital that’s supposedly haunted - and it might prove to be all too true.) which is directed and written by The Vicious Brothers but I have to say that I watched this due to the plot as at first I saw a interesting different take on aliens I mean it was a good Idea making this like a slasher but instead of a killer it is aliens and we do have a predictable teens in a cabin in the woods but I do not mind that sometimes in a horror so I was all in but all is not as it seems as the aliens do very little they look uninspired like something you could buy from your local shop and then it’s teens running around that’s it and a simple ending that is cool but it does not fit.
Extraterrestrial like I have said I like the concept regarding how the government are letting aliens abduct when they want to save them from taking over the world but it’s a poor dull execution with corny unscary aliens which is a real shame as I did see this as having potential.
Extraterrestrial another fail in my opinion is in this movie there’s no visual treat there is nothing for the eyes to be seduced by well for starters the spaceship that crashes close to the beggining just looks tacky it does not look real, then we have the red lights for when the spaceship is above these characters whcih in my opinion is just cheap CGI yes I know this had a budget but something more realstic would have been nice and lastly inside the spaceship is just Matrix but it is bland no spacey feel I just wanted more.
Extraterrestrial right the time has come to get down to business and break this film down and I am going to start with the opening scenes which feature
the film begins with a woman (Emily Perkins) who runs to a nearby shop wanting to use the phone. She enters a phone booth, but, is taken by an unknown creature. April (Brittany Allen) and her boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma) are planning to go to her parents cabin for a romantic weekend alone, however she finds out that Kyle has invited his annoying friend Seth (Jesse Moss) and his girlfriend Lex (Anja Savcic) and Melanie (Melanie Papalia) along. Along the way, Seth sets off fireworks in the car and they are pulled over by Sheriff Murphy (Gil Bellows) who warns them before letting them go. They finally make it to the cabin and begin drinking and smoking marijuana. Later on, Kyle proposes to April, which April denies, angering Kyle. Suddenly they see something crash in the woods and upon investigating find that it’s a UFO. After returning to the cabin they hear noises upstairs and after getting April’s father’s gun find nothing but an open door. After finding an alien on the patio they shoot it to death. They then try and drive to town but find that the road is blocked,
this opening is quite cool from the off as we have a abduction and alien teen food who go to a cabin in the woods but it soon goes down hill from here as signs of unintresting characters a corny script and a bland setting are becoming clear.
Extraterrestrial next up he middle which features suddenly, a UFO appears and abducts Lex and the rest flee back to the cabin and board up the windows. After mistaking the police for aliens, Seth is arrested for shooting at the police. It is revealed that Sheriff Murphy’s wife mysteriously disappeared which he finally believes that it was aliens that took her. As Murphy and Deputy Mitchell (Sean Rogerson) argue about Murphy’s wife, an alien appears in front of the car and controls Murphy’s mind to shoot Deputy Mitchell and himself. Before the aliens can get Seth, he is saved by April and they return to the cabin. Seth tells the group that they got into Murphy’s head before he abandons the group, as he is running though the forest he is attacked by the aliens who are about to abduct him. However, he handcuffs his arm to a tree but he is still abducted, his arm is seen dangling from the tree. As the aliens begin attacking the cabin, Kyle locks April and Melanie in the basement so they don’t get abducted, meanwhile, Kyle hides in the bath with a knife, hoping to ambush the aliens, when he is walking past a mirror an alien jumps out and abducts him,
this middle is a bunch of teems running around from bumps then they are shooting corny aliens and screaming it’s annoying very annoying not fun not entertaing and not intrestng this is the time when you will be ready to give up on this and I am affraid I have to say do not waste any more time on this.
Extraterrestrial finally the ending which features April and Melanie sit in the basement and recall the summer were April’s parents took April and Melanie fishing, However April realizes that Melanie has taken an overdose of pills and dies. April, armed with a crowbar, prepares to face the aliens but she finds out that they are leaving and realizes they have taken Kyle. She signals the UFO by setting off one of Seth’s fireworks and she is abducted. April wakes up covered in slime and on another planet, she finds out that the aliens are turning humans into aliens. Seth is then seen strapped to a operating table, he is covered in a strange slime with has little larvae like robots, he has a triangle shaped drawing scarred onto his stomach and he is anal probed, he then dies from his wounds. April finds Kyle and revives him, they hug and the aliens return them to earth.
Kyle and April walk through the woods and then see soldiers, as they run towards them they are shot. As they are dying, April gives Kyle the wedding ring and he puts it on her finger and they both die. A soldier talks to a man in a black suit smoking a cigarette, possibly alluding to “The Smoking Man” from the television series the X-Files, asking, “What should we do with the bodies?” The man in the suit replies, “What we always do”
this climax is disjointed in my opinion it is trying to be too cleaver and too advanced for its own good this is a movie of ideas nothing more the spaceship we should be excited about seeing inside but do not hold your breath it is lifeless ugly bland and just wil make you more annoyed.
Extraterrestrial in my opinion this needed to be exciting tense bloody fun but instead it’s boring unscary predictable and it feels long way way too long I think I aged while I watched it my it is just forgetful stuff.
Extraterrestrial overall the acting is poor however that is the norm for these type of films but as per there is no devolpment for these characters so we don’t care for them which means we have no tension when the aliens are attacking and we also start to root for the aliens just to eat them faster and end this plus we even have a bad dull romance which is predicatable unloving stupid and as though it was just put there for added sadness at the slow mo deaths are the end well it did not work I have news for you we needed to get to know characters fall in love with them laugh with them and then root for them.
Extraterrestrial I will say that this has ideas good ones but the film lacks a spark or love or a full gripping story to keep you hooked it’s one to miss.
Extraterrestrial in short this is joyless and repetitive,
despite sounding intriging this is a uneventful pretty boring alien piece all ideas no execution it’s a miss do not waste your time and for me this has already had too much attention I will now sign off and just say that I now need a alien to come down and abduct me and wipe this bad film from my memory.